The Beginner's Guide to Advanced SEM - Nik Pasic


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In this presentation Nik will provide you with all the free tools you will need to easily and effectively set up your campaigns and share some of his advanced and best kept secrets to help your campaigns convert and give you the edge to stay several steps ahead of your competitors.

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  • Thanks Nik, this is a great guide. It is good to be able to go back over it, after having seen you present it at the Melbourne SEO Meetup.

    I am looking over this as a bit of a best practices guide so to speak.
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The Beginner's Guide to Advanced SEM - Nik Pasic

  1. 1. Advanced SEM Strategies for Beginners Nik Pasic | December 2013
  2. 2. Nik Pasic Just a guy who loves online.
  3. 3. Before We Begin...
  4. 4. This presentation will be available on .
  5. 5. If you‟re not on it already, get on . @NikPasic on twitter
  6. 6. We will not cover the basics but I will share resources.
  7. 7. When you start using SEM campaigns, you will initially be losing money!
  8. 8. Follow him, seriously.
  9. 9. Conversion Rate Optimization Covered in my next presentation
  10. 10. What is SEM? Search Engine Marketing
  11. 11. Timber Marble Concrete Steel Glass Brick Plaster Think of your website like a building SEM Analytics Design CRO SEO UX eDM Social
  12. 12. SEM is just a part of the picture
  13. 13. Mega-SERP: A Visual Guide to Google By: @dr_pete Follow him. Them too. @moz
  14. 14. Ads Search | Display Network | Remarketing | Product Listings Dynamic Remarketing | Various Google Beta Products
  15. 15. By the awesome guys at
  16. 16. Setting Up a Campaign Tools You‟ll Need
  17. 17. A Step by Step AdWords Guide by Google Teaches you to: › Organize your account › Pick the right keywords › Write targeted ads › Put it all together
  18. 18. Google AdWords Certification Program › Study Through Chapters › Sit Exams (Optional) › Up To Date (Renews) › Multi-Platform Applicable
  19. 19. The Beginner‟s Guide To Setting Up An AdWords Account by PPC Hero Similar to AdWords Step by Step Guide by Google, but more in-depth and with additional tips.
  20. 20. Follow: › @PPCHero › @WordStream › @AlanMitchell › @CalculateMktg › @ThePPCBlog › @KateMorris › @NikPasic
  21. 21. Secrets to SEM Success What It‟s Really All About
  22. 22. Always Remember...
  23. 23. A business which makes no money is just a hobby.
  24. 24. Conversion Funnel
  25. 25. What Should I Care About? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. ROI/CLV Business critical Sales/Lead Value Number of Sales/Leads Strong success indicators Unique Visitors Visits, Page Views, Time on Site (not bounce rate) Clicks, CTR, CPC Better than burning money Cost 9001. Impressions 9002. Impression Share Fall back metrics when all else fails a.k.a. a failed campaign
  26. 26. SEM is about making money
  27. 27. Creating a Campaign Making Your Life Easier
  28. 28. Budget and Timeline › Define start and end dates for all campaigns › Define a Daily, Monthly and Annual budget. › In that order! › Set Up Daily and monthly budget limits
  29. 29. Pro Tip: For multiple accounts set up a Client Centre.
  30. 30. Stay In Control ›Track your performance and spend in excel* › Daily and monthly for internal purposes › Report on quarters - weekly is misleading › Set up daily and monthly budget limits › Accelerated Delivery Method + Budget Limits
  31. 31. Pro Tip: Have „Ongoing‟ campaigns which you can use as a consistent benchmark. › Ongoing Search – AU [D] › Ongoing DN – AU [D/M] › 2013 Search – US Cyber Monday [D/M] › 2013 Remarketing – EU Christmas [M]
  32. 32. Define Your Keywords Audience › Do not blanket scrape. Seriously. Stop it! › Many “experts” claim this to be the most efficient method but it is simply not effective. It is the SEM equivalent of automated link building and content farming. › Think like your ideal customer would › Keyword Research Tools suit SERPs, not users ›These tools are useful once you‟ve run out of ideas › Do not split off mobile unless your site is mobile-ready ›Target by Audience, Placement and Location as well
  33. 33. Pro Tip: Accelerated Delivery Method + Budget Limits = You‟re In Control
  34. 34. Creating The Creative ›Custom build initial KWs, creative and CTA › Use an excel template* › Reverse engineer your campaign page by page › Always A/B test your ads: Use 2-4 at least › Beware of using business lingo for B2C. › Test run Display and Search side by side ›Use Remarketing and Shopping if applicable
  35. 35. Pro Tip: A/B test everything! SEM, eDMs, landing pages, life.
  36. 36. Target Efficiently › User your brand terms as much as possible › Use single-keyword brand/key Ad Groups - Ultimate targeting! › Use a combination of [exact match], “phrase match”, +broad +match +modifier, broad match and –negative keywords › Use a -negative match of your brand in all your non-brand categories as your campaigns can compete with one another
  37. 37. Pro Tip: Do not fear mistakes. They are our best learning tool. SEM is a long term money-making game.
  38. 38. Tracking › Link your AdWords with Google Analytics › Set up Goals and ensure revenue is tracking › Use tracking codes in every URL
  39. 39. Pro Tip: Review and use the data otherwise don‟t even bother with tracking.
  40. 40. Useful SEM Tools › AdWords and GA segmentation and filtering › AdWords/Bing/Facebook Editor › AdWords Opportunities Tab - Do this manually › AdWords Tools and Analysis Tab
  41. 41. Pro Tip: CTAs can make or break your campaign. Use timeliness and expiration dates to your advantage!
  42. 42. Useful Excel Features* › Pivot Tables › VLookup › Concatenate › Length › First and Last
  43. 43. Pro Tip: Glance over each of your campaigns each morning, even if you don‟t need to change a thing.
  44. 44. Competitive Intelligence Don’t do it. Seriously. Keeping up with the competition is a time-sink for any small to medium sized business and is extremely overrated. Unless you're the true market leader and are absolutely capped in terms of your audience reach you should be focusing on your own audience.
  45. 45. Pro Tip: More than anything, stay curious!
  46. 46. Thank You Any Questions?