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Serving the customer
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Serving the customer



Published in Business , Education
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  • Customer Service Means:Doing ordinary things extraordinarily wellGoing beyond what is expectedAdding value and integrity to every interactionBeing at your best with every customerDiscovering new ways to delight those you serveSurprising yourself with how much you can doTaking care of the customer like you would take care of your grandmother
  • Ask Participants to get in groups of 4/5. Display this slide and ask them to jot down points. Once every group has made their list, ask each group to share and discuss their listConclude with the following:Shopping for Electronics is not like shopping for clothes that you come window shop and go. Most of the customers who walk in to the Croma Store, walk-in for a purpose, which is to purchase ElectronicsThis is exactly why we have Customer Service Associates to help our Customers out with their Buying decisions.In order to help the Customer Experience the WOW effect and feel well served, Customer Service is Very Important.Though the Racks have the tickets informing the customers about the prices and discounts the customers may need help with regards to product features and this is where the staff pitches in
  • Play Pass the Parcel for about 10 minutes and try to see that most of the participants have had a chance to practice the phrases.“Good morning Sir/Madam, How may I help you?“Sir/Madam, Have you seen the offers for the day? May I tell you about them? “Sir/Madam, Is there anything else I can do for you?“Sir/Madam, Thank you for shopping with us, Do come again” and “Always welcome Sir/Madam, if the customer thanks you for your services”“Sir/Madam, Sorry to keep you waiting”
  • Loyal Customers: Small Section of the Customer Base, but make up for more than 50% of your salesDiscount Customers: They shop at your stores frequently, but make their decisions based on the size of your offers and promotions. If you do not have the offers that please them, they may not buy at your storeImpulse Customers: They do not have buying a particular item at the top of their “TO DO” list, but come into the store on a whim. They will purchase what seems good at that timeNeed-Based Customers: They have a specific intention to buy a particular type of item. These are your housewives who come with a monthly shopping listBrowsing Customers: They have no specific need or desire in mind when they come to the store. Rather, they want a sense of experience. They are not there to buy, they are also called browsers and are mainly window shoppers. They may buy something if they like the store displat and are given a good customer service experience
  • Courteous: A customer definitely expects you to behave in a courteous manner. Always be polite with your customersApproachable and Friendly: A customer expects you to be friendly and eager to help him. Do not stand on the shop floor with a stern expression on your face and frown at customers. They will think that you are angry and do not wish to help them. This will impact you customer service in a negative way. Always have a smile on your faceAccurate: A customer expects that you give him accurate information. If you do not have the information, call your superior and ask but do not give the customer any information that you are unsure ofTimely: A customer expects you to serve him in a timely manner. Do not take very long to satisfy your customer’s request. Respond immediately. Take action immediately in case of any complaints. The customer must feel confident that you will serve him at your bestEfficient: A customer expects you to be efficient. Your services in terms of the products, offers, display, all should convey this efficiencyHonest: Never lie to the customer or bluff


    Nilesh Sawant
    OBJECTIVE: To understand and serve the customer
    Defining Customer Service
    Who is a CUSTOMER?
    Facts about customers
    The DO’s and DON’T’s of Customer Service
    The Sales Road Map
    Serving with a Smile
    Types of Customers and how to handle the types
    What does a Customer Want?
    Complaint Handling
  • 3. What does Customer Service mean to you…?
  • 4. Definition - Customer Service
    Customer Service
  • 5. Is Customer Service Important…..??
  • 6. Who is a CUSTOMER?
    Customer is our “GUEST”.
    • G-Greet the customer
    • 7. U- Understand customer needs
    • 8. E-Explain benefits and features
    • 9. S-Suggest additional items
    • 10. T-Thank the customer
  • Facts about CUSTOMERS
    • Do not Prejudge the customer
    • 11. Do not draw assumptions about customers Actions and reactions
    • 12. Trust every customer as a potential million dollar customer.
    • 13. You should be sensitive to the personal space of the Customer & give him a good distance so that he should not feel threatened.
  • Facts about CUSTOMERS
    ‘If a Customer leaves without a purchase you have not failed
    But if a customer leaves without a smile , then
  • 14. Do’s & Don'ts
  • 15. Do’s & Don'ts
    Don’t’ Say : “I don’t know”.
    SAY : I”II find out.”
  • 16. Do’s & Don'ts
    Don’t’ Say:- “That’s not my job.”
    SAY: “This is who can help you…”
  • 17. Do’s & Don'ts
    Don’t Say - “You’re right-This stinks.”
    SAY: “I understand your frustration.”
  • 18. Do’s & Don'ts
    Don’t Say -“You want it by when.?”
    SAY: “I’ll try my best.”
  • 19. Do’s & Don'ts
    Don’t Say - “Calm down.”
    SAY: “I m Sorry.”
  • 20. Sales Road Map
    Opening the Sale
    • The Greeting
    Progressing the Sale
    • Probing, Discovering & Analyzing Needs
    • 21. Presentation & Product Knowledge
    • 22. Up selling, Cross Selling and Add on Selling
    • 23. Answering Objections
    Closing the Sale
    • Maximizing the Last Moment - Affirming & Thanking
    • 24. Providing Information about After Sales Service
  • Serving with a Smile
    A smile can increase your face value: “Good morning Sir/Madam, How may I help you?
    Ask your customers: “Sir/Madam, Have you seen the offers for the day? May I tell you about them?
    Before you end the conversation always check with the customer if s/he has further doubts: “Sir/Madam, Is there anything else I can do for you?
    The Human Touch: “Sir/Madam, Thank you for shopping with us, Do come again” and “Always welcome Sir/Madam, if the customer thanks you for your services”
    At the Exit
    If the customer has waited for a long time at the queue: “Sir/Madam, Sorry to keep you waiting”
  • 25. Practice It!!!!
    Let’s practice the various phrases that we just learnt
    Pass the Ball that is given to you till the music is on.
    When the music stops the person with the ball in the hand will have to repeat any phrase from the Serve with a smile section
  • 26. Types of Customers
    Loyal Customers
    Discount Customers
    Impulse Customers
    Need-Based Customers
    Browsing Customers
  • 27. How to Handle the types?
    Loyal Customers:
    These customers should always be asked for Feedback because it is these customers who will help you improve your service standards.
    These are the ones who will stick by you even when you have stock outs.
    Address them by their names, “XYZ Sir, How are you and ask them for their inputs and then work towards implementing them in your work
    Discount Customers:
    Helps ensure your stocks on Offers and Discounts are sold out.
    Will help you sell all the promotional products
    Ensure that you make the Exchange/Refund Policy clear to these kind of customers as they are prone to returning products that they buy
    Impulse Customers:
    These customers will purchase if they like the display of your products
    The better your racks look, the more they are prone to attract these customers
  • 28. How to Handle the types?
    Need-Based Customers:
    They will look only for the items they need and if they are not available, they will leave the store
    They buy for various reasons such as, a specific occasion, a specific need, or an absolute price point.
    They may be difficult to please and you may end up loosing them to your competitor.
    To overcome this threat, a positive personal interaction is required.
    They are potential loyal customers if treated well
    Browsing Customers:
    One’s who increase your footfalls but make up for the smallest % of sales
    Do not spend too much time with them, but if you feel that they are interested in a particular product, serve them well.
    They will definitely help in spreading a good word of mouth for your store
  • 29. Why do Customers Leave
  • 30. What does a Customer want…
    Customers expect “YOU” to be:
    Approachable and Friendly
  • 31. SUMMARY
    To Summarize the overall session we must do the following things:
    • Listen to the Customer
    • 32. Empathize
    • 33. Ask Questions
    • 34. Take responsibility
    “Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They expect you to fix things when they go wrong”
  • 35. THANK