Briquette Press Machine - For Recycling Waste


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The biomass briquette machines are used for manufacturing of the bio fuel briquettes from the waste and residue recycling process.

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Briquette Press Machine - For Recycling Waste

  1. 1. Briquette Press Machine - For Recycling Waste
  2. 2. Introduction  The biomass briquette machines are used for manufacturing of the bio fuel briquettes from the waste and residue recycling process.  The biomass waste which has no more use can be used to make eco-friendly and high energetic fuel with minimum cost.
  3. 3. What is Briquette?  The waste materials from the crop and forest can have ability to produce more heat after converting them into the solid fuel briquettes.  We can define the briquettes as a piece of combustible material that is generally used in the ingnition and maintaining a fire in the industrial boiler, grill, in an open space like a fire pit or in many household applications like cooking and heating.
  4. 4. Briquetting Press Machine  The biomass briquetting press machine takes this waste as an input raw material and process them in an environment friendly way.  After the treatment, we get a high quality bio fuel briquette which can be used in different things like wood briquettes, use in the boilers, biomass briquettes can be used as a replacing fuel for the expensive coal.
  5. 5. Jumbo 90 Briquetting Machine
  6. 6. Benefits Of Using Briquette Machines  The briquetting machineries are easy to handle, maintain and operate.  Time to time servicing and the way of proper cleaning are the important features which increase the life of the briquette machines.  The biomass briquettes from the biomass briquette press is supplied to domestic as well as international market to meet the industrial fuel demands.
  7. 7. Biomass Briquettesa  The briquettes as an eco-friendly and cheaper renewable alternative increases the 40% of boiler efficiency.  The calorific value of the fuel briquettes can be as much as up to 4000 Kcal per kg. This value can be further increased by using different kinds of the green agricultural wastes.
  8. 8. Continue…  The ash produced while burning of the briquettes is not more than 12% and they do not release harmful gas such as sulfur.  These factors show that the renewable briquettes are clean and energy efficient fuel. also, the biomass briquetting plant machines not use the binding materials, so it saves the environment and natural resources.
  9. 9. Eco-friendly Process
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