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Group collab

  2. 2. WHAT WE NEED SOFTWARE SYSTEM The most important thing we need is a software that will allow us to communicate in a seamless and consistent way. Coordination is key, if we cannot communicate effectively then the likelihood of success is low. COMMUNICATION TOOL Due to the fact this is an online class and as a group we will not be seeing each other often we need a collaboration tool that will allow us to work together on a document. We need to be able to view and edit a document from remote locations. This will make the process of completing assignments that much easier. VIDEO CONFERENCING Getting to know your group members is vital. It is difficult to develop a relationship with a person without face to face communication. That is why a type of video conferencing software will be useful. If we as a group can get to know each other despite being separated by physical distance that will make us that much more of a well oiled machine.
  3. 3. WHAT WE CHOSE TO RESEARCH Criteria - Accessible over Internet browser - Reliability - Support multiple user - Free Concerns - Privacy - Data protection and backup - Ease of use - Compatibility Market Leaders - Skype - Google Docs - Dropbox - Facebook - Writeboard
  4. 4. SKYPE PROS - High capacity phone calls: Enables the whole group to communicate with each other at the same time at various locations. - Video Conferencing: Promotes a more personal experience with the people you are working with. Developing rapport with group members is key to smooth operation. - Hands free talking: Ideal for work related interactions where a push to talk program would potentially hinder ones ability to communicate effectively. Especially if people in the call need to be shuffling or reading off of papers. CONS - High Capacity Lag: Because it is a free program sometimes the calls can lag, especially when there are more than two people in the call. - 2+ video conferencing is not free: Video conferencing between two people is free but more than 2 people video conferencing requires payment. - Only serves as a communication platform: Although effective at what it was made for if people wish to share documents or files that are critical to group collaboration than an outside software other than Skype must be used.
  5. 5. GOOGLE DOCS PROS - Ability to view files and documents and edit them together collaboratively as a group from different locations. - Office applications do not require installation and are all run off one’s web browser. - Hard to lose data as work saves with every change automatically. CONS - Data storage amount is limited. - Applications are limited in terms of features compared to paid versions. - When working with Google applications there is always a concern with user privacy.
  6. 6. DROPBOX PROS - Integrates well with Windows and other platforms. - Contents are both stored locally and in the cloud. - Any files or folders placed inside the Dropbox folder can easily be shared via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. - Folder contents are automatically synced. - Allows you to keep everything you need in My Documents on multiple computers. - All data is transferred over SSL and encrypted with AES-256 before storage. - Provides users with 2 GB of free space. - Simple and brief instructions on how to use it. CONS - Requires users to make an account. - Limited free data space. - Requires a good amount of free space already on your computer for Dropbox to function properly. - Bad customer service and security measures. - Technical glitches (drains battery on laptops).
  7. 7. FACEBOOK PROS - Most people already have an account, so it is easy to contact each other through it. - Most people already know how to use site effectively. - It is frequently checked by users. - It is simple to create a group and make it private. - One can easily send and receive messages easily from the Facebook mobile phone application. - Instant message and video chat are available through Facebook. CONS - It is not commonly thought of as professional site through which to do work. - There is a lot of personal information you potentially share with members of the group when you add them as a friend or add them to a group. (relationship statuses, unprofessional photos, opinions on controversial subjects, etc). - There are a lot of potential distractions in the website one would come across while trying to work with group members.
  8. 8. WRITEBOARD PROS - Signup NOT required. - Simple and easy to setup a new Writeboard. - Can easily create a Interactive whiteboard that your group can access simply by just proving the email address and password to the Writeboard board. - Users can add comments on a Writeboard. - Users can upload files and documents from phone or computer to the Writeboard. CONS - Lacks Diversification in the amount of options provided. - Only text can be typed in the Writeboard. - Special formatting guide that requires some practice to master. (Ex: to bold, place * in front of the word.
  9. 9. WINNERS FACEBOOK - The reason we chose Facebook is because we have already found success with it in terms of getting everyone working together cohesively. The great thing about Facebook was that not only did everyone already have it but also the fact that everyone checks it on a consistent basis. This was not the case when we used the Group Project Forum in Ilearn where we sometimes had to wait days for responses. GOOGLE DOCS - It seemed that a lot of our group members had used Google Docs in the past when coordinating group projects with much success. So picking this application was a no brainer because it has been proven effective. SKYPE - Since we don’t get to see each other often we thought a video conferencing application would be ideal for not only collaborating but also getting to know each other. Most of the group members seemed to be familiar with Skype so we decided that it would be best.
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