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Intern report rasika

  1. 1. Name: Rasika Ramchandran Mob: 9833405848 Address: 605, Jasmine, Neelkanth Gardens, B.S Devshi Marg, Govandi, Mumbai Email:
  2. 2. Internship Diary • 26th Aug: Observation of how to conduct an orientation session – Beacon High • 27th Aug: Orientation with Puja Ma’am – Khar • 2nd Sept: visited 8 schools in Chembur- got a positive response from 1 • 5th sept: visited 2 schools in Bandra • 7th sept: scheduled date for conducting orientation at St. Anthony’s but principal cancelled session 1 hour post my arrival there
  3. 3. Internship Diary • 8th sept: spoke to in-charge at St. gregorious who gave a positive response. Date for orientation was to be discussed on the phone. • 13th Sept: conducted orientation session with St. Anthonys • 22nd Sept: St. Gregorious unexpectedly cancelled the scheduled orientation session with the school
  4. 4. Internship Diary • 23rd, 26th, 30th Sept: report collection from St. Anthonys
  5. 5. Account of activities 7th Sept- St. Anthonys: • I met the 8th Std students and gave them a brief about the project to gauge level of interest • Got 98 names of students who were interested and promised to participate • Principal refused to alot a teacher for my assistance
  6. 6. Account of activities 13th September- St. Anthonys • Conducted an orientation session which was attended by 78 students in totality
  7. 7. Account of activities • I was not given permission to take the leaders out on an eco survey however everything was clearly explained to them • The report collection date was fixed
  8. 8. Account of activities • Report collection: The process of collecting reports went on for 3-4 days from 23rd to 30th Sept I had to make repeated visits to the school to motivated the students and leaders.
  9. 9. Account of activities Me with the eco-survey group leaders
  10. 10. Appendices Sr No. Name of School Address Name of person contacted Tel No. Response 1 St. Anthony's girls high school ST Anthony Road, Chem bur East, Mumb ai - 400071 Pricipal: Sr. Sophie 9987169933 Took up the project 2. OLPS high school Near Principal: 25211614, Diamond Ms. Caroline 25210378, Garden, ST 25209494 Anthonys Road, Chembur (E) Refused to talk due to lack of time. Asked to come later
  11. 11. Appendices Sr No. Name of School Address Name of person contacted 3 Gregorious High school, Chembur Behind Bank Ms. Preeti Of Baroda, Takle Near Diamond Garden, Sion Trombay Road, V N Purav Marg, Chembur East, Mumbai 400071 Tel No. Response 9820156329 Was almost going to take up project. Cancelled in the last minute. Will be interested in the future
  12. 12. Appendices Sr No. Name of School Address Name of person contacted Tel No. Response 4 Ryan Near Tata Internationa Power l Residential Colony, R C Marg, Chem bur (E) email: Asked to email proposal. ph no: Did not 25544595, respond 25545485 thereafter 5 St. Sebastian High school RCF School Colony, Ram supervisor: krishna Priya Chemburkar Marg 25535010 Said they are free only after december 6 Loretto convent RCF Colony, Nea r Golf Club, Chemb ur 25536680 Did not have the time to speak. Asked to contact later
  13. 13. Appendices Sr No. Name of School Address Name of person contacted 7 Marthoma convent school Below Govandi bridge, Govandi (E) Renee D’souza 8 RBK Opp Indian Ms. Lata Internationa Oil Nagar l Near Shankara Colony, Che mbur Tel No. Response The students will not be able to do ecosurvey because the areas where they stay have no trees Email: Asked to mail proposal and did not get back
  14. 14. Appendices Sr No. Name of School Address Name of person contacted Tel No. Response 9 St. Teresa’s convent 30th road, Bandra (W) Fr. John Mcmanus 26402273 Students not free due to upcoming exams. Will participate later 10 Avabai Petit school Union Park, 14 Pali Hill, DR Ambedkar Road, Bandr a Ms. Aparna email: Flatly to refused particicpate
  15. 15. Thank you • I would like to thank OASIS and the Dept. of environment of the state of Maharashtra for giving me this opportunity • I would like to thank Pooja Sukhija Ma’am for guiding me through this journey and being a positive support at all times • I would like to thank St. Anthonys Girls high school for undertaking this project with me • Last but not the least, I would like to thank my Professor Dr. Anju Kapoor for leading me on to oasis