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Biomass briquetting plant cut down economic cost of energy
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Biomass briquetting plant cut down economic cost of energy


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The biomass briquetting plant is used to provide an eco-friendly energy resource briquettes at cheaper rate.

The biomass briquetting plant is used to provide an eco-friendly energy resource briquettes at cheaper rate.

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  • 1. Briquetting Plant Cut Down Economic Cost of Energy
  • 2. Biomass Briquette Plant  The biomass briquette plant provides an affordable energy resource which can replace any of the fossil fuels.  The briquettes produced from the briquetting plant is the cheaper energy resource that is economically feasible to all the industries as well as households.
  • 3. Bio Fuel Briquettes  The bio fuel briquettes are green energy resource made from the agricultural crop waste and other biomass residues.  The briquettes also called white coal made by the eco-friendly briquetting procedure in the biomass briquetting press.
  • 4. Briquetting Process  The biomass waste and residues having low density are directly converted in to the solid block of fuel having high solidity and energy.
  • 5. Briquetting Press Machine  The biomass briquettes are made from the less profitable waste materials through the briquetting press machines.  The biomass waste including the following agro-waste materials are easily processed by the biomass briquetting machine:
  • 6. Raw Materials For Briquette 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Rice husk Coffee husk Bagasse Bamboo dust Almond shells Sunflower stalk Pine needles Wood chips
  • 7. Raw Materials For Briquette 9. Jute waste 10. Bark wood 11. Cotton stalks 12. Tea waste 13. Castor seed shells 14. Groundnut shells 15. Forestry wastes like fallen leaves
  • 8. How Briquette Plant Reduce Cost of Energy?  Aim of the biomass briquette plant project is to provide an affordable source of energy to the rural area and other manufacturing industries.  As biomass briquette offers the higher calorific energy value compared to other solid fuels.
  • 9. How Briquette Plant Reduce Cost of Energy?  The use of fuel briquettes instead of charcoal in the industrial boilers can save up to 40-60% of total boiler cost.  In addition, the burning of biomass briquettes does not generate ash and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 10. Conclusion  The use of biomass briquettes helps to save the natural resources and also to improve the climate conditions.  Therefore, use the green and cheap energy alternative biomass briquettes for saving environment.
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