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Ad agency
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Ad agency


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  • 1. Advertising Agency (Ad agency)
  • 2. Important players in advertising1. Advertiser ( Client Organisation)2. Advertising Agency3. Media organisations4. Marketing Communication specialist organisations5. Providers of collateral services
  • 3. Ad agency• According to AAAA “ Advertising agency is an independent business, composed of creative and business people who develop, prepare and place advertising in advertising media for sellers seeking to find customers for their goods or services• It is a team of experts appointed by a client to plan, produce and place advertising campaigns in the media.
  • 4. Positions in Ad agencies1. Accounts Executive2. Copywriters3. Visualisers4. Creative Director5. Production Department6. Media planner7. Marketing Research Executive
  • 5. Some more….8. Media Executives9. Ancillary Service Providers10. Freelancers
  • 6. Advertising Organisation Systems1. Centralised2. Decentralised3. In house ad agencies
  • 7. CentralisedAdvantages1. More Efficient Communications2. Requires fewer personnel3. Continuity of staff4. More involvement of top management possible
  • 8. CentralisedDisadvantages1. Less understanding of overall marketing goals2. Longer response time3. Limited ability to handle many product lines
  • 9. DecentralisedAdvantages• Concentrated managerial attention• Rapid response to problems & emerging opportunities• Increased flexibility
  • 10. DecentralisedDisadvantages1.Less effective decision making2.Unhealthy internal conflicts3. Misallocation of funds4. Managers lack sufficient authority
  • 11. In-house ad agenciesAdvantages1. Cost savings2. More control on activities & costs3. Increased coordination
  • 12. In-house ad agenciesDisadvantages1. Less experience2. Less objectivity3. Less flexibility
  • 13. Functions of Ad agency• Account Services• Marketing Services(a) Research Department(b) Media Department(c) Sales Promotion/ Direct Marketing• Creative Services(a) Art Department(b) Production Department(c) Traffic Departments• Management and Finance
  • 14. Type of ad agency1. Full Service Agencies2. High Quality Service Agencies (a) Media buying Services (b) Creative Boutiques
  • 15. Agency Structure• Departmental system• Group System
  • 16. Agency Compensation• Commission• Negotiated fee• Percentage Charges
  • 17. Agency Evaluation• Performance Area • Assessment Methods1. Financial 1. Formal2. Qualitative 2. Informal
  • 18. Acquiring new clients1. Referrals2. Solicitations3. Presentations
  • 19. Client Agency relationship• Spirit of partnership• Not to imitate other advertisers• Encourage risk taking & experimentation• Make it profitable for agency• Knowledge of clients’ culture & philosophy• Delegation of authority• Honest in praise, polite in disapproval• Trust
  • 20. Top Ad agencies (India)1. HTA ( Hindustan Thompson associates)2. Ogilvy & Mather Ltd3. McCann Erickson India Ltd.4. Lowe Lintas5. Mudra Communications Ltd.6. Rediffusion – DY & R7. Da Cunha Associates & Draft FCB Ulka8. Trikaya Grey Advertising India Ltd.9. RK Swamy /BBDO advertising Ltd.
  • 21. Thank you !Muchas Gracias !