Pipeliner key benefits-v6-0


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The 30 unique benefits of the Pipeliner Application.

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Pipeliner key benefits-v6-0

  1. 1. 30 Pipeliner CRM Benefits www.pipelinersales.com
  2. 2. Pipeliner originally was designed as a tool for sales empowerment. With its newest release Pipe- liner meets the highest requirements for enterprise CRM solutions. The oldest and still most urgent CRM issue that companies have to face is low user acceptance, which results in poor data quality and misleading sales information can lead to strategies that put a business in serious risk. Pipeliner is a revolutionary CRM System that focuses on sales management and is designed to truly support and empower the sales representatives in their day-to-day job. That is why they love to work with it and that is why we solved this industry problem. Pipeliner offers the capability to implement your own standardized sales process and sales methodol- ogy. Each user works on his personal visual pipeline and has a clear understanding of his performance, potential deals and next steps to be taken. Every single pipeline is connected to a central database that allows users to share accounts, contacts, deals, documents, activities and reports throughout the organization. Pipeliner offers a powerful permission based system to share content within teams and offers a great scalability. If your company is an international or national organization, Pipeliner is the perfect answer to require- ments such as company-wide reporting with a single click, regional and international forecasting, easy to use dashboards and analytics. Equally important are the collaboration features that allow working together as a team on mutual projects or sales. Pipeline Fully visualized and interactive sales pipeline Sales Pipeline Velocity Sales-based navigation menu Team lead management Intuitive drag & drop leads to opportunity qualification Complete account management Social Media CRM Buying center visualization Activities linked to the opportunity Timeline view Sales optimized dashboard graphs Sales optimized management reports Hit-Rate manager Out-of-the-box opportunity history log Sales pipeline archive Settings Sales dynamic target Instant on-the-fly filtering of all your data Sales opportunity document methodology Notes management Improved Document Management CRM Apps Marketplace Customization Template designer Advanced product clusters User role management Multiple pipelines Website Services Auto Calculated Fields Integration Mobile solutions Sales oriented integration to Outlook Out-of-the-box offline solution 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 2www.pipelinersales.com 30Pipeliner CRM Benefits SHARE THIS BENEFITS:
  3. 3. Fully Visualized and Interactive Sales Pipeline A sales application designed from the ground up to provide new ways to quickly and intuitively guide you through the process of closing deals more effectively. We made it more interactive, visual, safe and easy to use. Arrange sales opportunities by closing date or value Group sales opportunities by owner or sales team Filter opportunities by product or ranking Easily drag & drop opportunities along the sales process 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 3Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: drag & drop the opportunity
  4. 4. Sales Pipeline Velocity With Pipeliner, you can now track the number of days an oppor- tunity has remained in any given sales step. Monitor the Age of Your Opportunities Effectively Reduce Your Sales Cycle Maintain the Quality Pipeline 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 4Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: set the warning notifications
  5. 5. Sales-Based Navigation Menu All menus are perfectly arranged at a glance on the Pipeliner main navigation bar. Click to see the functions. Have always the most important features at your fingertip Switch between all features by pushing the button 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 5Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: reach all the sales tools you need
  6. 6. Team Lead Management Gather leads from any other system into the specific and unique Pipeliner feature Team Lead Management where all your leads are stored and ready to be assigned to your sales reps by using an easy drag-and-drop system. Assign lead from the team lead pool Filter leads by owner or elapsed time in the team lead pool Release lead back to the team lead pool 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 6Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: manage your leads in lead pool
  7. 7. Intuitive Drag & Drop Leads to Opportunity Qualification Qualifying the leads into real opportunities has never been easier. Just use the drag & drop functionality to do this. Drag qualified leads into the sales pipeline Send disqualified leads into the sales pipeline archive Reassign leads to your sales team members 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 7Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: qualify lead from lead list
  8. 8. Full-Blown Account Management Qualify and classify your accounts according to your preferenc- es. Get all useful information about opened opportunities, activi- ties, notes, documents etc. related to the account with just one mouse click. Classify your accounts Create your custom list of accounts type Manage all opportunities related to a particular Account Create buying cycle charts of your accounts 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 8Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: track your customer relationship
  9. 9. Social Media CRM Acknowledging the ongoing importance of Social to the sell- ing process, we’ve blended social features into sales workflow. In Phase 1, we’ve connected Pipeliner CRM with Twitter, Face- book, LinkedIn, and Google+. You can see and interact with your contacts and accounts in social environments. Twitter: Search, follow, retweet, favorite LinkedIn: Search, view profile, connect, see feeds, see connections Facebook: Search, Friend and Like, view posts Google+: Search, view profile, add to Circles, comment, share, and +1 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 9Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: interact with your contacts over social media
  10. 10. Buying Center Visualization Create a visual buying center chart of an account and define the relationships between all members. When it comes to complex or high volume sales processes, this is the tool to work with! Visualize the internal relationships of an account you work with Find and define decision makers within the organization Write down all the competences of the people within the account 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 10Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: create account’s hierarchy
  11. 11. Activities Linked to Leads, Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts Collaborate on your opportunities within your sales team by sharing or assigning tasks, scheduling meetings or posting an in- ternal message. The new feed function allows you to have a chat like conversation related to all the information in your database. Manage and share activities Schedule appointments and invite your team members to join Post messages and share them with your sales team 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 11Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: manage your tasks and appointments
  12. 12. Timeline View Get an instant overview of your opportunities and All related information in a dynamic timeline view. Table based management of the opportunities Filter opportunities by product or owner Sort opportunities by value or closing date Manage opportunities in the timeline view 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 12Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: drag the timeline
  13. 13. Out-Of-The-Box Sales Optimized Dashboard Graphs with On-The-Fly Comparison A management dashboard, which is also accessible directly from MS Outlook, provides valuable sales performance insights in real-time. It helps sales people to stay focused on achieving their goals and gives transparency and control to the management. Explore the sales pipeline chart Create account or opportunity based charts Choose from a set of more than 20 different chart types to measure your performance 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 13Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: enlarge to see more details
  14. 14. Out-Of-The-Box Sales Optimized Management Reports Management reports once more make Pipeliner an excellent sales application. Reports that deliver accurate sales forecasts on which you can immediately act. Create reports by sales rep or product Filter any data shown in reports Export reports into Excel Print reports into PDF 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 14Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: filter records
  15. 15. Hit-Rate Manager Create activity-based sales management performance reports. All activities are measured and compared within a specific time frame. Define your own sales activities Track the activities made by your sales team Create activity-based reports by owner or sales team Save activity-based reports to PDF files 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 15Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: print report into PDF
  16. 16. Out-Of-The-Box Opportunity History Log This function logs all of the changes applied to your data in detail. The team manager can set a time frame and monitor what his sales team has been working on within that set period of time. Track each activity made on an opportunity, an account, a contact or a lead Filter any data shown in history Save opportunity history logs to PDF files 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 16Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: track your history
  17. 17. Sales Pipeline Archive Sales pipeline archive shows all closed opportunities, in the same visual manner to analyze in which sales steps you lose and why. You are also able to restore any lost opportunity back into the pipeline. Arrange opportunities by closing date or value Group opportunities by owner or sales team Filter opportunities by product or ranking 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 17Pipeline keybenefit SHARE THIS BENEFITS: count of your opportunities in sales step
  18. 18. Sales Dynamic Target Dynamic sales targets make Pipeliner an excellent sales appli- cation that delivers accurate sales forecasts you can immedi- ately act upon. With one view on weighted, un-weighted and real target you can see the status quo of your sales performance. This allows you to analyze different scenarios in order to focus your efforts to the most promising activities. Set your sales target for a specific period Get an instant overview of your sales pipeline value 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 18 keybenefit Settings SHARE THIS BENEFITS: setyoursalesgoal
  19. 19. Instant On-The-Fly Filtering of All Your Data Pipeliner offers ad hoc filter that apply throughout you data. Once set you can save the settings and use it at any time by applying the saved filter. But what makes this function really unique is that the same filter can be applied to all your data, no matter if you look at accounts, contacts, opportunities or reports. One set of filter criteria is used to filter all your data Filter on custom fields Apply the same filter to all views 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 19 keybenefit Settings SHARE THIS BENEFITS: search for an opportunity
  20. 20. Sales Step Documents Pipeliner allows you to store template documents that apply to a specific sales step. These documents can be stored directly to the corresponding sales step as so called sales step documents. Once you need to create a specific document, you will find the correct template at the top of the sales step. The individual document you’ve just created can then be directly attached to the opportunity You can attach documents also to leads, accounts and contacts Using the MS Outlook Integration you can upload your email´s content including attachments to Leads, Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 20 keybenefit Settings SHARE THIS BENEFITS: follow your sales methodology
  21. 21. Notes Management Pin general or individual notes – as you like – to stay always on top of information. General notes are related to general pipeline issues; while individual notes are customized to selected oppor- tunities and leads. Write and pin notes related to the opportunity or lead Create and pin general notes Drag & drop notes all along your Pipeliner screen to the spot you like 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 21 keybenefit Settings SHARE THIS BENEFITS: pin any note you need
  22. 22. Improved Document Management It’s important to collaborate on your sales documents within your sales team. These set of new crm tools for sales in Pipeliner lets you collaborate with your sales team on documents and docu- ment your sales best practices to drive your sales effort. MS SharePoint Integration Dropbox App Google Drive App MS Office Integration 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 22 keybenefit Settings SHARE THIS BENEFITS: manage your attachment settings
  23. 23. CRM Apps Marketplace Integrate your favorite sales tools and Mobile CRM Apps. Con- nect the productivity applications you already use or extend the Pipeline Customer Relationship Management Software with Mobile & iPad CRM Apps, your business can benefit from. Productivity CRM Apps Marketing Tools Other Great Tools You Already Use 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 23 keybenefit Settings SHARE THIS BENEFITS: connect your favorite tool
  24. 24. Template Designer With the Pipeliner template designer, we are giving you the freedom of choice. Customize Pipeliner exactly to your needs by adding any type of data to your Pipeliner forms in order to track Pipeline milestones, gather strategic sales data and key performance measures. Ensure that you and your team speak the same language, when it comes to communicating your sales process. Bring your custom fields into Pipeliner Rename or replace fields you do not use Rearrange fields within the Pipeliner data forms of Opportunities, Leads, Accounts and Contacts 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 24 keybenefit Customization SHARE THIS BENEFITS: customize Pipeliner forms & fields
  25. 25. Advanced Product Clusters Products and services can be set-up directly in the customer portal. Each product or service can be directly assigned to an opportunity. Using the filter functionality described in key benefit No. 15 you are for example able to select all opportunities that relate to a specific product and affects also the management reports precise reporting on all levels. Products or services can be structured hierarchically. Create your own product hierarchy Filter the opportunities by products Run product based reports and export them into excel 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 25 keybenefit Customization SHARE THIS BENEFITS: assign the opportunity to the product
  26. 26. User Role Management With Pipeliner, you can create and define your customized per- mission rights for every account, user, opportunity or any dimen- sion you need. Create, define and maintain all Pipeliner permission rights Set security roles for all Pipeliner users Apply access rights for all features and fields within Pipeliner 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 26 keybenefit Customization SHARE THIS BENEFITS: define role-based permissions
  27. 27. Multiple Pipelines You can use Pipeliner as a multitenant system by creating multi- ple pipelines that you are able to access with the same user id. Switching between these pipelines is easy and provides all the information you need, even if you are responsible for more than one sales organization. 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 27 keybenefit Customization SHARE THIS BENEFITS: switch your pipeline
  28. 28. Website Services You can connect any webpage (or photo, video, or data list) from an external website to a contact, account, or opportunity record. Add your favorite sites – e.g., maps, search engines, financial sites – and have immediate access to information you need from within your Pipeliner CRM screen. For instance: Display industry intelligence information (e.g. D&B, BBB, Crunchbase, etc). View Mapquest directions or Yahoo! Maps for customer location View online shipping/billing information (e.g. UPS tracking) 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 28 keybenefit Customization SHARE THIS BENEFITS: bring web data into Pipeliner
  29. 29. Auto Calculated Fields The ability to set up custom “smart fields” to help with opportu- nity scoring (and other sales and marketing efforts) is an impres- sive new capability for users who are tech savvy and familiar with rules engine theory. These drag-and-drop fields support dynamic ways to guide number-based metrics (e.g., customer ratings might be used to drive effective drip campaigns). 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 29 keybenefit Customization SHARE THIS BENEFITS: use autocalculation formula
  30. 30. Mobile Solutions Now you can take account/contact-, lead- and opportunity man- agement on the road. Create, view and edit key customer and prospect information, take notes, schedule meetings, complete activities, update opportunities and more, wherever you go. 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 30 keybenefit Integration SHARE THIS BENEFITS: one tap is all it takes to synchronize your devices
  31. 31. Sales Oriented Integration to Outlook Empower your sales performance using the free of charge MS Outlook add-in. Synchronize your contacts, meetings, tasks, cre- ate leads or transfer email attachments to Pipeliner by using the MS Outlook integration. Attaching emails to Pipeliner data helps you to keep relevant customer communication organized. All members of your sales team are, based on access rights, able to view this information. Synchronize your contacts between MS Outlook and Pipeliner Create leads directly in MS Outlook out of an inquiry e-mail from one of your customers or prospects Save e-mail communication or documents as an attachment to Pipeliner data 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 31 keybenefit Integration SHARE THIS BENEFITS: sync your Outlook with Pipeliner
  32. 32. Out-Of-The-Box Offline & Sync Capabilities Being an enterprise level CRM solution, Pipeliner is out of the box capable of working offline. The synchronization as part of the unique Pipeliner system architecture is a key feature that enables you to work offline, without any restrictions. Pipeliner combines the speed and the reliability of a standalone applica- tion with the security, low cost of deployment and accessibility of a sales application hosted in the Cloud. Work on your sales targets anywhere and anytime Synchronize your data with your team members 30 UNIQUE PIPELINER BENEFITS 32 keybenefit Integration SHARE THIS BENEFITS: sync your data into the cloud