創人物Vol.15 - 業界講者 - Roger Lo


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創人物Vol.15 - 業界講者 - Roger Lo

  1. 1. Economics     High-­‐Tech  Management  Studies   1 PERSONAL INTRODUCTION – Roger Lo
  2. 2. 2 The  world  largest  student-­‐run  organiza9on       65+  years  with  120+  countries  &  territories     PERSONAL INTRODUCTION – Roger Lo
  3. 3. A  fashion  brand  specialized  in  handbags   produced  in  developing  countries   3 PERSONAL INTRODUCTION – Roger Lo
  4. 4. ©2006 McKinsey & Company©2006 McKinsey & Company 海德拉巴 Hyderabad
  5. 5. Are you smart and tough enough?
  6. 6. ©2006 McKinsey & Company©2006 McKinsey & Company
  7. 7. Google working environment
  8. 8. Working with talents from the world Students from Harvard, UPenn, NUS…etc.
  9. 9. Team: Online Sales and Operation Assignment: Client performance analysis and improvement Summer Business Analyst in the Global Service Strategy Team Market Coverage: All English Speaking Market(USA+UK) Projects involved(3 projects in 3 months): a. Data collection and analysis for pre-pilot project b. Client satisfaction comparison analysis in UK/ Ireland and USA + South East Asia market c. Work-stream tracking for pilot project and providing recommendations to the seniors manager
  10. 10. Branding Taiwan in the globe
  11. 11. System  Business  Unit  (NB,  Pad,  Eee  Pc)   Territory  Strategy    Development,                   APMEA  region         11 PERSONAL INTRODUCTION – Roger Lo
  12. 12. AGENDA 12 Activity My learning at APT - Strategy consulting and Greater China market Some of my thoughts to share
  13. 13. ©2006 McKinsey Company©2006 McKinsey Company 大型跨國公司 創新/小型公司
  14. 14. ©2006 McKinsey Company©2006 McKinsey Company 大型跨國公司 創新/小型公司
  15. 15. APT (Applied Predictive Technologies) We are helping the world successful companies to make a better and profitable decision
  16. 16. Global working environment Washington, DC, San Francisco, London, Tokyo and Taipei offices
  17. 17. ©2006 McKinsey Company©2006 McKinsey Company 大數據 Big Data 雲端預測分析 Cloud-based Predictive Analytics +
  18. 18. APT’s Rapid Growth 18 Venture-backed company founded in 1999 Supported by Accel/KKR in September 2006 Received $100MM investment from Goldman Sachs in June *estimated
  19. 19. “APT received a $100 million investment from Goldman Sachs to … enhance its tools for predicting trends.” APT “helps you make decisions that might seem risky, but they aren't, because you've tested the outcome.” “Corporations […] use APT's causal analytics technology to try to ensure their business decisions deliver the best results possible.” Major Investments in Our Product Suite APT recently received a $100 million investment from Goldman Sachs “APT is a rare innovator, with multiple patented and commercially proven approaches for truly leveraging Big Data to generate shareholder value.” ~ Goldman Sachs “APT’s solutions have a proven record of helping companies better allocate billions of dollars in operational spend and capital investment, making its platform the gold standard in predictive analytics.” ~ Accel-KKR Recent Media Coverage:
  20. 20. Consulting industry landscape 20 Enterprise Software Provider Strategy Boutiques Technology + Operational Consulting New wave of Strategy Consulting
  21. 21. The Concept of Test Learn 21 3 Answer three key questions: 1.  Will it work? 2.  Can I target it? 3.  Can I improve it? Business Idea Experiment Analyze Know Decide Business leaders have ideas for improving their business. . Test the idea in a small subset of the business versus control APT Test Learn
  22. 22. Case Study “Without testing, the $5 Footlong sub promotion would very likely not have happened on a national scale” - Rick Muldowney, Subway's Director of Analytics •  Drove double digit growth •  An industry game-changer
  23. 23. Measurement in the “Real World” is Challenging 23 Store #782
  24. 24. 銷售 業績 咖啡機安 裝時間 時間 實驗組與對照組店鋪 所有實驗組店鋪,在安裝咖啡機前與對照組非常吻合,表 示對照店鋪挑選良好。 對照組 實驗組
  25. 25. 實驗組與對照組店鋪 所有實驗組店鋪,在安裝咖啡機前與對照組非常吻合,表 示對照店鋪挑選良好。增設咖啡機後的業績增長也因此相 當可靠。 咖啡機安 裝時間 時間 對照組 實驗組 銷售 業績
  26. 26. APT Core Capabilities 26 APT takes an interdisciplinary approach to integrating three perspectives: mathematics, business and computer science
  27. 27. APT Selected Clients More than 100 leading companies partner with APT to apply Big Data to their most important decisions 27 Retail Fin Serv Dining Hotels CPG 40+ of top US 100 7 of top North America 25 10+ of top US 25 10+ of top Global 25 8 leading manufacturers 4 of top 10 telecommunications cable companies A top 10 transportation leader 2 of the top 10 insurance companies A top 10 pharmaceutical leader A leader in education Telco / Cable Insurance Transport Pharma Education
  28. 28. What do we do? At APT, we tackle a variety of high stakes strategic business problems by applying data- driven analytics 28 •  Promotion Planning – Is my promotion driving traffic or just eroding margin? •  Menu Development – What entrees should I remove from my menu? What should I add? •  Market Basket Profiling – When customers buy a guitar, what accessories do they buy? How should that impact my adjacencies? •  Customer Incentive Programs – What rate should I offer on a CD to a new customer? •  Network Planning – Where should we build the next Holiday Inn? •  Due Diligence– How should we feel about the growth prospects of a company we may buy? How significant are the competitive threats? •  Online-to-store Advertising - How much does online advertising affect my in-store sales? Do online sales cannibalize in-store sales? Every step of the way, software gives our consultants leverage and lets them focus on “which question to ask next” rather than Excel formulas Private Equity Firms
  29. 29. My current role is primary focus on growing business in Asia Greater China: Mainland China + Hong Kong + Taiwan 29 APT TaipeiZhu Delta • Guangdong (P) • Guangzhou • Shenzhen • Hong Kong Yangzi Delta • Jiangsu (P) • Zhejiang (P) • Shanghai • Nanjing • Hangzhou Buohai • Hebei (P) • Shandong (P) • Beijing • Tianjin • Qingdao Wuhan Fujian
  30. 30. APT’s people are from… Working with top talents around the world
  31. 31. Colleagues at APT Fresh graduates from Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, Princeton, MIT, UPenn…etc 31 Avg age: 24 yrs (Taipei office)
  32. 32. 32
  33. 33. AGENDA 33 Activity My learning at APT - Strategy consulting and Greater China market Some of my thoughts to share Reference: The Start Up of You slides, previous sharing workshop materials
  34. 34. 跨國公司/組織想找尋的人才 Leadership Problem Solving Global Exposure • Personal initiative • Teamwork • Entrepreneurship • Professional skill • Ambition • Language • Working abroad experience 解決問題能力 國際經驗 領導能力與經驗 Source: McKinsey Company, Google, PG 從學生時代就要開始準備!
  35. 35. 台灣學生/青年在國際舞臺上遇到的挑戰 35 u 語文能力不及其他競爭國家(大中華/亞洲地區) – 基本必備的溝通工具(英文) u 缺少國際經驗 – 普遍學生較沒有國際視野, 在全球競爭下的 今日, 較容易沒有勝出的機會 u 實務經驗較少 – 實際的實務經驗(實習或是團隊領導經驗)缺 乏, 導致就業的接軌不易 35
  36. 36. 及早開始思考我們的職涯並且敢把夢/目標做大 - 往上和前看(願景勾勒) + 往下和後看(落地實踐) - 關鍵競爭能力 = 天資 X 努力程度 X 準備時間 拓展我們的視野與人脈並提升自我高度 - 培養國際視野與去台灣化(global horizon) - 具備英文和其他語言能力以成就國際溝通力(global communication) - 累積領導團隊與合作經驗(leadership) 策略性地規劃我們的”gap year” - 差異化!差異化!差異化!(differentiation) - 全球都是我們的舞臺(交換學生/國際實習/國際志工/深度旅行) 我們(台灣青年)也許可以思考的準備方向
  37. 37. 機會可以創造 年輕人未必是失落一代 37 早期台灣在邁入PC(個人電腦)時代時,業界很敢投資,釋放 的資源、銀行能承擔的風險都比現今大膽得多。但現在正要邁 入另一個新典範的時代,卻很少有創新公司,少了很多有冒險 精神的創業型人才。 應當要重新鼓勵新創事業,鼓勵年輕人要有冒險的精神,簡立 峰說,否則台灣在政治上是孤兒,在產業上不能主導市場,只 能依賴下遊客戶,這些依賴,很像在扮演「小三」,但台灣應 該不要再繼續做忠實的小三,要做就做老大。 應該用「從台灣搭飛機出去一到二個小時可以到達的地方」來 思考自己的機會。現在25歲到40歲的年輕人不該一窩蜂去擠白 領工作,搶不到機會,就要思變通、移動、開發新的機會;如 果不思變,等到下一代人遞補上那些新機會,那這一代人就真 的會成為進退不得的「失落一代」。 全球中央2013年2月號
  38. 38. ©2006 McKinsey Company©2006 McKinsey Company 上天賦予我們的能力/能耐越大, 我們的責任也越大!
  39. 39. ©2006 McKinsey Company©2006 McKinsey Company 台灣第一個華文社會企業資訊匯流平臺, 希望傳遞「用商業力量改變社會問題」的知識與智慧, 並連結各地社會企業。
  40. 40. ©2006 McKinsey Company©2006 McKinsey Company 社企流二週年論壇 夢想自造家:Everyone is a Change Maker
  41. 41. 41
  42. 42. Dropbox CEO Drew Houston at MIT commencement 當你從學校畢業,不會再有學分的概念。在學校裡所犯的錯誤就 好像是擋風玻璃上的擦傷,但進入社會,你則需要學會調整和時 不時地撞向護欄,不然進步的速度會太慢。 最大的風險不是失敗,而是過得太安逸了。 42 大學裡植入的另一個錯誤的理念就是「先準備好」。雖然學習仍 然佔據首要的位置,不過最快的學習方式還是實踐,如果你擁有 夢想,你有一生的時間去學習和準備, 而你所要做得的就是馬上實踐。
  43. 43. 43 Time for your Story and new Adventure
  44. 44. 44 FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact... FB: Roger Lo simplegreen0526@gmail.com