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Digi pack

  1. 1. Digi Pack AnalysisAlbum Name:Jay Sean My own wayRealse date:12 May 2008Genre:R&B PopProducers: Jay Sean, Billy Grant, Rob StuartUK Charts- 6th in the UK charts in 2008Jay Sean ‘My own way’ include different songswhich have also been hit and have come in thetop chart singles in the UK.His album includes ‘Ride it’ which was releasedin 21st January 2008‘Maybe’this was released in April 2008‘Stay’which was released in 30th June 2008‘Tonight’this was released in 18 January 2009Within this digi pack it includes a variety of information which is given to the audience. The album coveralso has the song’s lyrics written on it for the audience to read. There are also different pictures of the artist‘Jay Sean’ on each page; this is because it shows the audience that he is the main artist. It also makes himmore ‘popular’ and well known as straight away the audience would realise who he is. Furthermore at theback of the Digi pack it has all the songs listed on it.
  2. 2. How does it make you feel?After viewing this Digi pack, it has encouraged me to listen to his songs. It has also made mefeel excited due to the fact he has added on his lyrics onto the album. This allowed me toidentify his songs and if I wanted I would have access to the lyrics to sing along with it. Inaddition to this is an appeal to its target audience which is ‘Teenagers’ it is also highlyaspirational as boys would want to be like him. It would also attract girls as they may be jaySean’s fans. Jay Sean songs are in the R&B or pop genre. The typography used is san serifthis also makes him look ‘Confident’ and shows that the masculine features, similarly itshows a dominant figure to the audience.What does it tell you about the artist band?By looking at this Album cover it attracts its target audience due to the mise-en-scene used.Furthermore looking at Jay Sean makes me more excited to listen to the music which is inthe album. Also by looking at Jay Sean’s album it can straight away tell me that it is aimed atyoung people due to the fact Jay Sean is a young artist.After viewing this Album cover ‘Jay Sean- my own way’ you can immediately identify thatthe genre is pop/R&B and is aimed at a young audience due to the fact of the image which isincluded on the case. In addition to this the album cover uses a serif typography whichportrays that the music could be mainly romantic which is aimed at a female audience morethan a male audience.Who do you think is the target audience?This Album cover is aimed at teenagers and young adults, aged 14+, I can identify thisstraight away due to the dress code and how the artists sings his songs. Furthermore jaySean also sings love songs within this albumsuch as ‘Stay’ this illustrates that it is aimedat teenagers as they would mostly be fallingin love at this age. Furthermore it aspirescertain individuals to be like Jay Sean anddress like him. It would also make the targetaudience gratified as they would see whatthey want to see; therefore they would bemore satisfied. In addition to this mostlyyoung teenagers and adults listen to music,as you wouldn’t get old people listening topop/R&B music. Within Jays Sean’s video heuses Andrew Goodwin’s theory as he followsan illustrative video- this is because theimages on the video match his lyrics.