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Population explosion
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  • 1. Population Explosion By Prathmesh.R. Sardal
  • 2. What is population Explosion ? Population Explosion means effects of day by day increasing population to environment .
  • 3. Reasons For Increase In Population-: The increase in birth rates due to medical improvements . The decrease in death rates due to better medical facilities and advancements in the field of medicine. Immigration to better developed countries due to several reasons like better job opportunities, war, and natural causes like hurricanes, earthquakes, and so forth.
  • 4. Increase in Population in the Different Part of the world
  • 5. Effects Of PopulationExplosion Air Pollution . Water Pollutions. Increase in Demand For Food Resources Deforestation
  • 6. Air pollution How air pollution because of Population Explosion ? Given Below-:
  • 7. Increase in Industries Industries
  • 8. Increase in Vehicle
  • 9. Water Pollution How Water Pollution because of Population Explosion? Given Below-:
  • 10. Raw sewage and industrial wasteflows directed to main River or Sea
  • 11. Bathroom and Garbage sewage flow Directed tothe River or Sea.
  • 12. Increase in Demand For Food Resourcesdue to increase in population needs
  • 13. Increase in Deforestation For occupying land for day by day increase in population .For Agriculture For Urbanization
  • 14. Remedies for Decrease in Population Increase in awareness through Mass Media for Decreasing population . Governmental strict measures for Family Planning. Awareness about population through Education firms for students of Growing society. Use of protections thing while doing sexual activities.
  • 15. Use of population in positive a ways-: For intense Labor for Private Sector which leads to development of countries Economy. For Increase in Defence Sector of countries which lead strong position of countries. For intense Labor for Government Sector which leads to smooth running of Administration of Governess.
  • 16. Example of use of population in positive ways
  • 17. Conclusion-: Population Growth must be there but for some extended. Population is necessary for Government Development of Countries Population also doing various researchers in the world. ……………………….So population is not Harm for world it should be used properly.
  • 18. Conclusion-: I) Population Growth must be there but for some extended. II) Population is necessary for Government Development of Countries. III) Population also doing various researchers in the world. ……………………….So population is not Harm for world it should be used properly.
  • 19. Comments-:   Considering the above factors, it is obvious that in India, the success of family planning programs depends on too many factors, making it a more complex operation than usual. However, this does not change the fact that birth control is extremely important in order to improve the life of the future generations in India in terms of better availability of resources and a better and clean world. Unless, we want our future generations to live the life of barbarians, it is imperative that we control the population explosion and thus control the usage of the available resources. We can start by educating the women of India in the basics of family planning. This can simply be done if just one educated person takes it into her/his stride to teach one other person – “Each one, teach one.” If population increase leads us back in time to the Stone Age, then what is the advantage of years of technological advancements and our hard work? Can we really enjoy a newborn in our lives when we know that we would not be able to give our child the basic necessities of life? Being a parent, is that not our responsibility I want my future generations to see and have the world as it was meant to be, and not what we have made it into.