Lesson 1-The Basics
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Lesson 1-The Basics






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Lesson 1-The Basics Lesson 1-The Basics Presentation Transcript

  • Lesson 1: The Basics
  • The Basics • Mastering the basics is simple once you learn and practice these four steps: 1. First impressions matter 2. Courtesy counts 3. Attitude is everything 4. Ethics • Using these steps, you can begin to form a firm foundation for providing great customer service at Mama’s Subs • Also, keep in mind what mama always says: – “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”
  • The Basics • By the end of this lesson you should know: 1. The necessary steps to making a good first impression 2. How to treat customers in a courteous and respectful manner 3. How to adjust your attitude to make a customer’s experience more enjoyable 4. How to “do the right thing” on the job
  • Step 1: First Impressions Matter First Impressions: Mental snapshots you take when you first encounter a person or situation • Frist impressions include a person’s looks and actions • Can apply to general grooming, cleanliness, clothing, tone of voice, attitude, body language, and posture • Together, these make up an individual’s personal style • First impressions matter!
  • First Impressions • Appearance – The first step to making a good first impression is your appearance – At Mama’s Subs, this includes: 1. Wearing the appropriate clothing – Wearing the standard uniform issued when you were hired (black polo t-shirt with the Mama’s Subs logo, khaki long shorts/pants, and visor) – Keeping apparel cleaned and pressed – If you have long hair, wearing a pony tail – Avoiding heavy make-up – Avoiding excessive jewelry » Allowed: single pair of stud earrings and/or a single wristwatch/bracelet – Wearing plain tennis shoes or loafers
  • First Impressions • Appearance continued 2. Making sure you are groomed – Keeping hair washed, brushed, and maintained – Keeping fingernails clean and filed (simple, neutral nail polish accepted) – Brushing teeth daily – Washing body and face daily 3. Maintaining a relaxed and open demeanor – Keep a friendly expression on your face – Make eye contact when talking with a customer – Smile as often as appropriate
  • Step 2: Courtesy Counts When you make a conscious effort to use courteous words and phrases, they will soon become a natural part of your vocabulary and personality Courtesy: showing politeness in one's attitude and behavior toward others.
  • Courtesy • Being polite and displaying courtesy sends a positive, powerful message – It says, “I care about how I treat you and how much respect I show you.” – At Mama’s Subs, being courteous is more than saying “yes sir” and “yes ma’am” because you have to – It’s about showing respect to customers because they deserve it, even when you don’t always feel they do • Here are some simple ways to show courteousness:
  • Courtesy 1. Say please, thank you, and you’re welcome – This should occur during every interaction you have with customers, whether you are the one taking the orders or delivering orders to customers – Make it a habit to incorporate these phrases into your daily dialogue 2. Say excuse me and I’m sorry – These can be some of the most difficult phrases to use with customers at times (especially when they’re agitated) – Regardless of the reason, if you make a mistake, say “I’m sorry” – If you need more clarification from a customer, avoid using the words “huh?” and “what?” • Use “excuse me” instead
  • Courtesy 3. Use sir and ma’am – Always use yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, and no ma’am with customers – Using these words shows a sign of respect – Note: be mindful of your tone when using these words; the wrong emphasis can make you sound sarcastic or condescending 4. Use a customer’s name when you know it – This is especially important for showing customers you care – It is a good way to keep customers coming back for service – This applies to giving your name to customers when they ask as well
  • Courtesy 5. Use yes rather than yeah – “Yes” sounds professional, intelligent, and respectful – Get in the habit of always using “yes” 6. Say it with a smile – Whether you are speaking face-to-face or through the telephone, always talk to customers with a genuine smile
  • Step 3: Attitude is Everything • Projecting a positive attitude is another way to make a good, long lasting impression on customers • It is all about the presentation you use
  • Attitude • Whether your attitude is good or bad, it is what customers are going to remember about you • You may not get a second chance to interact with customers, so having a positive attitude is important • Even if you’re not naturally upbeat, you can train yourself to have a more positive attitude
  • Attitude • Positive attitude begins by: 1. Appreciating the good in everyone, including yourself • This can be accomplished by changing how you think to yourself • Consider the customer’s situation rather than who they are – Example: changing your thought from “this customer looks like they’re going to be tough to deal with” to “I’ll do what I can to help this customer” 2. Believing in yourself • Don’t sell yourself short! • Take “I’ll never do…” out of your vocabulary • When you believe in yourself, you are more confident and you project a more positive image to others • By doing this, you project an image that you not only believe in yourself, but you also believe in the company and its products
  • Attitude • Positive attitude begins with: 3. Believing you can make a difference • When you believe you can make a difference, you will find ways to make it happen • This translates to making a difference in the lives of customers at Mama’s Subs • Try looking for ways to make a difference by being helpful, interested, and caring toward your customers 4. Keeping an open mind • Try not to stereotype customers • It can affect the way you interact with customers and could adversely impact how a customer feels they are being treated
  • Step 4: Doing the Right Thing • The last step in mastering customer service at Mama’s Subs deals with ethics • Being ethical means being honest, doing the right thing, and being accountable for your actions
  • Ethics • Always be honest – Being honest with the customers is important to maintaining high ethical standards – When you are dishonest, customers find out–maybe not right away, but the truth will eventually come to light – When customers find out you have been dishonest, they will no longer trust you or Mama’s Subs • Do the right thing – When you make decisions, try to always do the right thing for others – When you are faced with a dilemma on the job, base your decision on what is right and ethical
  • Ethics • Do what you say you will do when you say you will – When a customer asks you to do something for them, do not tell them you will do it immediately, and then never follow through – Instead, finish their task in a timely manner and give them an estimate of how long it will take – It’s alright to say “I don’t know” • Follow up with “But I’ll find out for you” • Stay accountable for your actions – If you think you have done something incorrect or unethical, be upfront about it with customers – Customers will respect you more for taking responsibility