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A CSR Project by Bridgestone Malaysia with GEC, NGO for ENVIRONMENT

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20111021 mim arm ccsrpm project-slideshare (1)

  2. 2. • Malaysia is one of four countries in the ASEAN Peatland Forests Project (APFP)• The APFP project aims to demonstrate, implement and scale up sustainable management and rehabilitation of degraded peatland forests in Southeast Asia• Peatlands in Malaysia are the most widespread type of wetlands, occurring in more than 6 of the 13 states, and covering an area about 2.13 million (approximately 6.46% of the total land area)• Peatlands possess a very delicate and unique ecosystem, with important ecological functions and values
  3. 3. Raja Musa Forest Reserve • The proposed project site is located in the North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest (NSPSF) complex, which is one of the largest remaining contiguous areas of peat swamp forest in Peninsular Malaysia. • Located in northern Selangor, the peat swamp forest covers an area of about 70,000 ha and this includes the Raja Musa Forest and Sg Karang Forest Reserves.• The rehabilitation area is situated in the south-east corner of the NSPSF (i.e. within Raja Musa FR; see Map 1 below), which covers an area of about 1,000 ha comprising degraded peatland area (mainly of abandoned agriculture land origin after forceful evacuation of illegal settlers), now overgrown by thick shrubs and grassland - practically devoid of any forest cover
  4. 4. Water Regulation Carbon PeatlandSequestration Biodiversity and Storage Importance Socio- Economic Values
  5. 5. Bridgestone Tyre Sales Malaysia isan affiliate of BridgestoneCorporation Japan, the world’slargest manufacturer of tyres andother rubber products.Bridgestone Malaysia raisedRM110,820 at the F1 MalaysiaGrand Prix in March 2010, as partof its “Make Cars Green”campaign to educate localcommunities on environmental-friendly motoring.The sum was donated to Global Environment Centre (GEC). 5,000 tree saplingswere planted – in Raja Musa Forest Reserve (Selangor), Kuala Gula (Perak), and SgNenggiri (Kelantan). 400 people comprising the local community, students andvolunteers were involved.
  6. 6. • GEC is a non-profit NGO established in 1998, to address key environmental issues• We are based in Malaysia, and supports activities worldwide• We focus on bringing together all parties – individuals, communities, corpo rations and other like-minded organizations – to help foster lasting change for environmental benefits
  7. 7. Vision• To be a showcase of private sector, government and community cooperation in forest rehabilitation at ASEAN levelMission• To partner with Bridgestone Malaysia on implementing community-based rehabilitation of 20ha of degraded forest area in Raja Musa Forest Reserve by 2013Objectives• Replant 20 ha of RMFR to create forest cover and reduce fire risk• Secure carbon storage in the peat, a key greenhouse gas which contributes to climate change• Restore hydrological regime of Raja Musa Forest Reserve (RMFR)• Link current forest to legal forest reserve boundary
  8. 8. • With each purchase of selected Bridgestone tyres, RM1 will be donated towards the campaign• Campaign period: 1 Oct 2010 until 31 Dec 2013• Bridgestone Malaysia will also commit to allocate a minimum of RM100,00 per year, until 2013• Minimum total investment = RM100,000 X 3 = RM300,000
  9. 9. SWOT Analysis• Available funding • 50-70% sapling opportunity survival rate• Strong stakeholder engagement• Technical and scientific expertise s w • Lack of saplings • Nursery operations • Rehabilitation area• Funding source expansion• Rapid weed growth T O • Local community empowerment • Raise awareness and education
  10. 10. Stakeholder AnalysisStakeholder Outcome Stakeholder Engagement OutputForestry Department of 27M tree project - national Dialogues/ meetings 20K ($10/sapling) saplingsMalaysia planted; 20 ha saved (CDM land vs degraded land)Selangor State Forestry Forest reserve land is saved Dialogues/ meetings Articles; FB fansSelangor State Govt Public image increased Dialogues/ meetings Articles; FB fansGEC Env saved – biodiversity saved Dialogues/ meetings 500 species, 10 faunaBridgestone Carbon saved, public image Dialogues/ meetings, financial Below carbon: 1000 tonnes;(customers & dealers) (media – in Oct) support Above carbon = 288 Sapling=Q2=80tonnes Total: 1368 tonnes (kg) for 2011Local authority (MDKS) Eco-tourism opp. – economic Dialogues/ meetings value (projection based on Nature Park)Local community Improved lifestyle/ livelihood Consultation, dialogues, (compare examples) meetings, training, activitiesGEC volunteers Env. Awareness and education Activities, online interaction (cost of uni education) – link to uni
  11. 11. Project ScheduleQ1 2011 Q2-Q4 2011 Q1 2011-Q4 2013Pre-Implementation During Implementation Post-Implementation •Stakeholder consultation •Water management and •Monitoring and reporting – •Infrastructure fire prevention quarterly: Q1 2011 until Q4 development •Forest rehabilitation 2013 •Site demarcation and •Stakeholder engagement – •Comprehensive report – assessment training, patrolling, area annually monitoring •Publish report and study – Q4 2013 Project promotion by Funder
  12. 12. Outcomes• 20 ha of forest rehabilitated through planting and ecosystem management• Media coverage of project launch and planting events• Opportunities for involvement by Bridgestone dealers and customers in launch and periodic events at forest site• Recognition of Bridgestone role as a key supporter of forest rehabilitation
  13. 13. Our Nursery…
  14. 14. Budget: Set-Up CostsNo ITEMS UNIT COSTS UNITS TOTAL 1 Project Set-Up/ Coordination 10000 2 Site Assessment/Survey 10000 3 Signboards RM1200 4 4800 4 Boundary Markers RM100 42 4200 5 Ditch Blocking RM500 10 5000 6 Nursery/Storage Set-Up 13000 7 Shelter/Briefing Area 10000 8 Upgrading access road/gate 9000 9 Project Launch 800010 Sub-Total 74,00011 Admin/Mgt 500012 TOTAL 79,000
  15. 15. Budget: Operations CostNo ITEMS RATE TOTAL COST1. PERSONNEL Overall Coordination ( liaison with government agencies and partners etc) 10,000/yr 30,000 Site Restoration/Management (Water Management, Fire Prevention, Forest Rehabilitation) 30,000/yr 90,000 Monitoring and Reporting 10,000/yr 30,000 150,0002. EXPENSES Site Visits/Monitoring 5000/yr 15,000 Site Preparation/Seedlings and Planting 30,000/yr 90,000 Maintenance 15,000/yr 45,000 150,000 Sub Total 300,000 Administration/Management 20,000 TOTAL 320,000
  16. 16. Quarter & Annual Reporting Interview Project Site Visit with other Assurance & and AuditStakeholders Verification
  17. 17. Project webpageon GECwebsite, thatcontains photosof project siteprogress
  18. 18. Thank You!http://www.facebook.com/sahabathutangambut