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Possible Shots

  1. 1. By Nisha Velji
  2. 2. The Idea Of Having LatestTechnologies For our music video ‘The one’ by Jennifer Lopez, we could use other shots from other pop videos as shown on the screenshots. These shots were taken from a pop video, as you can see the female in the shots is dressed in a stereotypical feminine way, she is seen as being glamorous. She is also a young female which fits in with the genre due to the fact most teenagers and young adults would mostly view and listen to pop video music. As well as this video being a pop video there is also romance within in, this would therefore link into our idea of presenting The one as a video. The idea of using a IPAD would also be effective due to the fact young teenagers are most interested in using these technologys, also they would be more attracted by viewing this video as it is linked in with them and how they socialise. As you can see from the screenshot of the couple walking towards each other you can see there has been a effect used which zooms into each of them, this idea could also be used within our own pop video as it would keep the audience engaged in watching it. The mise-en-scene in these shots also relate back to our idea, this is because of main unique selling point is the London city scape. This was how we would attract our audience, as this pop video shots are filmed in London we could use these kind of shots.
  3. 3. The Idea Of Having These shots have also been presented in a different pop video. We could takeBlack And White Shots the black and white idea further and film some shots with the couple or vocalist in black an white. We could show a few black and white images or snapshots when the vocalist herself is having flashbacks of her past relationship. This would be a effective way of keeping the audience more engaged with the video. Also we could use the idea of the couple casually enjoying their life with each other and completing or doing different activities such as casually laughing or going out for a movie etc. Furthermore these shots could also be linked into Richard dyers theory, due to the fact he suggest that music videos and media resources allow the audience to travel into the world of their own. They could also gain gratification from watching these videos as they are able to link it back to their own life as the main target audience is teenagers and they are the ones which would most likely be having relationship problems.
  4. 4. The Idea Of Shooting ina studio These shots of Nicole, are also from a different pop video which is already out in the market. As you can see she is singing in a studio, and the camera is just pointing at her, in this video there are also close ups of her, and different editing techniques used to make the video look more effective. The conventions used within these shots are stereotypical. She is dressed in a stereotypical way, this would allow the female audience to aspire to her and almost be just like her, it would also gratify the male audience as they often see women as objects therefore she is dressed the way boys want her to be dressed as she is wearing a low cut top, hair out jewellery etc. Relating this back to our music video we got the idea to shoot in a studio from this pop video to make the vocalist stand out. Our vocalist will be wearing a black and cream dress to make her look glamorous. We also choose to have various different shots within our music video by researching into other pop videos.
  5. 5. The Idea Of Having aVocalist and a Couple We came up with the idea of using a different vocalist and a different couple by looking at Rihannas Video and other pop Videos. We choose to have close ups of our vocalists to make the audience interact with our video and link it back to their life. We also got the idea of the couple having a argument and the girl walking away from this video, therefore we may use these shots shown on this powerpoint to make our music video look more interesting, the only difference would be is that we will be shooting in London due to the fact the London city scape is our unique selling point.
  6. 6. Other shots wemay use
  7. 7. The One And NarrativeTheoryOverall our main video would be following a lot of differenttheories, our storyline is based on a ‘Disruption and Equilibrium’therefore the main narrative theory we are following is Torodvstheory as the couple have breakups and then realise they aremade for each other.Also we will be following Andrew Goodwins theory (amplifyingnarrative) this is because the lyrics will be matching with what isshown on the video. All the shots I have shown on thisPowerPoint could be used in our final piece due to the fact itlinks into our idea. The black and white effects could show that itwas the vocalists past relationship which was ‘Perfect’ howeverrealises at the end.