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Links - IntraPage

  1. 1. HyperlinksA hyperlink (or link) is a word, group of words, or image that you can click on to jump to a new document or a new section within the current document.When you move the cursor over a link in a Webpage, the arrow will turn into a little hand.
  2. 2. Types of Hyperlink• Relative Link – creates the link to other pages in the same computer/system.• Absolute Link – uses the URL to create a link to the address of a particular web page. Absolute links need internet connection to link to web sites/pages on the internet.
  3. 3. Types of Relative Link• Intrapage Link – a link within a single document or page.• Intrasystem Link – a long hypertext document is divided into several working hypertext documents. These documents are connected to a main hypertext document which will serve as links for all the other documents.
  4. 4. Creating Intrapage Link• Open a blank notepad, type all the basic HTML Markup tags. The title of the activity is “Intrapage Link Practice”.• Save the file as Q2Practice3Surname.htm in your folder.• Define the font face, size, and color.• Type the phrase: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”• Followed by <br>, copy and paste the string 100 times.
  5. 5. Creating Intrapage Link• The Web page should be long enough for the viewer to scroll it down.• Label the top and the bottom of the page.• Name the top and bottom parts using the anchor tag. Type: <a name=“top”>Top</a> and <a name=“bottom”>Bottom</a>
  6. 6. Creating Intrapage Link• Create the intrapage link by adding another hypertext with the href attribute. <a href=“#bottom”>Go to Bottom</a> (from Top to Bottom) and <a href=“#top”>Back to Top</a> (from Bottom going Up)
  7. 7. The Anchor Tag<a> short for anchor, it is used to initialize that the hyperlink options of HTML will be used, closed with </a>.Example: <a>Home</a>Note: All texts/images in between <a> and </a> will be underlined and will inherit the hyperlink color (violet).
  8. 8. Intrapage Link Attributes• <a name=“”> – the name attribute labels the part of the page which will be called by the intrapage hyperlink.• <a href=“”> – href stands for hypertext reference. – it indicates the name of the section to be called by the hyperlink. – the reference is preceded by the # (octotorph / pound / sharp) symbol.