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17 Points To consider Before You Employ A Marketing Consultant
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17 Points To consider Before You Employ A Marketing Consultant


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  • 1. As we quick method the new year, numerous firms are preparing to launch their advertising efforts. If you areconsidering hiring a marketing specialist, make certain you consider these 17 important points.
  • 2. Objective Advice. Consultants whore paid fees are more most likely to provide you unbiased advice than consultants who earn commissions according to theamount of money you invest. If the consultant profits from ad agency commissions, he has an inherent conflict ofinterest because the more you spend, the more he makes.
  • 3. Expertise. Marketing is so specialized and complex that I suggest you hire somebody who has supplied advertising solutions for a minimum of 15 years. But, do not assumethat because the person has been in company 15 years, he has the information, skill, judgment and expertise youllneed. Make sure you completely interview all consultants you are thinking about.
  • 4. Workload. Does the law advertising professional do the function for you personally? Or does the marketingindividual serve as a coach and simply let you know what you should be performing?
  • 5. Service. Do you feel that the consultant wants to give you the assistance you need to create your program succeed? Or do you obtain the impact that he is looking for largerfish to fry which youre only a little fish within the ocean?
  • 6. Access. Is the consultant hidden behind a wall of secretaries, account executives and administrativeassistants? Or is he readily accessible to you by phone, fax, and e-mail?
  • 7. Stability. Has the advisor been providing marketingservices for some years? Or is he new to advertising -- ornew to lawyer marketing -- and just awaiting the chance to move on to something else?
  • 8. Marketing Focus. Is the consultant a full-time advertising expert? Or does he offer guidance in other disciplines, such as management, human resources, coaching or finance?
  • 9. Authority. Does the consultant have sufficient expertisethat he is a recognized authority in his field? Or is he still a relative unknown?
  • 10. Size and Efficiency. Does the consultant possess a big staffand/or a penthouse workplace that his clients spend for? Or whenever you write a check, are you currently paying for his high level of knowledge, skill, judgment and experience?
  • 11. Markups. Does this consultant mark up outside services he hires in your behalf, like graphicartists, printers, photographers, web site technicians, and so forth? Or does this consultant offer those solutions to you at price?
  • 12. Travel. Does the consultant travel around the country from one client to subsequent, operating up airline bills? Or does the consultant keep expenses down by working effectively with you by telephone, fax and e-mail?
  • 13. Coverage. Does the consultant possess a competentadvertising specialist who covers for him when he travels?Or are you currently relegated to an account executive or administrative assistant who takes messages and tries to relay them to the consultant while he is on the road.
  • 14. Focus. Does the consultant have a lot of customers hecant give you the non-public treatment and a focus youshould have? Or does he restrict his services to some few select customers who obtain the best he has to offer?
  • 15. Function. Does the advisor himself perform the function on your behalf? Or does the consultant delegate your work to some junior associate?
  • 16. Advertising Specialization. Will be the consultant aadvertising expert who functions only with one type of marketing? Or does he try to become a "jack of alltrades" so he can offer whatever advertising solutions you want to purchase?
  • 17. Writing Abilities. In marketing, absolutely nothing is much more essential than for your advisor to have exceptional writing abilities. And do not anticipate the consultants writing to adhere to the rules of what you and that i learned in school because advertising writing is different from academic writing. To sample your consultants writing style, study printed articles and marketing materials that your consultant wrote. Youll know immediately whether or not they arrive across as warm and friendly -- or when the writing seems cold andimpersonal. The way the consultant writes for himself will probably be comparable towards the way he writes foryou personally. So make sure the consultant you select has a creating style you admire.
  • 18. Testimonials. Does the advertising advisor have comments from other lawyers you are able to review? The advisoryoure thinking about should give you at least thirty or 40 testimonials from other attorneys. If he provides only a few, you might be studying feedback from his in-laws.
  • 19.