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Point1 law
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Point1 law


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1) June 2006--Google launches first non-email cloud product\n2) July 2006--Twitter launched\n3) August 2006--Amazon EC2 cloud product released in private beta\n4) September 2006--Facebook opened to the public\n5) June 2007--iPhone released in US\n6) June 2007--iPhone released in US\n7) July 2008--Apple launches the App Store\n8) April 2010--iPad released in US\n9) June 2011--Google+ launched-more than 25 million users in 4 weeks\n\n
  • --30 million ipads sold \n\n--radio--38 yrs to reach 50 mil; tv 13 yrs to reach 50 mil, facebook 3.5 years to reach 50 mil, \n
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  • Tennis: Latest and greatest equipment won’t help if you suck. Law: Tech won’t help if you don’t have basic skills\n
  • Tennis: Know your opponent. Play their weaknesses. Outsmart them. Law: Know your competitors--what are they doing? Know opposing counsel--do your research. Use online tools. \n
  • Tennis: Try to play using your strengths. Keep your weaknesses hidden. Law: Whether gaps in knowledge, temperament, not tech savvy--know what you need to improve. Be self aware.\n
  • Kidding! Tennis: Be a good sport. Call it in if you’re not sure. If not it’ll come back to haunt you. Law: Be aware of ethics--err on side of caution w/ tech, online presence, or case strategy. Pushing the envelope on ethics will only come back to haunt you.\n
  • Tennis: Most of the time play high percentage shots. And go for the winners when you’re in the perfect position. Play effectively. Tennis: Use tech wisely. Play it safe with tech and ethics. \n
  • Tennis: You can’t hit the ball if you don’t see it. That’s the point of the game, after all. Law: Stay on top of ethical guidelines and changes in law. Exercise due diligence w/ new tech, online interaction, and new ways of practicing law.\n
  • Tennis: Footwork is everything. If you’re out of position, you’ll have to play defensively, not offensively. \n\nLaw: Position yourself wisely. Adapt to change and incorporate wisely into your practice.\n
  • Tennis: forehand, spin, more emphasis on ground strokes. Law: Massive tech change, unbundling, outsourcing, online tools.\n
  • Technology is catching up to us and making the practice of law easier--Xerox eDiscovery prototype--large touch screen table.\n
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  • “Within the lifetime of most readers of this book, our social and economic lives are likely to be radically overhauled as a result of the rapid emergence of a clutch of information and Internet-related technologies of unimaginable power.”\n
  • “All aspects of the raw technology with which lawyers are familiar will improve radically in a small number of years and thereafter, at an accelerating rate. Yet further advances can be expected: from the resolution of screen displays to the portability of equipment; from the speed of machines to storage capacity; from the availability of wireless connections to the bandwidth of these links.” \n
  • “My message to lawyers in this context is simple—far from approaching the finishing line, the race has barely begun.”\n
  • Transcript

    • 1. What does tennis have to do with serving clients better?Wednesday, March 21, 12
    • 2. My how times have changedWednesday, March 21, 12
    • 3. Change happensWednesday, March 21, 12
    • 4. But tennis is just the startWednesday, March 21, 12
    • 5. Remember these?Wednesday, March 21, 12
    • 6. June 2006--Google launches first non-email cloud product July 2006--Twitter launched August 2006--Amazon EC2 cloud product released in private beta September 2006--Facebook opened to the public June 2007--iPhone released in US November 2007--Kindle released in US July 2008--Apple launches the App Store April 2010--iPad released in US June 2011--Google+ launched-more than 25 million users in 4 weeksWednesday, March 21, 12
    • 7. So what can lawyers learn from tennis?Wednesday, March 21, 12
    • 8. Lesson 1: Master the basicsWednesday, March 21, 12
    • 9. Lesson 2: Know your opponentsWednesday, March 21, 12
    • 10. Lesson 3: Know your weaknessesWednesday, March 21, 12
    • 11. Lesson 4: When in doubt call it outWednesday, March 21, 12
    • 12. Lesson 5: Percentage shotsWednesday, March 21, 12
    • 13. Lesson 6: Keep your eye on the ballWednesday, March 21, 12
    • 14. Lesson 7: It’s all about footworkWednesday, March 21, 12
    • 15. Lesson 8: Adapt to changes in the gameWednesday, March 21, 12
    • 16. Lawyers cannot afford to be left out of the loopWednesday, March 21, 12
    • 17. 3 major technology trends: • Social Media • Cloud Computing • Mobile ComputingWednesday, March 21, 12
    • 18. Is it the beginning of an evolution?Wednesday, March 21, 12
    • 19. Or, the beginning of a revol ution ?Wednesday, March 21, 12
    • 20. Or even, the beginning of a new era?Wednesday, March 21, 12