Short Term AIESEC XP - Italy


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AIESEC in Italy implemented short term AIESEC XP

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Short Term AIESEC XP - Italy

  1. 1. eXchange Partecipant Manual 1. BASIC PROFILE The basic profile is what every member should have minimally to join our eXchange Programme. Without this, the person is not ready to join and should not be selected at all. 1.1. BASIC COMPETENCIES These are a list of competencies which are required for someone who wants to join our eXchange Programme. Ideally at the time of selections, the following things should be evaluated in a candidate. They have been taken from the Global Membership Definition and divided according to the competencies. Competency and Behaviour Items for self-rating and others’ description rating Self Awareness Showing appropriate belief in own abilities Having a balanced and honest view of one's own personality, and an ability to interact with others frankly Displaying awareness of own strengths and and confidently. weaknesses Considering the consequences of own actions Being honest about own motives and aspirations Resilience Working under pressure Being able to adjust easily to changes and new conditions, in order to be Persisting even when it’s difficult able to perform in diverse Adapting when circumstances change environments. Staying calm when faced with difficult situations Effective Communication Writing clearly and concisely Clearly conveying and receiving messages (feedback, opinions etc; written/verbal communication, etc.) to Communicating effectively with diverse meet the needs of all parties involved. audiences Listening actively to others Helping people network with each other Inclusiveness Including others in decision making processes Relating to the way people in groups behave and interact; leveraging on the cultural diversity. Involving Ensuring all sides are heard in a discussion everyone in the group in decision making and Making people feel part of a group generating performance by inspiring trust and respect. Having a feeling or attitude of admiration and deference Treating people from diverse backgrounds toward somebody or something. Valuing other people equally and letting them act in their unique way towards achieving increased performance. Flexible Thinking Using technical knowledge/expertise Using technical knowledge/expertise effectively to effectively analyze information and situations making effective Analyze information and situations decisions and as well being ready to change your own opinion. Making effective decisions Prepared to change own opinion Commitment to results Actively contributing to organizational Knowing what results are important, and focusing performance resources to achieve them. Focusing on end results and targets Keeping track of progress Delivering on promises and commitments Note that the candidate do not need to show all behaviours of all competencies (this would be considered very advanced), but just two or three behaviours from all competencies. AIESEC Italy | Via Andora 4 | 20148 Milano | Italy | | e-mail | tel +39- | fax +
  2. 2. 1.2. BASIC SKILLS AND CARACTERISTICS Besides competencies, these other characteristics should be checked to select someone: − English Excellent for MT-TT − English Good for DT − Other Language Excellent for ET − Motivation and alignment of interests with the organization − Time available − Team work ability 1.3. SPECIFIC PROFILE You should add to the basic profile some specific requests based on your HR planning, for example, if you are recruiting EPs, all people interested in being on an internship soon need to be evaluated according to the review boarding criteria. We can’t risk to select someone to be EP that will fail the review board after being selected, right? ;) 2. SHORT-TERM MEMBER (EP) JOB ROLE EXAMPLES Introduction In this part you can find some examples on how you can involve your short-term (EP) members in your LC life on the different functional areas. These are 17 job roles, however, there are some which can be done by several members at the same time – so if you follow this guideline, you can involve even 30-35 short-term members in your LC at once! If you have any question or comment, feel free to contact your MCVPX, Danilo at ICX - Account Manager ER – Sales - Market research - Market research - Cold calls - Product development - Negotiation preparation - Support Account Managers in - Company meetings negotiation preparations (product - Database management (CRM) sheets, proposals) - Matching - Create negotiation materials - Reception ICX - Reception - Create & update LC’s reception booklet - Provide preparation materials for trainee buddies - Be trainee buddies - Organize reception events with trainees - Organize cultural challenge events with trainees AIESEC Italy | Via Andora 4 | 20148 Milano | Italy | | e-mail | tel +39- | fax +
  3. 3. TM - Issue learning TM - Education & skills building - Research on the LC’s issues - Follow up the LC’s education plan and - Collect news and information and organize session delivery (communicate continuously update the LC with members, arrange logistics, etc) members - Follow up on the LC members’ training - Organize LC learning circles and needs and discuss with the LCVPTM workshops about the LC issues - If needed, deliver some skills building - Invite externals to the LC’s trainings based on proficiency learning circles TM - Student marketing - Assist LCVPTM in talent planning for the LC (especially from teams’ side) - Assist VP Comm. in creating messages, plan tools for student promotion - Deliver student promotion at the university C - Networking Coordinator C - Media & News Management - Check regularly what kind of external / - Check out possible media appearances networking events are happening - Write articles - Inform the VP Comm about the relevant - Support VP Comm in newsletters creation ones and management - Organize the LC’s representation at these - Support VP Comm in creating media events partnerships for the LC - Follow up on the events C - Webpage Management - Webpage maintenance from IT side - Coordinate and deliver regular webpage updates - Innovate around the webpage management & virtual communication of the LC - LC wiki management (internal) AIESEC Italy | Via Andora 4 | 20148 Milano | Italy | | e-mail | tel +39- | fax +
  4. 4. OGX - EP Manager OGX - Reintegration Coordinator - Upload EP forms - Manage the database of all EPs of the LC - Support EPs in matching themselves (to who are abroad or have come back promote themselves) - Organize returnee events - Check TNs and promote them to EPs - Support returnees in their reintegration - Support acceptance procedures process (reverse culture shock) - Prepare EPs before leaving - Support returnees in goal setting for the - Keep in touch with EPs abroad future OGX - Exchange Marketing - Create a plan on how to promote exchange for current LC members - Deliver the plan - Cooperate with members working on student marketing so as to promote exchange for students as well (as part of all the messages) F - Financial Assistance - Support in the budget creation and management of the different functional areas and projects - Support in financial administration - Track cash-flow of the functions and projects - Prepare reports about all above Inkind Team Office Infrastructure Manager - Create an inkind plan – what are the needs - Coordinate with the VPF about the LC’s (event and product) and from where to get infrastructural needs it - Ensure that the LC has everything for the - Deliver the inkind plan – cold calls, daily activities (furniture, office gadgets, meetings, organize the transport of the machines…) products - Improve office infrastructure with - Follow up & documentation innovative ideas and solutions IT Manager - Ensure the maintenance of the LC computers and related machines (scanner, printer, etc) - LC webpage maintenance – IT side - Innovative solutions on Information Management of the LC ☺ AIESEC Italy | Via Andora 4 | 20148 Milano | Italy | | e-mail | tel +39- | fax +
  5. 5. National Pricing for EP suggested: − 25 Euros fixed to pay at the moment of application − 175 Euros for ET EP to pay at the moment of form upload − 225 Euros for MT EP to pay at the moment of form upload − 275 Euros for TT EP to pay at the moment of form upload − 125 Euros for DT EP to pay at the moment of form upload − 50 Euros fixed for Damage Fee to pay Before to Leave for the Internship Suggested Flow for Integration of EP in the LC Activities: − Mid October, Common Recruiting − Intro-Selection − End October partecipation at RIS − Begining of November Allocation (take a look at Job Description in the previous section of this Document) − 3rd week of November Review Board − 27th-30th of November Outgoing Preparation Seminar (Venezia) − 1st-15th of December Matching and Accemptance Procedures − 16th-22nd of December Burocratic Procedures − 23rd-31st December First Realization Period − 1st to 31st January second Realization Period AIESEC Italy | Via Andora 4 | 20148 Milano | Italy | | e-mail | tel +39- | fax +