Doña Victorina Character Summary & Analysis in Noli Me Tangere


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Analysis of Doña Victorina's character (chapter 1, 43, 47/48 & 52 depending on the translation of the book) in Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere

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  • This is how Doña Victorina was first introduced in the novel.Basically, she was portrayed as someone who wore Western clothes and was introduced as the wife of the Don Tiburcio – who was a self-proclaimed doctor that uses fake documents to back up his identity.Later into the middle of the chapter we see Doña Victorina as someone with a strong personality that gives no regard whether who she’s talking to will be hurt or offended with what she has to say.  Very strongly opinionated and can be highly offensive when caught in a bad mood
  • Second bullet:The Doctor that was hired here would be Dr. Espadaña. Both the Espadaña’s enter the room.Third Bullet: She wears a loose silk gown, embroidered with flowers, and a hat with a huge duster of tri-colored leaves half crushed by red and blue ribbons. The rice powder on her cheeks, emphasized her wrinkles.
  • Bullet 1: Admirers and Suitors such as Capitan Tiago.Bullet 3: To further describe Don Tiburcio in his early years:He would’ve done any honest work if only his Spanish prestige would have allowed it. His countrymen, wanting to get rid of him, told him to act as a physician.
  • First Bullet: But since all the members of the board were Spaniards, they turned a blind eye towards this.Some time has passed, rumours spread and Don Tiburcio’s patients started losing confidence in him as a doctor causing him to lose his clients as well as income.Third Bullet: . Her abundant hair had dwindled down to a bun the size, according to her maidservant, of a head of garlic; her face was furrowed with wrinkles, and her teeth were growing loose. Her eyes had also suffered considerably, she had to screw them up frequently to be able to see a certain distance away. Only her character remained.
  • Chapter ends with Don Tiburcio recommending certain medications for Maria Clara as well Father Damaso visiting.
  • Second Bullet:Believed that the world was only divided into Spain and the Philippines.She was also insulted by a Spaniard, but instead of taking it as an insult she took it as a complimentFifth Bullet:- This was according to Rulebook of 19 century norms
  • Don Tiburcio tried stopping the argument, but failed.A crowd starts to gather.Several truths were revealed from both sides.Truths such as
  • First Bullet: This is where Sinang tells him that she has been very distant and withdrawn and asks that she help him meet with Maria Clara alone.
  • 1: She serves as a purpose to show how ridiculous people are who reject and deny their own identity in favor of an imitation.2: Even from the start, we see that Dona Victorina dress us with clothes from European dresses, to her curly hair and her heavily made up face. Her appearance could possible indicate not only her shallow nature, but also her obsession with prestige and admiration. Obsessions = fueled her to act like somebody she’s not; a Spanish woman. She turns her back on her countrymen so easily, showing without a single care that she is becoming similar or almost like the country’s abusers. The make-up that she uses (as said in the novel as she uses heavy make-up) may represent how she masks her Filipino identity to assume a more Spanish-like appearance; pale, skin, and curly hair3. She can represent those individual’s who would do anything to get attention and respect from fellow individual’s. Of course, Victorina was one of these in the novel, using her status as the wife of great doctor to climb up the ranks.  “Integration to the “in society”. They adopt traits most desired by the public. [ Difference between Victorina and other social climbers, Victorina through away or turned her back on her own country just to attain self ambitions]
  • Doña Victorina Character Summary & Analysis in Noli Me Tangere

    1. 1. The Doña Victorina In Chapters: 1, 43, 48, & 53
    2. 2. A Party – Summary  Captain Tiago hosts a party in Calle Anloague, town of San Diego – which later on becomes an open party.  Tiya Isabel, Tiago’s Cousin, was responsible for entertaining the guests. Among the guests were Padre Damaso, Sibyla, and Salvi. Along with Lt. Guevarra and Señor Laruja.  Padre Damaso was seen chatting with the Spanish man with red hair, Señor Laruja. He was talking about how Filipinos are Indio's and that they are insolent and foolish. 1.
    3. 3. A Party – Summary 1.  Lt. Guevarra stood up and argued with Padre Damaso since he said that it was right to remove as a priest by the Governor-General since he is the representative of the Spanish in the Philippines.  Also, because he removed the remains of a noble man in the cemetery.  Padre Sibyla calmed down Guevarra and Damaso.  The de Espadaña couple arrived.  Captain Tiago introduced the man beside him, which is the reason for the party.
    4. 4. Doña Victorina 1. in Chapter 1  The Self-entitled, “Madam Doctor”  Wore a European Dress; Rich  Married to Don Tiburcio, a self-proclaimed doctor using fake documents.  Told Mr. Laruja that he was poor and that a poor individual can’t invent gunpowder.  Also argued with Father Damaso that gunpowder was invented by the Chinese.
    5. 5. The Espadañas 43. – Summary Starts off with Maria Clara being ill. Tiago hires a famous and expensive doctor to cure her. Again, Doña Victorina is described to wear something very western. While Don Tiburcio was just mentioned to be lame.
    6. 6. The Espadañas 43. – Summary Flashback on how the two met and came to be.  Reminisces about the time she was young, beautiful, and had a lot of admirers and suitors.  Remembers her dream about having wanted to marry a Spaniard. Don Tiburcio: custom official who got dismissed while in the Philippines.
    7. 7. The Espadañas 43. – Summary Flashback on how the two met and came to be.  He was then discovered to have been a fake doctor. A friend of Don Tiburcio mention Doña Victorina’s name and quickly asks for an introduction upon hearing about her predicament. Don Tiburcio described Doña Victorina as untidy or blowzy.
    8. 8. The Espadañas 43. – Summary Flashback on how the two met and came to be.  Although after an hour of them conversing and getting to know each other, they got engaged. Even though they both didn’t want each other, desperation took them over, that is why they decided to marry. Doña Victorina controls her husbands and wears the pants in the family.
    9. 9. The Espadañas 43. – Summary Chapter ends with Don Tiburcio recommending certain medication for Maria Clara . Father Damaso visits Maria Clara as well.
    10. 10. Doña Victorina 43 in Chapter 43 Delusional Dim and Gullible Superiority Complex over the Filipinos Self-Centered Total opposite of how a young single lady should be Still seen as rich and arrogant Talks a lot
    11. 11. Two Ladies 48. – Summary Doña Victorina walks through the town with Don Tiburcio, to show off to the natives “how far they were below her sacrosanct person.  Comments on the Natives Doña Victorina starts to lose her composure and her temper due to her husband’s response.  Young Girls  Sinang’s Coachman
    12. 12. Two Ladies 48. – Summary  Due to these events, she decides to go home. On the way home, they ran to the lieutenant and exchanged acknowledgements.  Lieutenant’s reaction  Doña Victorina’s reaction  They pass by in front of the lieutenant’s house and Doña Consolacion is at the window in her flannel blouse, smoking a cigar. They exchanged meaningful disapproving looks.  Dona Consolation's Reactions
    13. 13. Two Ladies  Argument Victorina. between Doña – Summary Consolacion and 48. Doña  Doña Victorina challenges Doña Consolacion to face her.  Don Tiburcio tries to stop them again with the help of the lieutenant  “Four people speaking at once and saying such truths that the prestige of their class was irreparably damaged.”
    14. 14. Doña Victorina Proud Controlling Hot-Headed Moody 48. in chapter 48
    15. 15. Changes – Summary 52. Linares receives a letter poorly written in Spanish by his aunt, Doña Victorina.  Letter states that she wants Linares to challenge the Alferez to a duel. Otherwise, she will incite her wrath upon him. Padre Salvi enters the scene announcing that Ibarra’s excommunication had been lifted. While interjecting Damaso’s dissatisfaction with the youth.
    16. 16. Changes – Summary 52. As Ibarra appears, he talks to Sinang about:  Being withdrawn and distant  Helping him get Maria Clara alone with him  The secret partnership with her father in putting up an oil mill from the coconut groves in Los Baños.
    17. 17. Doña Victorina 52. in chapter 52  Barely seen in the chapter  Only seen through the way she writes through the letters     The letter contains many grammatical errors Full of demands and grave threats Superiority complex is seen again Manipulative
    18. 18. Doña Victorina - a representation?  A Ridiculous Character  All About Appearance  Social Climber Rizal’s Lesson through Victorina: - Embrace our country’s flaws, using different strategies, towards progress and growth, helping your country instead of giving up on it.