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Work Measurement Solutions

Work Measurement Solutions



Started in 2006, by Industrial Engineers with a will to make a difference to the field of Industrial Engineering, SNic India is today India’s leading firm in providing Industrial Engineering ...

Started in 2006, by Industrial Engineers with a will to make a difference to the field of Industrial Engineering, SNic India is today India’s leading firm in providing Industrial Engineering Solutions through consulting, IT and outsourcing services with Annual revenues of More than $ 1 Million in 2011 having today 100 plus clientele across India.

SNic India has strong base in Industrial Engineering, Operations Management and Supply Chain Management with core expertise in Work Measurement, Simulation Modeling and Planning & Scheduling solutions.

SNic India is the All India Representative for Arena Simulation Software by Rockwell Automation, Timer Pro Professional – Work Measurement software and a Solutions Partner to Preactor – Worlds No: 1 Scheduling Software.

Consultants at SNic India have a strong background and practical experience in the application of Industrial Engineering tools and techniques, Lean Manufacturing concepts, Simulation Modeling and Operations Management across Manufacturing, IT, and Distribution Sectors.

Work Mesurement Solutions, Ergonomic Design Solutions, Manufacturing Simulation Modeling and Analysis, Line / Flow Balancing, Valu Stream Mapping Simulation, Layout Simulation and Improvement, Preactor Implementation - Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software



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    Work Measurement Solutions Work Measurement Solutions Presentation Transcript

    • SN Industrial Consultants Work Measurement SolutionsIdentify Analyze Execute
    • Contents Company Profile Accomplishments Clientele Solution Verticals Case Studies Plan of Actionwww.snic.co.in
    • SNic India Industrial Engineering, Operations consulting & Advanced Scheduling Solutions firm since 2006. Experience Team of Consulting Engineers with diverse industry sectors integrated with a young pool for highly skilled Culture Quality Industrial Engineers. Usage & Implementation of cutting edge IT tools and technology for analysis. Technology Cost Knowledge transfer through a team based approach, equipping Delivery client organizations to sustain cost reductions, process improvements and increase in profitability. Core Expertise in aiding client organizations in Cost Reduction. YOU SAY IT, WE SOLVE ITwww.snic.co.in
    • Work Measurement AccomplishmentsAnnual Cost Savings of Rs. 57 Lacs per annum Through Cycle TimeReductions, Lead Time Reduction and WIP Reduction. Plant Capacity Estimation & Simulation leading to Savings of Rs. 2.5 Crore by deferring the new machine purchase Standard Time Baseline formation correcting Capacity Estimation, Scheduling, Costing, Production Planning and Incentive Scheme. Waste Identification, Ergonomics, Cycle Time Generation, Line balancing leading to Man, Material and Machines Optimization Manufacturing Process Standardization – Cycle Times, Ergonomics, Work Station Design, Work Instructions for World Class Manufacturing Systems Auditwww.snic.co.in
    • Extended Clientelewww.snic.co.in All logos are trademarks of their respective owners
    • Your Challenge Inventory Effective Capacity Reduction Planning Increasing & On-Time Delivery Scheduling Work Measurement Challenge Layout & Areas Improvement Standardizationwww.snic.co.in
    • SNic Solutions Work Advanced Lean Simulation Resource Measurement & Planning and Manufacturing Optimization Modeling Standardization Scheduling Aids Assembly Scheduling Value Stream Business Video Time & Line Software Mapping Process Re- Motion Study Balancing Implementatio Simulation Engineering n 5s, SMED, Capital Estimated Supply Chain Lean Planning Equipment Kaizen Time Study Alignment & Analysis Justification Scheduling Waste Manpower / Work Layout WIP Identification Output Sampling Improvement software Justification Reduction Flow Charts, Cellular Control ERP Bottleneck Layouts Charts, SOP Integration Analysis software generation With Manpower Scheduler Assessment / Job Evaluation Ergonomicswww.snic.co.in
    • Our Assets Core Expertise on Work Measurement and Lean Analysis Software’s and its usage in all assignments ensuring traceability and validation for the client. SNic India elemental time database of Elemental times based on MTM standards especially for Indian industries like Automotive, Electrical and Electronics and Engineering Expertise on Simulation Modeling and Analysis using Process Simulator and ProModel Expertise in Successfully Executing Scheduling software Implementations and Integrations. Ability to execute assignments as KPO/offshore assignments.www.snic.co.in
    • Area of Expertise • Advanced Planning and Scheduling Process Transformation Optimized Inventory • Work Measurement & Lean Analysis Optimized Resource Utilization • Lean Concepts Implementation Reduced Rework / Scrap • Simulation Modelling & Analysis Scientific & Standardized Operations • Contract Industrial Engineeringwww.snic.co.in
    • Work Measurement Case Study - 1 • The Company was using roughly estimated cycle times for costing, planning, scheduling, and man power calculation and found estimates leading to Business Case inefficiencies and tangible losses. • Work Sampling, Methods study, Time Study, Ergonomics Study and Lean Analysis. Solution • 1/1000th of a second accuracy to establish time standards on a 95% confidence level. • Increase in manpower efficiency by 7% Outcome • Overall Throughput Increase by 15% • Reduction in throughput time by 10%www.snic.co.in
    • Work Measurement Case Study - 2 • Standardization, cycle time reduction, resource optimization and Lead time reduction for a Plant having Assembly lines for a UPS Manufacturer who wanted to Business Case drastically optimize resources to reduce Input Cost. • Work Measurement, Lean Analysis, Bottleneck Analysis, Line Balancing and Value Stream Mapping. Solution • Low Cost Automation to reduce cycle times by 22% of bottleneck areas leading to increase in throughput by 8%. • Standard times data library for costing, scheduling and efficiency calculations. Outcome • Average Man power reduction of 10% across 41 lines. • Lead time reduction through Value stream mapping from 60 days to 53 dayswww.snic.co.in
    • Work Measurement Case Study - 3 • A Leader in the Power Automation Industry, the client providing custom products to its clients was facing a challenge in estimating the completion time, time for rework, manpower planning, lead time, capacity justification, and Testing Capacity Business Case Utilization. • Work Measurement, Manpower Assessment, Lean Analysis and Bottleneck Analysis. Solution • Estimation of Completion time and rework time at the design stage • Standardized Working methods eliminating the possibility of operator based rework (about 5% of the total throughput time) Outcome • Increased testing capacity Utilization by 48% • Reduced throughput time by 13% through reduction of man movement for material procurementwww.snic.co.in
    • Work Measurement Case Study - 4 • A Pharmaceutical Client was facing the difficulty in realizing the planned capacity from all it Machines in a particular section of it manufacturing facility. The Challenge was high input costs for the current productivity levels leading to identifying ways of Business increasing the output and thereby increase productivity. Case • Motion and Time Study, Man Machine Charts, Lean Analysis, Simulation Modeling for bottleneck and throughput analysis Solution • Establishment of Facts governing Production from Each Machine • Product wise Production Norms for each machine. • Lean Analysis leading to Improvements in Machine Design leading to an estimated average cycle time reduction across all processes by 11%. Outcome • Identification of bottlenecks through Simulation Modeling representing current scenario and scenario after cycle time reductions giving key inputs to top management on expansion plans.www.snic.co.in
    • Work Measurement Case Study - 5 • Estimated Time study vs. Actual Time study comparison for Vendors of a large automotive unit to revise the financial understandings. Business Case • Onsite (Vendor) – Video Motion and time study, Quick Time (MTM based) estimations, gap analysis, waste identification, revised costing. Solution • Identification of Gaps between estimated times and actual times at vendor sites. • Fair assessment and revision of sub-contract rates. Outcome • Increase in Vendor On-Time-delivery from 73% - 92% leading to overall increase in OTD for the client from 60% - 78% .www.snic.co.in
    • Work Measurement Case Study - 6 • Estimated Time study for Greenfield Assembly lines Business Case • MTM based Motion and time Study using Timer Pro Professional Software & ProModel Simulation for validation of throughput. Solution • 95% accurate Estimated times validated through Assembly line simulation using Pro Model. Outcome • Identification of material and movement constraints leading to effective allowances over and above the estimated studieswww.snic.co.in
    • Work Measurement Case Study - 7 • A Warehouse of an online retail internet portal was looking to improve its warehouse capacity by identifying improvement opportunities. Using Industrial engineering Business techniques SNic India was given the task to achieve at least 25% capacity improvement. Case • Identified non-value-added process steps and manually intense materials handling methods that were the cause of bottlenecks and increased product cycle times. A number of process steps were eliminated and/or modified to allow for the design and implementation of an improved WMS and materials handling system. Areas Solution evaluated included: computer systems, warehouse methodology, receiving, quality control, replenishment/put-away, ticketing, put system, pick system, shipping, and returns. • Improve facility capacity 40% by increasing the number of pallet positions and replacing existing racking with new, more space efficient Narrow Aisle (NA) pallet racking. Outcome • Implement pick-to-belt and pick-to-carton for additional sets of case flow racking needed to support picking of all SKUs.www.snic.co.in
    • Work Measurement Case Study - 8 • An Embedded IT Services Development company wanted to reduce the overall lead time of the project which was currently 6 months. SNic India was given the task to Business study the current system and provide recommendations for lead time reduction. Case • Time and Motion study and Value Stream Mapping were used to Map the existing processes and asses the time for the each process. Solution • Process Simulator was used to simulate the maps with the cycle times to identify bottlenecks. • Out of 4 Bottlenecks the most critical bottleneck was analyzed using statistical distributions for the bottleneck stations. • Many process taking less time were clubbed to align to the bottleneck which Outcome eventually decreased input cost on the project by 12%. • Over Lead Time was reduced from 6 months to 3 months by reducing the bottleneck cycle time.www.snic.co.in
    • Work Measurement MethodologyPhase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 (as per Phase 5• Video Capture • Analyses using • Waste Objective) • Coordinating – Methods Time study Identification • Capacity Implementatio Study Software • Standardization Estimation n• Methods • Recommendati • Costing • Operator Correction ons • Scheduling Training • Manpower • Audits PlanningNote: Pilots can be carried out for first time clients, where in a pilot area is identified to carry out the study achieving the required objective during the preliminary visit. Client bears all the expenses for the pilot except the consulting fees which is to be paid only on satisfactory completion of the pilot as an inculcation into the commercial proposal.
    • Video Time Study- Timer Pro Software• Sampling is done to arrive at the number of cycles for observation after method study.• Videos of the observed method are imported in timer pro for analysis.• Operations are broken down into elements.• Basic elements are classified into Lean categories(VA,RNVA,NVA).• Necessary Allowances are added to the basic work content.• Standard Time for the operation is arrived.
    • Video Time Study- Timer Pro SoftwareBreak up ofactivities into VA RNVA &NVAelements Break up Cycle time for corresponding element Select video Screen Shot from Timer Pro Software.
    • Video Time Study- Timer Pro Software Report Summary from Timer Pro Software.
    • Video Time Study- Timer Pro SoftwareStandard Time report from Timer Pro Software.
    • Man Machine Charts- Timer Pro Software Man Machine Chart Screen Shot Gantt Chart for Man Machine Activities from Timer Pro Software
    • Android Based Time Study – Using PDA’s • Time Study can be done by installing Timer Pro Software on Mobile Devices (Android & Windows mobiles). • Screen Shot from the Android mobile is as shown. • By clicking the Timer Pro icon on screen the application is opened. • Last used study is selected to open a dynamic Timer Pro Screen to start time study.
    • Android Based Time Study- Using PDA’s
    • PDA Time Study- Using PDA’s • Click on the Start tab to run the predefined sequence of elements and start stopwatch. • By clicking on the Sub tab the element is stopped and next element is started. • Results from the PDA based Time Study can be downloaded to the PC is Excel Format as Standard Time Report.
    • For Business Inquiries, References and Testimonials visit www.snic.co.in SNic India #831/60, 1st floor, 4th Main, Vijay Nagar, Bangalore 560 040 Ph: +91 80 4127 5612 / 98459 09492 Email: info@snic.co.in Business Hours: 9.30 am – 05.30 pm (Mon-Fri)Identify Analyze Execute