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As a part of Characters' Profile Project, students analysed characters' motives behind their demeanor.

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Hareton earnshaw

  1. 1. GROUP MEMBERS:1)Syed Kashif Jawaid2)Syed Emad Bin Masroor(leader)3) Wahib Muhammad4)Farzan Saleem5) Zia Ali
  2. 2. SELF (internal conflicts, values, motivations desires) : Internal conflicts: 1. The struggle to study and learn the language of wisdom had dragged him to an extent that he hid Cathy’s books inorder to seek and extract knowledge from them in whichs response he had tohear abusive remarks about his uncultured life and was made to believe that its not possible yet he still fights his insides to analyze his own situation his own credibility. 2. His deep and secret fast growing admiration for Catherine has not only cost him his dear master Heathcliff’s anger but the in growing pain of loss after every rejection and dejection by Catherine. The way she totally ignores his love for her and mocks his wishes thinks of him as a beast has torn and tortured him completely inside. Values: 1. Admiration for Heathcliff and his efforts to abide by his will” he is the only mourner who weeps by Heathcliffs corpse and genuinely grieves his death.” 2. For the most part of the novel Hareton strikes us as a mirror image of the younger Heathcliff. He is bad tempered, uncivilized and vicious. It would it seems have proved Heathcliffs own theory"That one tree would grow as crooked as another with the same wind to twist it". Under Heathcliffs tutelage Hareton has grown up almost as savage like.” On Nellys return to the Heights she isshocked by the greeting she receives from her former care. He hurls a stone at her and follows with a string of curses. The Hareton met by Lockwood in the opening chapters is gruff and
  3. 3. • uncommunicative and he easily angered or disturbed by Lockwoods misunderstanding of the household relationships. His innate decency and his better self are merely submerged beneath this brutal mask "Good things lost amid a wilderness of weeds".” 3. Love for Catherine “his fundamental decency is untouched and he responds to Cathys beauty and love by striving heroically to improve his mind.”• Motivations and desires : 1. To earn a suitable place and class in the society. To built respect and love in the heart of Catherine for himself. To learn and acquire knowledge and be educated. Despite this latent development and recognition of his rightful place in society he is the only mourner who weeps by Heathcliffs corpse and genuinely grieves his death. An explanation of this is that both Hareton and Cathy are portrayed in the novel as children of love and so combine the positive and good qualities of their respective parents. A mind as noble as that possessed by Hareton would have recognized in Heathcliff the unfortunate results of mistreatment. His own experience at the hands of Heathcliff has allowed him to view the world from Heathcliffs position.
  4. 4. • Analysis : The character of Hareton is important in portraying the idea that the natural savagery of man is hidden by but a thin veneer of civilisation and that that human beings can easily become bestial in outlook and nature (behaviour). Ultimately, however, Hareton exemplifies the power of love and kindness and the conquest of hate and the supreme Christian virtue of returning good for evil.
  5. 5. Destiny (purpose,aspirations,transcendence,self actualization) :• Since towards the end of the play after the death of heathcliff the ownership of Wuthering heights and the grange are now passed on to hareton. And Love already is being cultured and nurtured between Cathy and him and we are also made to see them deciding to marry on the new year eve and to live the rest of their lives in the grange instead of the heights. So we may come to the conclusion that along with the profound dark ending of lives for the rest of the characters, Hareton Earnshaw on the other hand has a hope for a prosperous future. He has found Love and home and is building upon a cultured image in the society. This leads us to think that he may be able to continue over the legacy of the Earnshaw and linton families name after a gap of 1 generation with the same zeil and zest and with the same resprect both the families previously held.
  6. 6. Hareton’s and Catherine’s Realtionship.• At first Catherine was in Conflict with Hareton because he and Zillah did not help her in looking after ill Linton• After Lintons death, Catherine gets sick. Hareton makes shy and friendly advances towards Catherine, which she angrily rejects.• Hareton ask Zillah to request her to read them, but Catherine refuses on the grounds that she had been forsaken during Linton’s sickness and had no reason to care for Hareton.• In chp 31, Catherine complains to Lockwood that Hareton has taken all her books to read, though he does not know how to read. Catherine then mocks Hareton for his clumsy attempts at self-education “Those books, both prose and verse, were consecrated to me by other associations and I hate to hear them debased and profaned in his mouth.” This infuriates Hareton. He fetch the books and throw them in Catherine’s lap, but she persists in her mockery, reading aloud in the tone of a beginner. Outrageous Hareton throws all the books into the fire.
  7. 7. • Later, Catherine grows tired of animosity between herself and the young man and offers Hareton a book, which he refuses to take. She leaves it close to Hareton but he didn’t even touch it.• Hareton gets injured in a shooting incident in march and was condemned to the fireside till he recovered. Since Heathcliff did not like to see him, he spends a lot of time sitting in the kitchen where Catherine find many reasons to go.• One day Catherine gets the chance to talk to Hareton and resolve the issue between them.
  8. 8. Important Dialogues in Conversation b/w Hareton and Catherine.• Catherine : “I’ve found out, Hareton, that I want ---that I’m glad---that I should like you to be my cousin now, if you had not grown so cross to me, and so rough.”• Catherine: “……………When I call us stupid, I don’t mean anything; I don’t mean that I despise you. Come, you shall take notice of me, Hareton! You are my cousin, and you shall own me.”• Hareton: “I’ll go to hell, body and soul, before I look sideways after you again.”• Hareton: “ When she hates me, and does not think me fit to wipe her shoon! Nay if it made me a king, I would not be scorned for seeking her goodwill anymore.”• Catherine: “It is not I who hate you, it is you who hate me… You hate me as much as Mr.Heathcliff does.”• Catherine: “………But now I thank you, and beg you to forgive me: what can I do besides?”• Catherine: “Say you forgive me Hareton do! You can make me so happy by speaking that little word.”• Hareton: Nay, you’ll be ashamed of me everyday of your life…”
  9. 9. • Catherine then kissed Hareton on his cheek. Then she wrapped up a book neatly in white paper and after tieing it with the ribbon, she asked Nelly to take it to Hareton. She asks nelly to convey her message to Hareton whoch was “ And tell him, if he will take it I’ll come and teach him to read it right…and if he refuse it, I’ll go upstairs, and never tease him again.”• Hareton accepts the gift. Thus Catherine’s effort at reconciliation succedes and they become loving friends.• It was because of their relationship that they were not put to any further torment by Heathcliff. Heathcliff was struck by their resemblances to his Catherine, and himself confesses that now he has lost his motivation for destruction.• Both,Catherine and Hareton marry each other after Heathcliff’s demise. Catherine and Hareton resemble the earlier Catherine and Heathcliff. It can be assumed that the marriage of Hareton and Catherine was tehe echo of the marriage that never took place between Heathcliff and earlier Catherine.