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Immersive New World: Web 3.0 Communities, Social Networks & Shared Dreams
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Immersive New World: Web 3.0 Communities, Social Networks & Shared Dreams



Immersive New World: Web 3.0 Communities, Social Networks & Shared Dreams ...

Immersive New World: Web 3.0 Communities, Social Networks & Shared Dreams
keynote presentation

Novice International Conference - Insights for online professional communities - 4th-5th October 2012 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest, Romania




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  • The 21st century started with a digital revolution; communicate, connect and collaborate via the Internet was the moto for everyone; the whole world passed from the industrial age to the communication and collaboration age. Modernisation of collaborative working, learning and fun was supported by new technologies making groups and community active engagement in tasks and entertainment possible and easy.
  • Joint development and exchange of good practice lead to active engagement and organic evolution based on shared content which serves as the background for new knowledge building.

Immersive New World: Web 3.0 Communities, Social Networks & Shared Dreams Immersive New World: Web 3.0 Communities, Social Networks & Shared Dreams Presentation Transcript

  • Immersive New World: Web 3.0 Communities, Social Networks & Shared Dreams Niki Lambropoulos Diploma, MA, PhD European Projects Manager, Immersive Worlds Expert Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education in Western Greece Immersive Worlds Team LANETO Group Novice International Conference - Insights for online professional communities - 4th-5th October 2012 Faculty of Veterinaryhttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com Medicine, Bucharest, Romania
  • Shared Dreams Atlas • Web… Learning 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, what next ? • Social Networks & Online Communities • Professional Networks and CoPs – Active Participation & Use of Artefacts • Lifelong Learning as a necessity • Immersive Worlds in the Present Future – Experience Layer – Immersive Taxonomy • A Shared Dreams Atlas for Community Evolutionhttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Web Evolutionhttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Web 2.0 Tools http://learningtolead.edublogs.org/files/2010/05/Web-20-Collage-v2-by-nickrate.jpghttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Online Communitieshttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • About Communities… • Community: a group of people who consciously share a sense of belonging anchored in common interests and enhanced by social interactions. • Online community: an online social aggregation that emerges when enough people carry on those public discussions long enough to form relationships. Members’ social interactions are facilitated by ICTs. • Community of Practice (CoP): a group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do, and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly. • Collaborative e-Learning Community (CeLC): a social aggregation that emerges in online courses when enough people carry on progressive dialogues for the purpose of learning.http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Social Networks http://tjcnyc.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/social_mess_big.jpghttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • About Social Networks • Social Network: a social structure made up of a set of actors (such as individuals or organizations) and the dyadic ties between these actors (Wasserman & Faust, 1994). Ties can be based on: friendship, common interests, mutual friends, family members, business, dislikes etc. • Social Network Platform: an other online service focusing on building and creating networks. • We are: Friends (Facebook), followers (Twitter), readers (Blog), subscribers (YouTube) etc.http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Web 2.0: Social Networks + Online Communities • Effective Online Communication – Time – Distance – Cost • Cocreation – Engagement – Exchange of Best Practices – Joint Development • Sense of Belonging Onlinehttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • What is Web 3.0? http://loopinginfinities.blogspot.gr/2011/03/web-10-20-and-to-come-30.htmlhttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Professional Networks User Innovation Networkshttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Communities of Practicehttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Shared Content & Experienceshttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • New Idea Generationhttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Cocreation http://www.flickr.com/photos/visualthinkmap/2483438065/http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Community Evolution 1. Legitimate Peripheral Participation (LPP): The process of social learning that occurs in Communities of Practice containing different levels en route for members’ engagement and practice 2. Participation involves the use of tools: Artefacts used within a cultural practice carry a substantial portion of that practices heritage. Thus, understanding the technology of practice is a way to connect with the history of practice and participate more directly in its cultural life (Lave & Wenger, 1991)http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Participation Eyeball McDonald, 2003http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Participation Eyeballhttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Participation Avatarshttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Community Artefacts We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape ushttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Sociability - Usability • Sociability - Usability Index (pdf)http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Leaders’ Real Time Recognition (pdf)http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Mastering how to.. 1. Participate in virtual collaboration 2. Use the community artefactshttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Sense of Community Index 1. E-Learning Community evolution: initial opinions on the community evolution, shared interests and values, knowing about the community, new members’ contribution, and the collaborative tools 2. Affective factors 1. Sense of belonging 2. Empathy as a representation of what members know and feel 3. Trust: knowledge /experience exchange, help and support 3. Human-Human Interactions 4. Human-Computer Interactions 5. Intensity: levels of passive and active participation, and persistence 6. Global - Local Social Network Analysis 7. Collaborative e-learning within LPP: participants’ opinions and the number of new knowledge generation episodeshttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Benefits • Joint Personal & Professional Growth – Knowledge – Experience – Skills – Competence – Expertise (KESE) – Formal - Informal learning • Recognised expert by international communities of experts – Learn from and with the best – Sense of belonging – Helping others • Keeping the network and community with you – Convenient access – Mobile students – Online alumni • Logistics – Financial benefits (discounts, free insurance, legal cover etc) – Travel with covered expenses – Participation in projects such as Novicehttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • New Skills – New Jobs From a Newbie to a Master by • Exchanging information • Sharing knowledge & experience • Stealing skills based on empathy • Solving problems • Use of tools • Cocreating new fields for community evolution Empathy: A complex psychological inference in which observation, memory, knowledge and reasoning are combined to yield insights into the thoughts and feelings of others.http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Soft Skills for example • Effective & clear online communication • Online content creation • Interconnectedness • Closeness • Sense of belonging • Confidence for mastery • Virtual collaboration A computer mediated, coordinated, synchronous activity as a result of a continued attempt to construct and maintain a shared conception of an idea/problem.http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Barriers • Lack of time • Participation cost • Lack of confidence and insecurity towards experts • Passive or null participation – Post fear • Credibility problems with quality of information offered • Cultural issues • Technical barriers – Lack of knowledge about online communities management and platforms – Problems with platforms – Lack of technical supporthttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Web 3.0 Primary aims • Virtual Collaboration • Online Learning • Quality group work / learning • Cocreation • Environments can be modelled entirely by the user e.g. Gamificationhttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Gamification 3.0http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • What is all about really?http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Learning results in…http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Lifelong Learning * Becominghttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Working Together from Physical…http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • To Virtual Proximityhttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • HOW?
  • Immerse into Worldshttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Immersive Taxonomy With Rolf Reinhardthttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Interactivity Management (pdf)http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • User eXperience (UX) • ISO: User eXperience (UX) is – a persons perceptions – responses – resulting from • use and/or • anticipated use of a product, system or service • UX is subjective • UX focuses on the usehttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • User eXperience (UX)http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Breath Taking eXperiencehttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • What is common in Breath Taking eXperience? Purpose Presence Engagement Proximal Flow Connectedness Belonginghttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Immersive Worlds • Purpose • Powerful Presence & Co-Presence • Zone of Proximal Flow (ZPF) • Connectedness • Engagement in Compelling & Memorable Activities • Sense of Belonginghttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • HOW?http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Purpose – Common Purposehttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Presence – Co-Presence • Intimacy (closeness) as the interpretation of the degree of interpersonal interactions (Argyle & Dean, 1965) • Immediacy (directedness) as psychological distance (Wiener & Mehrabian, 1968) • The degree of salience (stands out) of the other person in a mediated communication and the consequent salience of their interpersonal interactions (Short and colleagues, 1976:65) • The degree by which a person was perceived as real in an online conversation (Meyer, 2002)http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Zone of Proximal Flow Extract of Figure from Repenning, A. "Programming Goes to School", B. CACM, 55, 5, May, 2012.http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Zone of Proximal Development http://lmrtriads.wikispaces.com/file/view/zpdgraph.jpg/74751165/zpdgraph.jpghttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Creative Flow http://www.deepfun.com/flow.gifhttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Zone of Proximal Flow Extract of Figure from Repenning, A. "Programming Goes to School", B. CACM, 55, 5, May, 2012.http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • ZPF 10 Immersive Factors 1. Clear goals as challenge level and skill high level 2. Concentration and focused attention 3. Loss of feeling 4. Distorted sense of time 5. Direct and immediate feedback 6. Balance between ability level and challenge 7. Sense of personal control over the situation or activity 8. The activity is intrinsically rewarding, so there is an effortlessness of action 9. Lack of awareness of bodily needs 10. Absorption into the activityhttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Group Connectedness Converging 1. Direction / Motivation / Activation 2. Knowledge / Understanding / Meaning 3. Skills / Competencies 4. Flow / Activities 5. Trust / Belonging 6. Learning / Sharing / Co-creation 7. Consciousness / Inter-Connectednesshttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Engagementhttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Engagement Factors 1. Perception via the senses 2. Action via the body/kinaesthetic – physical body functions 3. Emotion via the heart – emotional & instinctual nature functions 4. Cognition via the mind – rational consciousness functions 5. Co-creativity via imagination & intuition – higher consciousness thinking functions 6. All of the abovehttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • PROBLEM • Online environments suffer from reduced capacity to transmit such cues Problemhttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Avatars e.g. Second Lifehttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Example: Affective Haptics • Study and design of devices and systems to elicit, enhance, or influence the emotional state of a human by means of sense of touch.http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Example: Social Robots • Autonomous robots that interact and actively and emotionally communicate with humans or other autonomous physical agents by following social behaviours and rules attached to its role.http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Example: Embodied Cognition • Cognition is embodied when it is deeply dependent upon features of the physical body of an agenthttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Example: Kinect • An action motion sensing input device based around a webcam-style add-on peripheral (e.g. for the Xbox 360 console) that enables users to control and interact with the device without the need to touch a game controller, through a natural user interface using gestures and spoken commands.http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Kinect Medical Usehttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Example: Augmented reality • A live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real- world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input.http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Adaptive Learning Systems Use of computers to deliver material and information in a way that responds to each individual’s performance and/or activity on the system. • Continuous adaptivity • Personalised Learning • Customisation • Distributed User Interfaces • Scalability Knewton Adaptive Learning Platform™http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Example: Adaptive Systemshttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Semantic Web 1. Semantic Web interconnects the meaning rather than the wording for massive user generated content (e.g. Latent Semantic Analysis) 2. Co-development platforms 3. Idea management systems 4. Evolving innovation 5. Collective Intelligence: Community learning as an entityhttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • The Present Future Participate in a Novel & Unique Immersive eXperience 1. Immersive multisensory stimuli (e.g. touching, movement capture, haptic sensor) 2. Emotional channels (e.g. affective computing) 3. System adaptation & interoperability (e.g. personalisation & distributed user interfaces) …a Strong Vibration to Rememberhttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Sense of Belonginghttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Online Sense of Belonginghttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Immersive eXperience (IX) 1. Common Purpose 2. Presence & Co-presence 3. Zone of Proximal Flow (ZPF) • Immersive Factors 4. Connectedness 5. Engagement Factors 6. Sense of Belonging 7. Immersive World Platformshttp://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • http://blogs.sch.gr/eu-pdede/ * www.immersive-worlds.com
  • Mulțumesc!!Niki Lambropoulosnikilambropoulos at gmail.com