Marketing Presentation of WAVES Winter 2009, Annual National Cultural Festival of BITS - Pilani , Goa

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Marketing Presentation for prospective Sponsors, Investors and Media Partners for WAVES - Winter 2009 - 6th to 8th November 2009 (Annual National Cultural Festival of BITS - Pilani Goa Campus)

Marketing Presentation for prospective Sponsors, Investors and Media Partners for WAVES - Winter 2009 - 6th to 8th November 2009 (Annual National Cultural Festival of BITS - Pilani Goa Campus)

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  • 1. Waves – Winter 2009Cultural Festival of BITS – Pilani, Goa Campus
    Marketing Presentation
    This presentation is to be viewed on 16:10 Widescreen Monitor
  • 2. About our Campus
    Commissioned in 2004.
    Sister campus of Bits, Pilani – Pilani Campus.
    Spread over 188 acres with 2400 students and 300 staff.
    Largest auditorium in India with a capacity of 2200
  • 3. Waves Summer 2009
  • 4. Waves Winter 2009
  • 5. International Concert at Waves
    • In talks with the world’s leading metal band– Opeth.
    • Greatest strength of band- varied influences and wider audience than other rock bands.
    • 6. US and Europe Chart topper for 3 years.
    • 7. Expected to raise a huge footfall with added advantage of Goa
    • 8. Drew a crowd of 10,000 in their last visit to India
    As a concert sponsor +investor:
    • We are looking for sponsors as well as investors for immediate financial support.
    • 9. Contract with Opeth requires:
    • 10. Initial payment of INR 4 lakh.
    • 11. Air Tickets worth INR 6 lakh.
    • 12. Final payment– INR 10 lakh.
    • 13. Total investment = INR 20 lakh
    • 14. Return on investments:
    The fraction of the total amount that you have invested = The fraction of the total ticket sales that will be returned to you.
    • Direct tie-up of investor with ticketing partner (in talks with
    Opeth in India last time
  • 15. Brand Visibility - Venues
    • Regular screening of advertisements on AuditoriumProjection Screens.
    • 16. Standees placed in front of the staging area (6ft by 3ft).
    • 17. Vertical Dropdown banners flanking main stage (24ft by 8ft).
    • 18. Large sized standees on the left and right wing of the stage (10ft by 8ft).
    • 19. Promotional soundtrack played regularly.
    • 20. Customized informal events conducted to involve crowd and give goodies.
  • Brand Visibility – Activity Zones
    • The sponsored zones will be named after your company.
    • 21. Advertisements on Projection Screens and LCD Screens.
    • 22. Banners and Standees at all prominent locations.
    • 23. Kiosks around the activity zones.
    • 24. Product Display Pavillions
    • 25. Customized informal events conducted to involve crowd and distribute merchandise.
  • Who are we reaching out to?
  • 26. Media Plan
    Radio Partner – Confirmed: BIG FM (Negotiations on Air time are on)
    Waves Winter 2009 PRESS CONFERENCE organized by World-Link News:
    • Pre-Festival and During Festival coverage in - All leading National English and Regional Dailies
    • 27. National Coverage on News Channels- CNN-IBN and IBN-7
    Print Partner – Talks conformed with The Hindu
    Negotiations on with Times of India
  • 28. Other Media in the line
  • 29. Coverage on MTV
    Ad in SPOT Magazine
    Article in one of the leading dailies
    Pamphlets distributed in CCD
  • 30. Registration
    Waves Summer 2009 Official Website
    Crowd at Special Nights
    Lookback Brochure
  • 31. Supporting Launches and Youth-Oriented Promotion
    Excellent platform to promote the launch of new services/products
    Best venue to conduct market survey and sell/sample services/products.
    WAVES being the biggest in the region, partnering with us would mean maximum interaction with the target sector.
    Better impact and brand recall than hoardings etc.
    For these, your brand will be exclusively promoted at our campus as all year round through offers and dedicated kiosks during new admissions, festivals and other major events
    A database of all Waves Winter 2009 participants and crowd will be provided for assistance in your future publicity campaigns.
  • 32. Catering To Your Company’s Corporate Networking Needs:
    Sponsor presence in:
    Over 1,000 corporate invites to be sent.
    400+ invites sent to artists and professionals.
    Over 1,500 Marketing Brochures and Presentations sent to promote Waves.
    LookbackBrochures sent to 800 companies with our sponsor’s logos.
    How you can reach out:
    Brochures and Pamphlets of your company will be sent with the above packages.
    Publicity material and contact information handed over to corporate professionals in campus.
    We can also share our corporate contacts with you and help you get in touch with our database of over 1000 companies.
  • 33. Our previous Sponsors
  • 34. Our previous Media Partners