Briquette Plant Technology Is Used To Solve Ecological Issues


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The best energy resource that is biomass briquette made from green briquette plant technology provides the energy without causing environment pollution and other environmental issues.

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Briquette Plant Technology Is Used To Solve Ecological Issues

  1. 1. Solve Ecological Issues by Using Briquette Plant Technology
  2. 2. Introduction • There are too many problems regarding our environment pollution. • With increasing use of the traditional fuels, the problems of air and land pollution also increased. • So, the people might have to forward to use the environment friendly and pollution free energy resource instead the fossil fuels.
  3. 3. Briquetting Plant • The best energy resource that is biomass briquette made from green briquetting plant technology provides the energy without causing pollution. • The biomass briquette plant uses the concept of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.
  4. 4. Biomass Briquetting Technology • The biomass waste from the agricultural crops and other residues of forestry which causes the pollution are directly recycled in to the briquette press machine. • Hence, by recycling such waste materials, the biomass briquetting plant technology reduces the harmful waste from the earth surface which is responsible for the soil erosion.
  5. 5. Bio Fuel Briquettes • These all residues and waste materials are converted in to the reusable form briquettes. • The biomass briquette is the green product which can replace the other fossil fuels and energy resources.
  6. 6. Benefits of Briquettes The reason behind this is that the bio fuel briquettes have following features than ordinary coals: • Briquettes volume have uniform shape and
  7. 7. Benefits of Briquettes • • • • • • Low moisture content High energetic fuel Renewable nature High solidity Pollution free No sulfur and phosphor content
  8. 8. Applications of Briquettes • The briquettes also called agro-waste white coal are used in many industries for heating the industrial boilers. • Along with electricity and steam production in the power plants and industries, biomass briquettes are also used for the food processing and heating water applications in the households
  9. 9. Applications of Briquettes • The industries which prefer the briquette as a fuel are chemical industries, food processing industries, textile industries, fabrication units, metal melting industries, etc. • So, the briquettes have brighter future because of their eco-friendly and renewable nature.
  10. 10. Briquette Press • The whole biomass briquette press project is aimed to manufacture high density fuel briquettes without making environmental harm. • Also, the biomass briquettes reduce the storage and maintenance cost due to their fixed shape. • The cheapest energy coal briquettes are the green fuel which keeps greenhouse gases away from our mother earth.
  11. 11. Therefore, make more use of white coal briquettes made from briquette press to conserve our environmental resources.
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