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software testing on whatsapp

  1. 1. WhatsApp Software Testing
  2. 2. Software Specification • Developer(s) : WhatsApp Inc. • Stable release: Android 2.8.1504 (July 30, 2012) BlackBerry OS 2.8.1914 (August 12, 2012) iOS 2.8.2 (July 13, 2012) Symbian 2.8.13 (August 16, 2012) Windows Phone (September 10, 2012) • Development status : Active • O.S : Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Symbian, Series 40, and Windows Phone • Type : Instant Messaging • License: Proprietary • Website :
  3. 3. What is WhatsApp? • WhatsApp Messenger is a proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging application for smart phones. • In addition to text messaging, users can send each other images, video and audio media messages. • The client software is available for iOS, BlackBerry OS, Android, Symbian, Series 40, and Windows Phone. • Competing with a number of Asia-based messaging services WhatsApp handles two billion messages per day as of April 2012, growing from one billion in October 2011. • According to the Financial Times, WhatsApp "has done to SMS on mobile phones what Skype did to international calling on landlines."
  4. 4. Achievements • WhatsApp crossed its own milestone for the first time by sending just over 1 billion messages in a single day. • Just how much is 1 billion messages? That is 41,666,667 messages an hour, 694,444 messages a minute, and 11,574 messages a second. • 1 billion messages a day is a significant milestone • WhatsApp is editors choice in google app market.
  5. 5. Mobile application testing • Mobile application testing is a process by which application software developed for hand held mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency
  6. 6. Key Challenges in Mobile Application Testing – Variety of Mobile Devices: Mobile devices differ in screen sizes, input methods (QWERTY, touch, normal) with different hardware capabilities – Diversity in Mobile Platforms/OS: There are different Mobile Operating systems in the market. The major ones are Android, IOS, BREW, BREWMP, Symbian, Windows 7.5 Mango, and Blackberry(RIM). Each operating system has its own limitations. Testing a single application across multiple devices running on the same platform and every platform poses a unique challenge for testers.
  7. 7. Basic testing’s done on WhatsApp – Boundary value Analysis Testing – Boundary value testing is a technique to find whether the application is accepting the expected range of values and rejecting the values which falls out of range.
  8. 8. The most basic example for considering Boundary Value Analysis on WhatsApp testing can be taken as there user trial period example.The free trial period last for only one year .i.e. if the subscription date starts from 18/11/2010 than the expiration will be on 18/11/2011.
  9. 9. Technical specifics • WhatsApp uses a customized version of the open standard Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). • Developed for Third Generation IC Integrated smartphones • The Greater bandwidth networks such as 3G or WiFi • ID creation : During installation,take userid as Eg. [phone number] • Password Creation : In Android: reversed-version of the phone's IMEI,MD5 hashed. In iOS: double MAC address, MD5 hashes it
  10. 10. Xmpp: • a communications protocol for message-oriented middleware (MOM).  MOM - software or hardware infrastructure supporting sending and receiving messages between distributed systems. - support asynchronous calls between the client and server applications. • developed by the Jabber open-source community in 1999. • Main purpose : used for near-real-time, instant messaging (IM), presence information, and contact list maintenance • used by over ten million people worldwide. MD5: • Message-Digest Algorithm. • cryptographic hash function. • produces a 128-bit (16-byte) hash value.
  11. 11. Security concerns Recorded • In May 2011, security hole reported in WhatsApp which left user accounts open for hijacking fixed by by Liroy van Hoewijk, CEO of • Since May 2011 it has been reported that communications made by WhatsApp are not encrypted • On January 6, 2012 an unknown hacker published a website ( changed the user status. • Until August 2012, Messages were sent in unencrypted plain-text format, making the system vulnerable to session hijacking.This problems were Solved on 15 August,2012 by blocking the web ip address. • According to the hacker these are only some of the many security issues occurred in Whatsapp.
  12. 12. Quality Testing  A Quality achieved on many of these factors: • Should meet the Consumer needs, expectations • should achievie customer satisfaction. • Make Consumer ‘s ease of use. ON WhatsAPP  Done on weekly and monthly basis, according to the different platforms(Symbian,Android,Blackberry, iOS, Windows)  improvance by different updates & upgrades available.  plays a very important role  maintaining the position in the application market.
  13. 13. GUI Testing & Feature Testing • WhatsApp GUI is differentiated . • Eg. Android GUI is different from Windows . User-Interface Requirements : 1.user-friendly with low learning curve. 2.quality chat room ,chat entry marked with username, time stamp
  14. 14. Performance Testing : to check the performance and behavior of the application under critical conditions -as low battery, bad network coverage, low available memory affected from two sides: • server side and client’s side  carried at both ends.
  15. 15. Various performance testing can be performed on - WhatsApp Load testing : • concurrent number of users on this mobile web application • A load test • understand the behaviour of the system under a specific expected load Configuration testing : • tests are created • determine the effects of configuration changes to the WhatsApp application • Eg.making diffrernt load-balancing to the system with application running on it. Isolation testing : • repeating a problem causing test execution • isolate and confirm the fault domain.
  16. 16. Functional Testing: • Ensures that the application is working as per the requirements. Functional Requirement : Basic : • communication between two mobile web clients. • Sending and recieving media types Technology and Language : • Java and JavaScript code • The DBMS technology used is SQL. • In WhatsApp, files are in SQLite format encrypted using AES-192 • MVC pattern • color, style and page layouts through css
  17. 17. Non-Functional Requirements : Normal use test: • Use for 6-12 hours, check the battery drain Idle run test: • keep running on its main, home or dashboard screen (off screenlock) • measure the battery level at ½ or 1 hour intervals Screen lock test: • Do the idle run test in locked mode • Check the battery drain • Note CPU and or network resources consumed
  18. 18. How it works • WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. • WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends. • WhatsApp users can create groups, send each other unlimited images, video and audio messages.
  19. 19. Features of WhatsApp Sending Places: allowed you to send your location to your chat partner or to your group chat. It is useful if you want to share your approximate location on a map. Group Icon: personalize your group chat by attaching a custom icon to your group Group chat: You can exit a group chat that you are in at any time You can control group chat alerts and notifications separately from individual messages.
  20. 20. • Media transfer : audio , video, pictures , animation etc. • if you have an iPhone 3GS running iPhone OS 3.1 or higher, you can also send a video,but both parties need to be running version 2.3 in order to send and receive media messages. • Message delivery receipts: in 2.3 you probably have noticed by now that you see a red letter attached to every message you send. Those red letters are actually quite important because they tell you if your message was delivered properly or not.
  21. 21. Laboratory Testing  This testing is done by simulating the complete wireless network.  This test is performed to find out any glitches when a mobile application uses voice and/or data connection to perform some functions.
  22. 22. Memory Leakage Testing Memory leakage happens when a computer program or application is unable to manage the memory it is allocated resulting in poor performance of the application and the overall slowdown of the system.
  23. 23. Interrupt Testing • The WhatsApp application should be able to handle these interruptions by going into a suspended state • different types of interruptions are: • Incoming and Outgoing SMS and MMS • Incoming and Outgoing calls • Incoming Notifications • Battery Removal • Cable Insertion and Removal for data transfer • Network outage and recovery • Media Player on/off • Device Power cycle • and resuming afterwards.
  24. 24. Installation testing Installation testing verifies that the installation process goes smoothly without the user having to face any difficulty.  This testing process covers installation, update and uninstallation of an
  25. 25. Certification Testing • To get compliance certificate each mobile device needs to be tested against the guidelines set by different mobile platforms. Eg .WhatsApp working efficiently on Samsung GT- 5360 having the platform android 2.3 gingerbread OS.
  26. 26. Module Testing Large program can not practically tested all at once. There is large need for breaking down the program into module.
  27. 27. Acceptance Testing • It is a process that checks for the acceptability of the software. • Whatsapp have launched its software on platform and accordingly it checked what different phones / devices can support or not.
  28. 28. Multimedia Testing • Whatsapp is checked and made in such a way that it supports any image, video or audio format while sending a content. • It does not restrict you from sending or receiving something that is not supported in your phone or devices
  29. 29. Smoke Testing • Each and every feature of whatsapp is made after checking if whether it works properly accordingly. So that the user is satisfied.
  30. 30. Compatibility Testing • Whatsapp is software that’s work on most of the platform or devices like Nokia s40 , Symbian , windows , Blackberry os , Apple ios , Android.
  31. 31. Usability Testing • Usability testing is carried out to verify if the application is achieving its goals and getting a fvorable response from users as a usability of an application its key to commercial success.
  32. 32. Conclusion • Application testing requires a detailed overview of the System requirements and Functional requirements. • Testing application and making it to sustain in harsh environment makes the application more flexible and quality wise very rich. • Based on products review upgradation is done this makes application to stay alive and popular in market. • Various robust testing makes the application capable to satisfy every requirements and needs of the customer.
  33. 33. Reference We visited following sites www. www. Wikipedia . com We refer the following books Software- testing- principles - tools -technique . • By Nilesh jaiswar