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Hostmata InfoTech

  1. 1. We stand for future…
  2. 2. A BRIEFHostmata InfoTech was established in April 2012. A Indian IT companyproviding website development , software development, quality sharedhosting, reseller hosting and VPS services to customers throughout theIndia and Worldwide. With down to earth management and a dedicatedteam. From when we first started in 2012, our main goal was to providethe highest level technical support to our customers 24/7. As wecontinued to grow and grow there was no stopping us from providingexcellent customer support to our customers. Hostmata InfoTech set outto deliver affordable website development & hosting solutions tocustomers in the India and worldwide with all the extra benefits thatcustomers would normally pay more for. While our prices are affordableour customers still continue to receive the fast reliable support 24/7.Since the company was founded Hostmata InfoTech primary focus toprovide excellent customer service and satisfaction to all customers at alltimes. Making sure every customer is happy and receives the fastspecialist support.
  3. 3. OUR VISION“ Our VISION is to provide the qualityservice with best technologies having100% of Uptime “
  4. 4. We guarantee that we’re expert in everything we do, everyproduct we offer and every service we deliver. This means thateach product and service we offer has been designed with thecustomer in mind. Particular emphasis is placed onaccessibility, performance and reliability. Each product orservice is backed by a team of specialists who work solely torun and support that product or service. This means we haveseparate teams of experts who’s unique focus is to deliverexcellence.
  5. 5. We guarantee to treat your individual services as individualservices, just as if you had website, software, domains, hostingand SSL across multiple service providers. This means we’llnever suspend your hosting account for a domain issue andnever suspend your domain name for a hosting issue but youstill get the benefit of a single point of contact for support, billingand more. You are free to start, modify and stop domain nameregistration/renewals, hosting services and SSL certificates atany time without this impacting any of the other services yousubscribe to from us.
  6. 6. At Hostmata InfoTech, we are passionate about an environment thatfocuses on you, our customers.Hostmata InfoTech cares & guarantee that a manager will always beavailable to investigate any issue or concern you have and will respond toyou within 24 hours, 7 days a week. We promise that we have clear andeasy escalation paths should you need to reach a manager. And wepromise that each manager will work with you until your concern iscompletely addressed or issue resolved.The Hostmata InfoTech guarantee is a mark of excellence. Eachand every product or service stamped with our guarantee will be deliveredto the high standard at which we conduct our business
  7. 7. Hostmata InfoTech provides fastestsupport ticket resolution with10-MINUTE GUARANTEEDRESPONSE TIME.24/7/365 SUPPORT
  8. 8. ManagingDirectorTechnicalHeadDeveloper DesignerMarketingManagerMarketingExecutive
  9. 9. UPTIME GUARANTEE99.9799.97599.9899.98599.9999.995100100.0050 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1Apr/13May/13Jun/13Jul/13WEBSITE UPTIME GUARANTEE..
  10. 10. WebsiteDesigningSoftwareDevelopmentDomainManagementResellerHostingShared WebHostingDedicatedServerVPS DataSecuritySSLCertificatesWebPromotions
  11. 11. INDIA Address :-Shaniwar Peth,Pune – 411030 (INDIA)Phone - +91 - 7507990099020- 64198445Social Media -