Golden Temple


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A great experience to be there at night and during the day, for believers or just people interested in India and its religions

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Golden Temple

  1. 1. Golden Temple of Amritsar Night and Day
  2. 2. The   Harmandir Sahib   (or Hari Mandir ) in Amritsar, Punjab, is the holiest shrine in Sikhism.
  3. 3. Sat Sri Akaal, Namaste, Welcome...   Darshani Deori (main entrance)
  4. 4. The most famous and sacred part of the Golden Temple complex is the  Hari Mandir (Divine Temple )  or Darbar Sahib (Court of the Lord), which is the beautiful golden structure at the center of a sacred pool , Amrit Sarovar , that means Pool of Nectar
  5. 5.   It ‘s worth visiting twice: once during the day, once at night, when it's beautifully lit up.
  6. 6. Amrit Sarovar . The giant pool of water that surrounds and reflects the Golden Temple. Sections (marked off by ropes) are set aside for (male) pilgrims wishing to bathe.
  7. 7. Every night, the Granth Sahib ( sacred book of Sikhism ) is carried in procession to its "bed" in the Akal Takht , the seat of the Sikh parliament (built 1609)
  8. 8. People waiting to have a look at the Granth Sahib ( sacred book) going from Hari Mandir to Akal Takht , for the night
  9. 9. Both places are connected by a marble causeway called   Guru's Bridge , which symbolizes the journey of the soul after death. 
  10. 10. The scripture is a collection of devotional poems, prayers, and hymns composed by the ten Sikh gurus and various Muslim and Hindu saints. Beginning early in the morning and lasting until long past sunset, these hymns are chanted with accompaniment of flutes, drums, and stringed instruments. Echoing across the serene lake, this enchantingly beautiful music induces a delicate yet powerful state of trance in the pilgrims strolling leisurely around the marble course encircling the pool and temple.
  11. 11. Tradicional cloths of the Sikh guards
  12. 12. A Nihang, Gobing Singh’ devout, they wear saffron colored turbans and long blue tunics
  13. 15. Most visitors, whether Sikh or not, are humbled by what is quite simply the most tangibly spiritual place in the country
  14. 22. Shoes must be removed and feet washed before entering the Temple
  15. 23. Darshani Deori . Close view of the main entrance with a distinctly Victorian clock-tower
  16. 24. Ramgarhia Bunga Towers It s one of two of the complex built by S. Jassa Singh Ramgarhia in the late 18th Century is the only surviving example of Bunga architecture. In the period following its construction it served a dual purpose of housing pilgrims visiting Sri Darbar Sahib and fortifying the area to protect the holy complex from outside invasion
  17. 26. By Maria [email_address] Music: Mool Mantra Performed by Anrit Kirtan Video YT Golden Temple Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia A painting by artist S. Thakur