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California  a history part 1
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California a history part 1


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Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. California- A History Part 1 Nikki Buck History 141
  • 2. Laws of the Indies: The Spanish Colonial Era -chapter 2
    • A desire to seek out new land
    • started with Columbus and the discovery of the pacific ocean
    • Spanish believed the ocean would lead to China and Japan (thought there they would find great treasures)
    • Spanish empire was under the laws of the Indies
      • church and state were to cooperate to establish colonies that promote the well being of colonists
  • 3. Chapter 2…
    • The Jesuits
    • members of a male Catholic religious missionary order
    • known as “Gods Marines”
      • military background
      • willing to go anywhere and live in extreme conditions
    • also greatly know for their work in education by founding schools
  • 4. Chapter 2…
    • Native Americans
    • did not take kindly to the missionaries
    • were forced from homelands and brought into mission system
    • treated like children and beaten
    • many tried to run away and died of shock from the displacement
    • some transitioned into farmers etc, but was not common
    • constant state of war existed between Native Americans and Spanish settlers
  • 5. A Troubled Territory: Mexican California -chapter 3
    • Mexican Independence
    • 1821 achieved independence from Spain
    • sought to be a federal republic under United States
    • struggled because of a hostile republic and military dictatorship
    • tensions between residents and military officers
    • was unsuccessful in promoting settlement in California
  • 6. Chapter 3…
    • The land grant rancho
    • more than 600 land grants made
    • extended across the hills of costal California and dominated the economy of Mexican California
    • large extended families lived on ranchos in great wealth
    • cruel side consisted of harsh treatment of Native American labor
  • 7. Chapter 3…
    • Conquest of California
    • stared with idea of Manifest Destiny
      • idea that America was destined to expand across the North American continent
      • from sea to shining sea
    • John Charles Fremont
      • army commissioner who seized California
    • U.S. had already declared war on Mexico
    • Fremont became governor of California
    • established California flag with a star and grizzly bear
  • 8. Striking it Rich: The Establishment of an American State -chapter 4
    • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    • peace treaty that ended the Mexican-American war
    • Mexico ceded upper California and New Mexico
    • America paid $15 million for the land
    • also took over $3.25 million in debt Mexico owed America
    • treaty ensured safety of the existing property rights of Mexican citizens living in territories
  • 9. Chapter 4…
    • The Gold Rush
    • gold was first found by James W. Marshall at Sutters Mill
    • gold rush brought 200,000 people to California
    • only 10% of them were women
    • rough life that was not all fun and exciting
    • 1 out of 12 miners lost their lives (diseases- Cholera #1)
    • murder rates also very high
  • 10. Chapter 4…
    • Effects on Immigrants
    • laws and confiscatory taxes imposed to drive out foreigners
    • segregation towards Peruvians, Chileans, Sonorans, Mexicans
    • immigrant miners were rounded up, fined, beaten, and ran out of mines
    • many were hung and murdered on a daily biases
    • men, women, and children