Paris (Covered Passages and Galleries)


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Visiting the Covered Passages and Galleries of Paris with the music of “Amelie”

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Paris (Covered Passages and Galleries)

  1. 1. Paris Covered Passageways
  2. 2. Galerie Vivienne Gallery was built in 1823 thanks to money from the stock market speculation in real estate The architectural style is neoclassical, which corresponds to the time of its construction (1826) Most elegant and luxurious gallery in Paris
  3. 3. The floors are decorated with mosaics done by the famous Italian artist Faccina
  4. 4. Galerie Colbert Luxurious gallery built at the right side of Galerie Vivienne in 1826, at the site of former Hôtel Colbert (residence of the Regent Philippe d'Orleans) Acquired by the National Library, the gallery was completely restored in the 1980s It offers postcards, posters, and books published by "BN" from its collectionsGreat glass dome
  5. 5. Between the gallery Colbert and Vivienne Street, is the charming old brasserie, Le Grand Colbert, with friezes dating from 1830, that are also declared to be of historic interest Le GrandColbert
  6. 6. PassageChoiseul Built in 1829, it is one of the few passageways that has hardly changed since its conception Built on the site of an old hotel It houses mainly women's clothing boutiques
  7. 7. Passage ofPrinces This passageway dating from 1860 was the last built in the 19th century, at the time of Haussmann It connects the “Boulevard des Italiens “with Rue de Richelieu Virtually the entire gallery is monopolised by a great toy shop: Village Joue Club
  8. 8. Passage des Panoramas It was opened to the public in 1799 on the site of the former Hotel de Montmorency-Luxembourg A little history ... The Passage des Panoramas is the oldest Parisian walkway At the time, the idea of the construction of this passage was inspired by oriental souks To allow Parisians to walk, to show and make purchases protected from the weather and especially from not getting dirty, as at that time, sidewalks and sewers did not exist!
  9. 9. Much frequented in his time by the artist, Eugène Delacroix and Alexandre Dumas, the famous author It’s the place for stamp collectors There are beautiful old shops selling books and collections
  10. 10. There are also good restaurants (some oriental) , casual eateries and bars
  11. 11. Here are sold stamps, letters, postcards and old coins
  12. 12. Passage Verdeau Built in 1847 at the same time and by the same architects as the Passage Jouffroy The name is the same of one of the builders of this passageway It specialises in antiques, watercolours, old newspapers and a boutique that sells old cameras, including a Kodak dating from 1901 There is “Il Golosi”, one of the best Italian cantinas in Paris
  13. 13. Facing the Passage des Panoramas, by crossing the boulevard Montmartre, is Joufroy, built in 1847 in line with the passages Verdeau and Panoramas It was the first passage to be made entirely of iron and glass,​​ although decorative details are made of wood
  14. 14. The bookstore Paul Vulin (established in 1948) specialises in art books and luxury editions, which always attracts visitors
  15. 15. In this museum there are celebrities ... reproduced in wax
  16. 16. At the back is the Hotel Chopin It opened its doors in 1846, the year in which the Passage Jouffroy, with its charming and picturesque arcade, was constructedThe passageway, as well as the hotel, are now listed as historical monuments of Paris
  17. 17. By María Visited Galeries and Passageways Galerie Vivienne 5 Boulevard des Italiens / 97 rue de Richelieu Galerie Colbert 6 rue des Petits-Champs Passage Choiseul 40 rue des Petits-Champs Passage des Princes 5 Boulevard des Italiens / 97 rue de Richelieu Passage des Panoramas 10 rue Saint-Marc / 11 boulevard Montmartre Passage Verdeau 6 rue de la Grange-Batelière / 31 rue du Faubourg Montmartre Passsage Jouffroy 10 boulevard Montmartre / 9 rue de la Grange- Batelière Music: Soundtrack from”Amelie”