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Universal Production- Evaluation
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  • 1. There may have been many media institutions which could have distributed our mediaproduct however for our final product we as a group decided to use ‘Universal’ for our distribution. Universal is sometimes called ‘Universal City Studios’ or ‘Universal Studios’ for short. I will be discussing why we came across this decision within this presentation. In addition to this universal pictures is the longest lived Hollywood studio and was first found in 1912 by Carl Laemmle. Furthermore many films use this institution.
  • 2. We came to a final conclusion of usinguniversal. This is because the company isone of the longest lived Hollywood studio.Also the company is well known and manyfilms have used this company within theirfilms.Universal is also targeted to everyonetherefore it would be the best institution todistribute our final product.
  • 3. Here below are a list of films that the universal studio have distributed:Bridesmaid– 2011Johnny English Reborn – 2011The Change Up – 2011Big Miracle – 2012Wanderlust – 2012Nanny Mcphee Returns – 2010The Wolfman – 2010Robin Hood – 2010
  • 4. Overall We decided to use universal as our production however we will be distributing our product through a smaller company such as working title films.Universal studios is a well known company and also the audience are familiar with it therefore our product would get more viewers. Thecompany is also targeted at everyone therefore their isnt a specific age group.