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Second%20 life%20presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 3 dimensional world Users use an Avatar to represent themselves in the virtual world – can choose to be anything you want Get around by walking, flying or teleporting Can chat with others Real-time events, activities and communication Gokce – can you tell us about your Avatar??
  • - New possibilities - 2D-3D - “eye-level” - Launching: Second Life and the C class
  • Transcript

    • 1. Presented by: Nikhil Bathla (Niick)
    • 2. Agenda: -Background -Hype? -Business Model -The Importance of Virtual World -Benefits of Entering Second Life -Expected Future
    • 3. Background - An online virtual world developed by Linden Labs (Linden Research Inc.) Definition of Virtual World: - An online community that takes the form of a computer simulated environment where users interact and create objects MMOG = Massively Multiplayer Online Game
    • 4. What is Second Life?
    • 5.
    • 6. Is Second Life Just Hype? How many people in the class have heard about “ Virtual World ” ?
    • 7. Is Second Life Just Hype?
      • Yes!
      • - Second Life—hiring a PR company and other Media Channels
      • Mercedez-benz link – not working
      • Volkswagen Marketing team – more effort in real word as opposed to virtual world
      • INSEAD – closed down their university in the virtual world
      • American Apparel – lost interest in running the island created
    • 8. Linden Lab’s Business Model Membership Fees $9.95/month $22.50/quarter $72/year Land Purchases Monthly Maintenance Fees (for land exceeding 512m 2 80% of Revenue Infrastructure: Equipment Tech support $ revenue $ revenue $ revenue Advertising Linden Dollars
    • 9. The Importance of Virtual Worlds
      • - Virtual worlds will become an important part of human life because:
      • To be creative and involved in a community
      • Relax and Leisure
      • Role Playing
    • 10. The Importance of Virtual Worlds
      • Customers --- a real-world income is not sustainable
      • Businesses --- the benefits of communication cannot be measured
      From an economical perspective, virtual worlds are not necessary for both customers and businesses because :
    • 11. The Benefits of Entering Second Life
      • Shared real-time experience
      • A new forum for explaining complex products and services
      • Inexpensive prototyping and customer focus groups
      • Training , recruiting and seminars
      • Global reach and accessibility
    • 12. The Benefits of Entering Second Life
      • Permanent 24/7 3D multi-user collaborative and interactive exhibition
        • -showcase products
        • -play corporate videos
        • -links to website, brochure handouts
      • Business networking (through business park social events)
      • Cost effective form of promotion
    • 13. Uses of Second Life Product launch Social events Entertainment Market research Concept testing and user feedback Showcase Simulation Community building E-commerce Conferencing Customer service Information sharing Branding
    • 14. Expected Future
      • Accessible through smart phones ( Iphone/Ipad etc) other than PC and Mac etc.
      • Technological development – Less streaming, ease of using it on slow processors as well.
      • More measurable ( for advertisers)– Aligned with Analytics – example Omniture, Google Analytics etc.
    • 15. Expected Future
      • Better targeted , segmented and overall value for advertisers.
      • More functionalities to excite and motivate users to be a part of it and revisit again and again.
      • Premium features available to the free members.
    • 16. Thanks!