Media Culture in Cultural Study


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This is my presentation on Media Culture in Cultural Study

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Media Culture in Cultural Study

  1. 1. Name :- Neelamba R Sarvaiya. M. A. Sem-2 Roll no – 21 Paper no-8-C:- “The Cultural Study.” “S. B. Gardi English department M.K. Bhavnagar University.” Year-2013-2014
  2. 2. mE
  3. 3. What is the meaning of “MEDIA CULTURE?”  Media culture refers to the current western capitalist society that emerged and developed from the 20th century, under the influence of mass media. The term alludes briefly the overall impact and intellectual guidance used by the media (primarily TV, but also the press, radio and cinema), not only on public opinion but also on tastes and values.
  4. 4. Cultural studyCultural Study Communication Community Disc ours e Repr esen tatio n Lang uage
  5. 5. Advertising, Marketing, and Critique are all features associated with MEDIA. Media are technologies of communication therefore meaning-production and meaning- dissemination. FILMS are often referred to as Mass Media In mass media the source is central and usually single, and audience are the total number of human beings far away from the source. So Mass media like films affect and influence a large number of people and are therefore integral to culture.
  6. 6.  Media study and its role in the construction of cultural values, its circulation of symbolic values its production of desire is central to cultural study.  Media culture not only focus on cultural aspects of any media but also paying attention to the economics of media.  Media culture:- Wide range of media, from print to the internet-is political and ideological.  Media culture reproduce existing social values, oppressions and inequalities  Example :- Films and TV serials – perfect family
  7. 7. Media culture clearly reflects the multiple sides of contemporary debates and problems.
  8. 8. Media culture helps reinforce the hegemony and power of specific political, cultural and economic groups. The representations media are •Suggestive •Provocative •Example:-
  9. 9. Cultural studies of Popular culture involves: An analysis of the forms of representation (Symbol) An analysis of the Political ideologies embedded in these representation. An examination of the financial sources/ sponsor of the representation AN examination of the role played by other objects/people propaganda ideology
  10. 10. Media ecology study in Hindi films: • The Star and her/his personality • The tools (camera, setting, light) • The workers(technicians) • The language • The community(film industry, union, star relationship) • The audience (fan) • The marketing (publicity) • The reviews, etc..
  11. 11. Conclusion:  Cultural studies focuses on media culture because it assumes that the media are very significant contributors to ideologies and political Culture.  Media culture mostly supports the hegemony of specific power groups.  Media culture makes oppressive conditions of class and gender and often the economic angle to cultural ideologies of the family or the law.