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Words that may confuse you.

Words that may confuse you.

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  • 1. Confusing Words COM 303 Editing Brian Carroll
  • 2. Who vs. Whom
    • Who
      • Substitutes for the subject
      • Example: Who let the dogs out?
    • Whom
      • Substitutes for objective pronouns (him, her)
      • Example: Whom did he question?
      • And serves as the object of a preposition
      • Example: Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.
  • 3. That vs. Which
    • That
      • Use with essential phrases
      • Example: Go to the door that reads, “Clinic 1.”
    • Which
      • Use with non-essential phrases
      • Example: The test, which was given Thursday, was difficult.
  • 4. Among vs. Between
    • Between
      • Use with two.
      • Example: He split the Calzone between Tim and Susan, because it was bigger than Tim’s head.
    • Among
      • Use with three or more.
      • Example: We divided the money among the five children.
  • 5. Affect vs. effect
    • Affect
      • A verb that means influence
      • Example: The drought will affect the color of the
      • fall foliage.
    • Effect
      • A noun that means result
      • Example: The medicine has unpleasant side
      • effects.
  • 6. Compose vs. comprise
    • Compose
      • Means to make up
      • Example: The class is composed of 25 students.
    • Comprise
      • Means to include
      • Example: Our class comprises five women and six men.
  • 7. Making sense of sentences
    • Avoid
      • Fragments
      • Run-on sentences
      • Faulty parallelism
      • Modifier misplacement
  • 8. Fragments
    • He waited but.
    • The man in the plaid suit said.
    • A march for justice.
  • 9. Run-ons
    • We visited the hospital, and we saw the doctor, and he said to come back tomorrow, and we did, and then he said to come back the next day, and we did, and then he said we were too late, so we went home.
  • 10. Faulty parallelism: Some more examples
    •  He planned his story, wrote the article and turned in his paper on time.
    •  He enjoys reading and to go skiing.
    •  Our trip includes stops in:
      • London, England
      • A stop in Paris, France
      • Washington, D.C.
  • 11. Misplaced modifiers
    •  The tourists saw a herd of sheep on their way to their hotel.
    • On their way to their hotel, the tourists saw a herd of sheep.
    • Needing oil, the mechanic drove the car into the garage.
    • The car needed oil, so the mechanic drove it into the garage.
  • 12. Confusing Words COM 303 Editing Brian Carroll