130522 ibm heyerdal fremtidens handleopplevelse


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130522 ibm heyerdal fremtidens handleopplevelse

  1. 1. © 2013 IBM CorporationHvordan tenke fremtidens handleopplevelse:Kundeforhold, loyalitet og hvordan utnytte sosialemedier
  2. 2. 2 © 2009 IBM Corporation2 © 2013 IBM CorporationAgenda• Smarter analytics and Smarter Commerce overview• References• Q & A
  3. 3. 3 © 2009 IBM Corporation3 © 2013 IBM CorporationBuy Market Sell ServiceCORE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS• Cross-Channel Selling• Customer-centricShopping Experience• B2C/B2B Storefronts• Precision Marketing• Guided Selling• Product ConfigurationCoremetrics• Analytics & Reporting• Segmentation• Search Optimization• Order Management• Configuration, Pricing, Quoting• Multi-vendor catalog• Warehouse Management• Transportation Management• Supply Chain Visibility• B2B Integration• Resource Mgmt• Campaign Mgmt• Marketing execution• Performance• Analysis• Network Optimization• TransportationOptimizationSterling Commerce• Transportation Management• Supply Chain Visibility• B2B Integration• Supplier Portal Vendor ComplianceILOG Supply Chain• Product Optimization• Inventory OptimizationRetail Store Solutions• Retail POS Solutions• Self-Service Portal/Kiosk• POS Applications• Delivery & serviceScheduling• Reverse Logistics• Case Design, Run-time, Analytics• Collaboration• Rules & Events• Service messaging• NotificationsCUSTOMER INSIGHT SOLUTIONS• Spend Analysis• Sourcing• Contract Management• Supplier Lifecycle Management• Category Compliance Management• Price, Promotion,Merchandising• Marketing Analytics• Contract Management• Negotiations & Approvals• Auditability• Commitment & Obligation Mgmt.• Contract compliance• RenewalsIBM’s integrated product portfolio for Smarter Commerce
  4. 4. 4 © 2009 IBM Corporation4 © 2013 IBM CorporationFocusing even more on Customers and Social ChannelsIBM C-Suite studiesGetting closer to customerPeople skillsInsight and intelligenceEnterprise model changesRisk managementIndustry model changesRevenue model changes88%81%76%57%55%54%51%CEO Focus Over Next 5 YearsEnhance customer loyalty/advocacy 67%Design experiences for tablet/ mobileUse social media as a key channelUse integrated software to managecustomersMonitor the brand via social media57%56%56%51%Measure ROI of digital technologiesAnalyze online / offline transactions47%45%CMO 5 Year Focus Toward DigitalSources: IBM’s 2011 Global CMO Study: From Stretched to Strengthened (2011) & IBM’s 2010 Global CEO Study – Capitalizing on Complexity
  5. 5. 5 © 2009 IBM Corporation5 © 2013 IBM CorporationSource: The New Intelligent Enterprise, a joint MIT Sloan Management Review and IBM Institute of Business Valueanalytics research partnership. Copyright © Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2011Studies show that those organizations that are using analyticsare outperforming those that are not—and the gap is wideningTop performers are84%more likelyto have information management and businessanalytics integrated into their core businessstrategy and day-to-day operationsAnalytically sophisticated organizations are260%more likelyto be top performersthan analytic beginnersOrganizations achieving competitive advantagewith analytics are2.2xmore likelyto substantially outperform their industry peersRespondents who say analytics createsa competitive advantage58%201137%2010 57%increase
  6. 6. 6 © 2009 IBM Corporation6 © 2013 IBM CorporationChallenges facing Decision Makers1 in 3business leaders frequently make critical decisions without theinformation they need1 in 2don’t have access to the information across their organization neededto do their jobs19+ hoursSpent by knowledge workers each week just searching for andunderstanding information
  7. 7. 7 © 2009 IBM Corporation7 © 2013 IBM CorporationWhat does a customer focused enterprise look like?
  8. 8. 8 © 2009 IBM Corporation8 © 2013 IBM Corporation How do your customersperceive their overall customerexperience? How effective are ourcampaigns? Are we including customerlifetime value into our thinking? How many products are weselling per household? Are we creating a consistentcustomer experience? How effective are our front lineemployees? What can I do about turn overin the branch? How do we increase our crosssell ratios? What should my branchstrategy be? How profitable are mybranches? How can we be more effectiveusing mobility and socialmedia? Can we accurately price newbusiness to maximizeprofitability while retainingvaluable customers. Are our relationshipmanagers effective? Are we the place our clientsgo to manage their workingcapital? Are we effective in the SMEspace How profitable are mycustomers?How to start - understanding our clients’ most criticalcustomer facing issuesCMO EVPFront OfficeWhat’s top of mind for your people? Are our most profitablecustomers satisfied withour service? Are we winning thebattle with newcustomers How effective our ouradvisors? Are we offering the rightmix of products? How much revenue arewe getting from our newclients. What markets am Ieffective in?Corporate Officer
  9. 9. 9 © 2009 IBM Corporation9 © 2013 IBM CorporationEvidence basedWhat you knowProactiveAnticipate what´slikely to happenDynamicAutomatically detect andrespond to changesPredictive Analytics delivers this huge ROI byupgrading operational decisionsBased on “gut feel”What you think you knowReactiveRespond towhat has happenedStaticLong time to adjust tochanging circumstancesFROM TO
  10. 10. 10 © 2009 IBM Corporation10 © 2013 IBM CorporationPartner for the Business Analytics Journey• Better Business OutcomesInsight to anticipate and shape• Smarter DecisionsHow are we doing?Why?What should we be doing?• The client AdvantageAll CapabilitiesPredictive and real timeProven PlatformIndependent and trusted informationRich ExpertiseIndustry and departmental
  11. 11. 11 © 2009 IBM Corporation11 © 2013 IBM CorporationAgenda• Smarter commerce overview• References• Q & A
  12. 12. 12 © 2009 IBM Corporation12 © 2013 IBM CorporationAnalytics is helping sellers turn challenges into opportunitiesCustomer insightUsing predictive analytics,Conforama, a furnishing retailer,has gained the ability to track allcustomer interactions andthoroughly analyze buyingbehavior. The customizedmarketing campaigns enabledby the new solution areexpected to increase client-targeting efficiency by:70%MerchandisingmanagementUsing business intelligencein sales operations andmerchandise planning, aleading retailer of steel andconstruction productsachieved year-to-yeargrowth of:15%OperationalefficiencyAn Australian coffee franchiserand retailer reduced financialand sales reporting time from10 to 5 days and eliminatedaudits and stocking costs of:AUD$60,000
  13. 13. 13 © 2009 IBM Corporation13 © 2013 IBM CorporationCross-selling in the call center: 1st Year Results1,000,000 inbound calls180,000 action suggestions (cross-sell)60,000 offers made by agent30,000 high quality leads22,000 products soldOver €30M additional sales in the call centerIBM provided software and services to help AEGONimplement IBM Predictive Analytics software forSCI across all channels:• Call Center, Voice Response• Outbound marketing• Web site• IntermediariesThe Opportunity:As one of the largest insurance companies in Hungary, AEGONmanages a vast stock of customer data, which needs to beprocessed and analysed quickly and intelligently in order to providethe company with better insight into customer behaviour.What Makes it SmarterAEGON Hungary uses IBM® SPSS® software to drive improvedanalysis of raw customer data. Company product developers useSPSS Statistics Base, while the data mining team also works withSPSS Modeler.Real Business Results: Enables rapid, efficient analysis of large volumes of data,making it easy to manage 50-100 million charts. Enhances insight into customer behaviour and needs, resultingin increased client revenue, stronger customer loyalty, andreduced cost of sales and canvassing. Generates better quality, more structured data and analysesthrough the use of extensive procedures and tests.
  14. 14. 14 © 2009 IBM Corporation14 © 2013 IBM CorporationChallenge• Needed to establish a clearer picture of whatcustomers really wanted from their powersupplier• Outsourcing customer analytics wasexpensive and difficult• Needed a competitive advantage in acrowded marketplaceE.ON/Powergen UKCustomer BehaviorSolution• They decided to bring their customeranalytics functions in-house to improvecustomer insights and reduce costs andtime to solution• Utilized IBM SPSS Predictive Analyticssolutions to identify behavioral patterns incalls, emails and letters from itscustomersResults• Cut down on the number of calls customers needed to make• Call center rep advice closely meet customers’ needs• Improved the design and tone of power bills (billing system)• Established which customers were most likely to default on payments• Understood the different priorities per customer segment(such as domestic versus commercial customers)• Reduced unnecessary marketing activity• Improved the accuracy of meter readings
  15. 15. 15 © 2009 IBM Corporation15 © 2013 IBM CorporationChallenge• Needed a way to extract increasinglycomplex data, such as customer numbersand transactional information, to researchand evaluate all aspects of the customerrelationship.Customer buying habitsMarketing campaignsActivity around new store openings.DebenhamsTargeted campaigns drive marketing activity ROISolution• Using the SPSS predictive analyticstool, analysts can look at which specialoffers are generating the most sales, aswell as identifying “cross-sell”opportunities.• Using clustered algorithms and SPSStechnology, the team can analyze theprice architecture and optimize this tosupport Debenhams’ businessobjectives.Results• Marketing campaigns can now be controlled in-house, where they are tracked closely, and the success of campaigns isevaluated.• Predict customer behavior in order to target the right campaigns, at the right people, and at the right time.• Improved ROI from marketing activities.
  16. 16. 16 © 2009 IBM Corporation16 © 2013 IBM CorporationAgenda• Smarter commerce overview• References• Q & A
  17. 17. 17 © 2009 IBM Corporation17 © 2013 IBM Corporation