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A Complete Communication & Security Package.[STABLE,SECURE & RELIABLE]

A Complete Communication & Security Package.[STABLE,SECURE & RELIABLE]



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Netdruid Presentation Netdruid Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Facing challenges for IT Infrastructure Management Facing challenges for huge investment & recurring charges in IT Facing challenges for up and running IT Infrastructure by 24 x 7 x 365 Facing challenges to manage multiple vendors for multiple products Facing challenges to manage IT infrastructure with huge team of System Administrators
  • Do you want to U nify your Infrastructure S implify your Operations A mplify your Opportunities
  • Are you looking for
    • Security Device to secure Office Network from Internet Attacks?
    • Mailing Server to use Office Communication?
    • Proxy Server to give restricted internet access to all office users and monitor the usage?
    • File Server to store all important Official Data at Centralized location with Restricted
    • access to necessary users?
    • FTP Server to transfer huge data across the client / vendors and reduce the load of
    • mail server?
    • DHCP Server to reduce the network management?
    FIREWALL / MAIL Server / PROXY Server / FILE Server / FTP Server / DHCP Server
    • One Product who will deliver all the functionality in one box?
    • One Vendor who will give you Support and Commit on the UP TIME of the Server?
  • ONE P roduct NETDRUID
  • NETDRUID will act as Firewall who secures your office network from internet attacks. NETDRUID will act as Mail Server that ensures smooth functioning of office communication. NETDRUID will act as Proxy Server who will restrict unauthorized usage of internet access at office network and it will monitor the usage of the users. NETDRUID will act as File Server who will store all important official data at centralized location with restricted access to necessary users. NETDRUID will act as FTP Server to transfer huge data across the client / vendors and reduce the load of mail server. NETDRUID will act as DHCP Server who reduce the efforts network management.
    • NETDRUID, itself is a OS so no need to purchase separate OS
    • Open Source / Customized as per user requirement .
    • NETDRUID being on a robust Linux box, it will rarely fail.
    • NETDRUID can be completely handled remotely so that there is NO or near Zero down time.
    • NETDRUID can be completely reinstalled from scratch in less than 20 minutes by any layman.
    • NETDRUID provides facility of backing up your policies and service definitions set for all services for fast recovery in case of a hard disk failure.
    • Unlimited Users and Single Solution for Mail, Proxy, Firewall, FTP & File Server
    • NETDRUID has browser based administration
    • Do not require skilled manpower to install & maintain.
    • User and group management in mail and proxy.
    • Provides performance management for mail and bandwidth
    • Local support in terms of urgency
  • Some of the Key features – NETDRUID
    • Personal dedicated e-mail id’s creation, in large number.
    • Inbuilt Proxy server allows one Internet connection to be used by all.
    • Administrator can setup rules for Internet and e-mail access.
    • Secure and configurable Firewall.
    • Filters for site blocking.
    • Mails do not get blocked due to large mails in queue.
    • Auto mail responder facility available by user.
    • Internal mailing without internet connection.
    • Fetch e-mail from multiple e-mail boxes into one.
    • Detailed usage logs (user wise) of e-mail and Internet browsing available at any time.
    • Acts as a LAN server (File Server, DNS & DHCP).
    • Safe from virus threat as the server itself is unaffected by viruses.
    • Provision to add “third party” anti-virus packages.
    • No need for “trained administrators” to maintain this server. Above all saves time, money and energy spent on infrastructure.
    • Secure and Encrypted mailing system.
    • Dedicated e-mail Ids e.g. [email_address] .
    • Multi Domain & Sub domain facility.
    • Mail Filtering (by using Anti SPAM & Anti Virus)
    • Unlimited email ids
    • Mail group facility
    • Mail Group Moderate features
    • Work with all hand held (mobile) devices
    • Incoming / Outgoing Mail Forwarding
    • Mail forwarding can be set for User / Domain
    • Incoming / Outgoing BCC
    • Email Aliasing
    • Global Address Book / Personal Address Book.
    • Domain wise disclaimer for multiple domain.
    • Task Management
    • Options for Notes Creations
    • Calendar for making Appointment
    • Auto Mail Responder (Out of Office)facility available.
    • Multi folder support
    • Password Management
    • Notice Board (to publish notice or announcement)
    • Multilingual support for Webmail
    • Delivery Notifications
    • Webmail HTML View / Compose
    • Rules can be set for message filtering
    • Rules can be set for message to highlight
    • Multi ISP Support
    • Network Security
    • IP Masquerading
    • Advanced in-built firewall protects the LAN from the Internet
    • Encryption of data protects data from hacking
    • Blocking of individual port services
    • Network Address Translation (NAT) is done by de-fault.
    • Multiple NIC supports
    • Multiple Zones can be create
    • One to One NAT
    • Proxy ARP
    • Port re-direction
    • Port Forwarding
    • Most attacking IP can Blacklist
    • Proxy Access Control
    • Internet Access Policies
    • Content Filtering
    • User wise Internet access policies
    • Bandwidth allocation group wise for uploading / downloading
    • Increase the productivity of users
    • Proxy Logs and Reports
    • File Server
    • Organization data will be stored in a single place.
    • Data security in terms of theft and lose.
    • Individual user/group wise folder access.
    • Folder access restriction.
    • Easy administration by using Admin Panel
    • Easily accessible to all users on the various platform also.
    • FTP Server
    • Facility to configure as “Anonymous/Restricted”.
    • In Restricted mode one user can only access the folder.
    • It provides web based access for FTP.
    • Any third party tool can be useful to download/upload the data.
    • Simple Web FTP client integrated with Web Email Client to transfer large files.
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