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Agriculture PPT

Agriculture PPT






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    Agriculture PPT Agriculture PPT Presentation Transcript

    • Agriculture….
    • mind..?? I think nature , greenery , farmer , etc . Actually agriculture is a primary activity which includes growing crops , fruits ,vegetables , etc . Farmers have to do farming or agriculture to earn some money for their livelihood .
    • Arable Land….. The land on which the crops are grown is known as arable land . In farming the important inputs are : seeds , fertilisers , machinery and labour .
    • •Commercial farming . Subsistence Farming : This type of farming is practised to meet the needs of the farmer’s family . Low levels of technology and household labor are used to produce on small output . Subsistence farming can be further classified as intensive subsistence and primitive subsistence farming .
    • tools and more labour . Rice is the main crop . Other examples are wheat , maize , pulses and oilseeds . Intensive subsistence agriculture is prevalent in the thickly populated areas of the monsoon regions of south , southeast and east Asia .
    • nomadic herding . •Shifting cultivation : Shifting cultivation is practised in thickly forested areas of Amazon basin , tropical Africa , parts of southeast Asia and northeast India .Shifting cultivation is also known as jhumming , milpa , roca ,ladang ,etc .
    • is practised in the semi-arid and arid regions of Sahara , Central Asia and some parts of India like Rajasthan and Jammu Kashmir . In this type of farming , herdsmen move from place to place with their animals for fodder and water , along defined routes . Sheep , camel , yaks and goats are most commonly reared .
    • farming , mixed farming & plantation agriculture . Commercial grain farming : In it crops are grown for commercial purpose . Wheat and maize are common commercially grown grains . Mixed Farming : In it the land is used for growing food and fodder crops and rearing livestock .It is grown in Europe , Argentina .
    • Plantation Agriculture : Plantation is a type of commercial farming where single crop of tea , coffee , cashew , etc . Large amount of labour and capital are required .
    • are grown to meet the requirement of the growing population . Crops also supply raw materials for agro based industries . Major crops are rice , wheat , millets , maize , cotton , jute , coffee , tea .
    • used . Due to agricultural development in India irrigation is done by different methods like drip irrigation , sprinkler system ,etc . Farm in USA : The average size of a farm in the USA is much larger than that of an Indian farm .They use tractors , seed drills ,leveller , combine harvester and thresher to perform various agricultural practices .
    • Thankyou….