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Block b

  1. 1. So someone asked me to tell them about Block B Where do I even begin?
  2. 2. They are a group of 7 boys who does hip hop music You think they’re good looking? Oh…you’re so wrong You will never be more wrong
  3. 3. There are way too many… Jaehyo’s too fabulous for this
  4. 4. Now onto individual members: Date of Birth: September 24, 1990 He’s the eldest hyung, believe it or not He’s also the shortest… He’s like the Honey-senpai in Block B He even has his own Mori-senpai, a.k.a P.O Say hello to Lee Taeil But he’s a badass who has a lot of tattoos
  5. 5. Next is Lee Minhyuk, a.k.a Selca God: Date of Birth: December 14, 1990 Why is he the Selca God? He has millions of selcas and they’re all from the same angle He is mostly shipped with U-Kwon. Their ship name is U-Bomb I ship them too He also likes cute vaginas dimples
  6. 6. Following on is Block B’s princess, Ahn Jaehyo: He was an ulzzang Date of Birth: December 23, 1990 Even when derping, he is handsome He is surprisingly very strong! He beat Cheondung of MBLAQ in arm wrestling in less than two seconds He is NOT ugly! Block B is made of 6 ugly dudes plus one very good looking Ahn Jaehyo He is friends with Lee Joon They call him orangehyung because he’s easy to peel (tease)
  7. 7. Kitty-Kwon is next: Date of Birth: April 9, 1992 He’s so squishy and cute! He ate that lollipop whole in one go  He loves animals. He also has a noona He played with a girlfriend but we dog at a filming set love him still!  and was sad that it had no food He is one sexy dancer… Admit it, you smile when he smiles
  8. 8. Park Kyung, a.k.a Grease-Kyung, a.k.a Kyung-cumber, a.k.a Carrot-Kyung: He’s all sexy looking, right? WRONG! Park Kyung wins not with words but with one expression He self-proclaims to be the best-looking He picks his nose… …on camera He rapped about fruits to a Maori gang He is also the creator of this crazy shoulder dance that he is very proud of Young Kyung  He is Zico’s childhood friend
  9. 9. The leader, Woo Jiho, a.k.a Zico, a.k.a Ziaco, a.k.a my husband He’s in a secret relationship with Hello Kitty Date of Birth: September 14, 1992 It’s Hep Hap, not Hip Hop, get it right This is his bed He had dreads He was the cutest kid His underground name was Nacseo Lived in Canada, China and Japan Writes and produces songs His aegyo is weird…
  10. 10. Last but not least, the maknae, P.O: Date of Birth: February 2, 1993 A.k.a Taeil’s biggest fanboy Deep ass voice Cute ass motherf**ker DON’T compare him to T.O.P, you ass He is in love with Sulli and Dara Search up his Hot Pink expression