Effective energy savings through briquette plant


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The briquetting plant is the energy resource manufacturing technology which produces the high graded renewable energy resource briquettes from the biomass waste.

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Effective energy savings through briquette plant

  1. 1. Effective Energy Savings through Briquetting Plant
  2. 2. What is Biomass Briquette?  The biomass briquette made through the densification of the agro-crop residues and biomass waste is now a major source of energy today.  This is possible because the biomassderived fuel briquettes provide huge environmental and local economic benefits.
  3. 3. Biomass Briquetting Plant  The advance biomass briquetting plant technology provides the effective energy solution by manufacturing the high quality fuel briquettes.  The briquetting plant is the energy resource manufacturing technology which produces the high graded renewable energy resource briquettes from the biomass waste.
  4. 4. Ideal Fuel Briquettes  Any kind of agricultural waste and forestry residues are converted into the solid log of fuel called briquettes.  Such briquette made from the biomass waste is the green product burns without spreading smoke and ash.  The eco-friendly white coal briquettes are high energetic and low moisturized fuel found in many industries and households in place of black coal.
  5. 5. Biomass Waste Recycling through Briquetting Plant
  6. 6. Briquette Making Machine  The briquette press machines are having latest binder less technology able to manufacture fuel briquette by applying high pressure and heat to the raw materials.  The natural lignin from the biomass waste materials is used to bind the raw materials.
  7. 7. Briquette Making Machine  Hence, this manufacturing process does not require any kind of chemicals for binding the materials.
  8. 8. Biomass Briquetting Machine  So, we can say that the briquetting machines are eco-friendly way to generate energy resource briquettes.  Additional features of the briquette press machines are high production capacity, low ash and smoke production while manufacturing, less power requirements.
  9. 9. Features Of Briquettes The biomass briquettes have following specifications that prove that they are most suitable energy alternative fuel. • The briquette offers approximately 40% more energy than other coals
  10. 10. Features Of Briquettes • • • • • Very easy to use Burns with minimum production of ash Minimum storage requirement Longer burning time Moisture content less than 10% which resulting in greater heat output • Renewable • Pollution free
  11. 11. Conclusion  The briquette plant provides the ecofriendly way for efficient energy resource production.  Due to the environment friendly feature, government also supports the briquette plant project and provides many incentives to the biomass briquetting plant manufacturer.  So, save energy and environment by using biomass briquette plant.
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