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Project topics

  1. 1. PROJECT TOPICS1. A study on Job Satisfaction among the employees in the company with reference to2. A study on Recruitment process among the employees.3. A study on credit system in fertilizer marketing and to evaluate a suitable credit rating system to minimize risk4. A study on Customers perception on air conditioners : A study with reference to shopkeepers5. Analysis of it services requirements In the organizations.6. A study on Awareness and attitude about modular switches among mid size builder segment7. A Study on Investors Preference towards equity broking.8. A study on Consumer buying behavior on FMCG9. A study on Absenteeism among the employees10. A study on Training Effectiveness in the organization11. A study on Credit Appraisal for Car loan financing in the finance companies.12. A study on Consumer buying behavior towards two wheeler bikes.13. A study on Effectiveness of Performance Management system among the employees14. A study on Effectiveness of Quality Initiativeness among the employees.15. A study on Safety , Welfare and Health among the employees.16. A study on Training and Recreation programmes among the employees.17. A study on the investor behavior towards the mutual funds investments.18. A study on Induction Training Program among the employees.19. A study on Quality of Work Life among the employees.20. A study on potentiality of Auto and Engineering companies.21. A study on Customer Financial Need Analysis.22. A study on financial position of the firm and a comparison of cash management product and multicity cheque facility23. A study on Effectiveness of performance of Management System among the employees.24. A Study on Working Capital Requirements of the Comapnay.25. A study on Finanacial Performance of the Company.26. A review on financial performance of the company27. A study on Cash Management System in company28. A study on Inventory Management system in the company.29. A study on Consumer buying Behaviour pattern of Air Conditioner Products.30. A study on Employees Health , Safety and Welfare measures31. A study on Debtors Management in the company32. A study on Short-term Financing in the company33. A study on Awareness and satisfaction among the investment in Mutual Funds34. A study on Training and Development among the employees.
  2. 2. 35. A study on Welfare Measure implementing in the company.36. A market stud on perceptual positioning of Electric switches Among existing and potential electrical dealers37. A study on awareness and Attitude towards the electrical products.38. A study on Performance Appraisal System among the employees.39. Consumer Buying Behavioral pattern towards Consumer Products40. A study on customer preference and satisfaction levels on photocopying and fax machines among the dealers.41. A study on knowledge Management among the employees42. A study on magazine reader perception at Indian Express Mumbai ltd.,43. A study on Effectiveness of Training Programmes among the employees.44. A study on market survey of cetirizine and fluconazole with special reference to cipla ltd.45. A study on employee awareness of training in ttk healthcare ltd.46. A study on Organisational Culture and Climate of Employees among the employees.47. A study on market potential of compact flourescent lamps48. A study on digital media careers aspired by senior secondary students at image infointment ltd.49. A study on medical representative attitudes and their views towards pharmaceutical products.50. A study on market potential for video conference equipments.51. A study on Cash and Receivable management of the company.52. A study on Materials Management of Indirect Materials of the company.53. A study on Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Deluxe Apartments.54. A study on Performance Appraisal System among the Employees.55. A study on Performance Evaluation among the employees.56. A study on Knowledge Management and Human Resources system among the Employees.57. A study on Organization Culture and Climate of employees towards customer first services (P) Ltd.58. A study on Motivation and Morale among the employees.59. A study on Consumer awareness towards milk products.60. A study on Attitudinal Survey among the employees.61. “A study on reader perception about travel magazines with reference to express travel world(magazine of indian express)62. A study on Employees Retention in the company63. A study on capital investment methods of appraisal of the firm64. A study on Inventory Management in Indirect Materials in the company.65. A study on Readers perception towards News papers.
  3. 3. 66. A study on Training and Development programmes among the BPO’s67. A study on Performance Evaluation of different Portfolio’s68. A study on Revenue and Financial Statement Analysis in the company69. A study on CVapital Budgeting and Appraisal methods of nalaysis.70. A Study on Portfolio Management and Procurement Resources71. A Study on Different Schemes with Comparision and Evaluation among the Mutual Funds72. A study on Portfolio Management (Risk & Return) of Inter Connected the company.73. A study on awareness and growth of unit linked insurance plans among the general public.74. A study of employee perception on participation programme in the company.75. A study on Customer Interest towards Life Insurance Policies.76. A study on Customers attitude towards marketing of third parties products (Insurance).77. A study on perception on Life insurance among the Target market.78. A study on investor’s perception towards complaint redressal system.79. A study on investor’s perception towards investment options offered by the company.80. A study on investors awareness of systematic investment plan for Security companies.81. A study on employees perception towards welfare measures in the company.82. A study on Knowledge Management practices among employees.83. A study on Recruitment of Financial advisors in the company.84. A study on Evaluation and Capital Budgeting methods.85. A study on and Performance of Selected agricultural Commodities.86. A study on effectiveness of Communication.87. A study on customer satisfaction on the services provided by stock broking companies.88. A study on employees perception on effectiveness of Team Building Interventions.89. A study on Impact of Online Trading and Dematerialization of Securities.90. A study on Employees perception on training and development in the companysA study onm Derivative products analysis.91. A study on training need identification and effectiveness among employees.92. A study on investors’ interest towards online share trading account.93. A study on impact of stress among the employees.94. A study on public awareness towards investment in shares.95. A study on awareness level of times ascent among youth in Economic Times.96. A study on investors preference towards schemes offered by principal PNB asset management company.97. A study on Equity analysis on stock broking .98. A study on Leasing and Hire Purchasing system in the company99. A study on budget and budgetary control systems in the company.100. A study on Cash budgeting and Forecasting in the company.101. A Study on Investors Perception towards Commodity Futures
  4. 4. 102. Moving the Wheels of Prosperity Project Report on Portfolio Evaluation of Big Cap Companies.103. A study on Performance Evaluation of Mutual Fund Equity Schemes104. A Study on Systematic Risk Analysis on Indian Banking Scripts.105. A study on on Performance Appraisal at Andhra Pradesh Tourism and106. Development Corporation.107. A study on Advertisement and Sales Promotion on New Product Development.108. A Study on Stress Management at AP Tourism Development Corporation.108. A study on on Impact of Derivatives on the Liquidity of the Underlying Stocks109. A Study on Market Potential of Indian Insurance Co.Pvt Ltd110. A Study on Tax Saving Schemes in Mutual Funds.111. A Study on the Customer Relationship Management in the company.112. A study on Inventory Management and control in the company.113. A Study on Strategies of Buying & Selling Mutual Funds114. A study on Investment Opportunities in stock broking companies.115. A Study on Procurement Analysis and Portfolio Management116. A Study on Changing Market Trends and Customer Perception in Buying of Life Insurance.117. A study on various approaches to Management in the company.118. A study on Leadership styles among the Employees in the company119. A study on Recruitment and selection of new Employees in the Organization120. A study on Total Quality Management in the company.121. A study on Human Resource Planning among the Employees.122. A study on Job description and specification among the Employees.123. A study on Job Rotation , Enrichment and Simplication among the Employees.124 A study on Employees Grievances among the Employees.125 A study on Strategic Hyman Resource Management system among the employees.126 A study on Organizational Development Interventions in the company among the employees.127 A study on Organizational Process, Effectiveness and Culture among the Employees128 A study on Managerial Effectiveness-HRM among the employees.129 A study on Capital Budgeting appraisal methods of evaluation in the company.130 A study on customer values and satisfaction among the consumer goods.131 A study on strategic marketing planning analysis towards consumer products.
  5. 5. 132 A study on Target market , market segmentation and Positioning of the products or services.133 A study on Product Policy , Product Line and Product Mix Decisions in the company.134 A study on Product life cycle –Product Drop Decisions towards consumer products.135 A study on marketing role in corporate strategy towards consumer products.136 A study on new product launching decisions towards FMCG.137 A study on Competitive Biding and Transfer Pricing towards FMCG.138 A study on Marketing Communication and Promotional Decisions among the Consumer Products.139 A study on Sales Management and Promotional Strategy towards Consumer products.140 A study on Budgeting for Promotional strategy towards consumer Products.141 A study on Financial sources for entrepreneurial Ventures in the company.142 A study on Entrepreneurial Issues for growth and Development in the company.143 A study on key issues in Modern Management in the company.144 A study on Stress and its impact among it professionals in Hyderabad.145 A study on impact of Advertising on consumption pattern of customers.146 A study on brand equity of room air conditioners.147 A study on Analysis of it services requirements in the organizations of Hyderabad148 A study on Technical Analysis towards different Portfolios.149 A study on different price movements of commodity futures(gold/silver) .150 A study on Consumer Buying Behavioral pattern of Milk Biscuit Products. .