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Ever wondered how to kick the perfect pitch?
Follow these guidelines and achieve awesomeness!

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Pitch Template Startupadvisor

  1. 1. startupadvisor { Pitch! Template www.startupadvisor.it! nikas.bergaglio@gmail.com }
  2. 2. WHAT’S A PITCH? A pitch is a short presentation of your startup or idea! ! There are different versions. ! It depends how much time you have:! ! • • 3 minutes pitch: 5 slides ! 5 minutes pitch: 8/10 slides www.startupadvisor.it
  3. 3. WHAT TO INCLUDE? 3 min pitch 5 min pitch • • • Problem! Solution! • Business model! • Market! • Team Problem! • Solution! • Screenshots! • Business model! • Competitors! • Market! • Marketing plan! • Milestones! • Team www.startupadvisor.it
  4. 4. PROBLEM Write here the problem you think you found.! ! • • • Be specific! Be clear! Avoid the well-known “solution chasing the problem” eg. AirBnb problem: • Price is an important concern for customers booking travel online. • Hotels leave you disconnected from the city and its culture • No easy way exists to book a room with a local or become a host www.startupadvisor.it
  5. 5. SOLUTION Write here the solution you think you found.! ! • • • What’s your idea/problem-solver/solution?! Use 2 slides (1 for the solution and 1 for a mockup or screenshot of your product)! Again: avoid the well-known “solution chasing the problem” eg. AirBnb solution: A web platform where users can rent their space to host travelers to: • Save money • Make money • Share culture www.startupadvisor.it
  6. 6. THE MARKET Where and to whom are you going to sell your idea?! ! Write your potential market! ! • • • • How big is it? Is it growing?! What’s your target audience and how are you going to segment it?! 1 slide! Again: be specific or monsters will eat you ;) www.startupadvisor.it
  7. 7. BUSINESS MODEL No time for a canvas! ! • • • Never use the business model canvas in a pitch! Explain the values you think you create and your revenue model! Mention any partnerships you might find in the future www.startupadvisor.it
  8. 8. COMPETITORS You think you’re the only one? Naaaaah! ! Who are the other players in the market? ! And how big are they?! ! • • Just draw a strategic map showing the competitive advantages of your business compared to your competitors! How will you distinguish yourself from the others? How will you position your company? www.startupadvisor.it
  9. 9. MARKETING PLAN OK, you have a fantastic product, but how will you tell people about?! ! • • • • • • Which channels will you use? Online, offline or both? B2B or B2C?! Be realistic and use real numbers (do some research!)! Write down a SUMMARY of the costs, time, conversion rates, expected users or clients! Be as specific as possible! 1 slide! Execution is 99%, the idea is the rest. “People don’t buy WHAT you do but WHY you do it”! ! Simon Sinek, TED Conference www.startupadvisor.it
  10. 10. MILESTONES Write down your milestones! ! • • • • • Plan the future: expected releases or new versions of your product! Forecast at least 3 years! How much money are you looking for, if any?! Update this part frequently! 1 slide www.startupadvisor.it
  11. 11. TEAM Who are you and the other people working on the idea?! ! • • • • Are you a good team? Have you worked together in other companies?! Show off some examples of past work experiences or ventures! Try to cover all the parts of the company (tech, ceo, cfo, sales, marketing etc)! Pictures! (a nice one, if possible) www.startupadvisor.it
  12. 12. NEED HELP? Do you have a fantastic idea but no clue how to do a proper pitch?! ! Do you need any help in marketing or in any other part of your startup? Check out: www.startupadvisor.it! or! Ping me at nikas.bergaglio@gmail.com www.startupadvisor.it
  13. 13. Thank you!! ! if you liked this presentation share it you might win a baby fox www.startupadvisor.it