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Cause and effect essay

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Cause effect essay powerpoint new

  2. 2. The Introduction General Statements :Two or three sentences that introduce the general topic or issueThesis Statement: A statement that shows purpose for the essay.
  3. 3. Writing General Statements for Both Cause and Effect Essays Working on the key words in the topic questionStarting with opposite ideaPast & PresentAsking a question
  4. 4. Working on the key words in the topic question• Why is there stress in the parent- child relationship?key words: stress, parent-child relationshipCan you give a brief description of this relationship?(parent-child)What type of stress are involved in this relationship?
  5. 5. Working on the key words in the topic question• Being parent means providing the love, care, and guidance that a child needs to grow into a healthy adult. Unfortunately, the special relationship between a parent and a child often involves argumants, hurt feelings, and other stresses. There are a number of reasons why there is stress in the parent-child relationship, but two stand out: parent’s misuse of authority and peer pressure on teens.
  6. 6. Starting with an opposite idea• In cause essay, you can start writing about effects of the topic.• In effect essay, you can start writing about causes of the topic.• If you want to focus on the positive aspects of something, you can start with negative aspects, or vice versa.
  7. 7. Starting with an opposite idea• Negative aspects of using credit cardsCredits cards are now used all over the world as there are many advantages of using them in modern life. Thanks to credit cards, people do not have to carry cash around, nor do they have to worry about unexpected emergency expenses. If used responsibly, credit card can be of great help. However, there are some traditional people who believe you should not use credit cards. These people refrain from using credit cards because of two main reasons: dislike of technology and irresponsible spending.
  8. 8. Past & Present• Causes of divorce In the past a great majority of people got married at a fairly young age and never got divorced in their entire life. However, the number of people who are getting divorced has increased dramatically in the last few decades. There are many factors linked to the rising divorce rate, but laws making divorce easier and changing cultural values are claimed to be main reasons.
  9. 9. Asking a question• The consequences of alcoholism How many times have you heard about the consequences of alcoholism? Have you taken them into account? Alcoholism is one of the major problems in society. The effects of this disease are really serious. Although there are numerous effects of alccoholism, two stand out: physical effects and psychological effects
  10. 10. Cause Essay• what makes something happen.
  11. 11. The format of Cause Essay• Introduction--Background and thesis• First Body Paragraph--The first reason why the thesis is true• Second Body Paragraph--The second reason why the thesis is true• Conclusion--Recap of essay
  12. 12. Writing thesis statement a number why of there is two numerou stress parent’sThere s reasons in the but stand misuse of out: authorityare several parent- and peer some child pressure various relation on teens a variety ship , of
  13. 13. Writing thesis statement a number of two numerous parent’sThere several stressful but stan misuse of reasons parent- d authorityare some for child out: and peer various relationshi pressure p, on teens a variety causes of of
  14. 14. Writing thesis statement stressful parent’s basic reasons parent- for misuse ofThe main child are relations authority chief hip and peer causes major of pressure on teens
  15. 15. Writing thesis statement refrain because of from using on the dislike ofTraditional stay technolog credit account of y and awaypeople from cards irresposib due to le keep spending away from owing to
  16. 16. Writing thesis statement laws the rising divorce rate the main reasons/ ones/ causes. m linked to ,but maki ng factors areThere a divorare associated claimed n ,yet ce causes with easi said y er thought related to ,still and assumed chan to ging be cultu ral value s
  17. 17. Writing thesis statement lawsThe rising is basically caused by makingdivorce chiefly stems from divorce easierrate mainly arises from and results from changing cultural values
  18. 18. Body ParagraphsBody Paragraph 1 topic sentence: the first reason details/examples(at least two)Body Paragraph 2 topic sentence: the second reason details/examples(at least two)
  19. 19. Body Paragraphs• Thesis statement: There are a number of reasons why there is stress in the parent-child relationship, but two stand out: parent’s misuse of authority and peer pressure on teens.
  20. 20. Body Paragraphs• Body paragarph 1:One reason why there is stress in theparent-child relationship is parents’ misuseof authority.Because of parents’ misuse of authority,there is often stress in the parent-childrelationship.
  21. 21. Body Paragraphs• Body paragraph 2A second/ Another reason why stress inparent-child relationship is high is peerpressure on teens.In addition, teens being strongly influencedin negative ways by their peers will inevitablylead to stress in parent-child realtionship.
  22. 22. Body Paragraphs• Thesis statement: The reason why animal spices are becoming extinct is illegal hunting and enviromental pollution.
  23. 23. Body Paragraphs• Body 1:As a result of illegal hunting, animal spicesare becoming extinct.The extinction of animal spices mainlyresults from/arises from/stems from/iscaused by illegal hunting.
  24. 24. Body Paragraphs• Body paragraph 2Enviromental pollution is anotherreason why animal spices becomeextinct/ for the extinction of animals.The extinction of animal spices is also due toenviromental pollution.
  25. 25. Body Paragraphs• Thesis statement:Enviromentalists all over the worldparticipate in protests because theywant to raise public awareness onenviromental issues and forcegovernments to take action.
  26. 26. Body Paragraphs• Body paragraph 1Enviromentalists all over the worldparticipate in protests in order to raisepublic awareness on enviromental issues.• Body paragraph 2Another reason why enviromentalists all over theworld participate in protests is that they want/aimto force the government to take action.
  27. 27. Body Paragraphs• Thesis statement:Although stress between co-workers isassociated with various factors, thetwo main causes of this stress arecompetition and unrealistic demands.
  28. 28. Body Paragraphs• Body paragraph 1:Stress between co-workers basically raisesfrom competition.• Body paragraph 2:Owing to the fact that there are unrealisticdemands at work, there is stress between coworkers
  29. 29. Body Paragraphs• If you want, you can add aconcluding sentence to the bodyparagraphs, drawing aconclusion from all the points youmentioned.
  30. 30. Concluding Paragraph1.Start with a sentence connector2.Rewrite your thesis statement3.Add a final comment
  31. 31. 1.Start with a sentence connectorTo sum up, In summary,To conclude, In conclusion,All in all, All things considered,On the whole, Taking everythingOn the balance, into consideration,
  32. 32. 2. Rewrite your thesis statement• The thesis statement: Although there are natural causes, global warming mainly stems from the excessive amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and ineffective waste-disposal sysytems.• Restatement of t.s.: All in all, the excessive amount of greenhouse gases and ineffective systems to get rid of wastes are the two basic reasons why our planet is warming up.
  33. 33. 3. Add a final comment• A thought-proviking message to humanityThe future lies in our hands, and thus it isthe responsibility of every citizen andcountry to support efforts in enviromentalprotection and leave a safe world to futuregeneration.
  34. 34. 3. Add a final comment• A suggestion for taking actionsUnless effective enviromental protectionprograms are launched by governments assoon as possible, it will be late for the worldto reverse the effects of global warming.
  35. 35. 3. Add a final comment• A warningIf effective means to reduce greenhousegas emissions cannot be found, the world willwitness catasrophic disasters.
  36. 36. 3. Add a final comment• Expressing a concernMany more animal and plant spices couldbecome extinct just because we care onlyabout our short-term profits, not theenviroment.
  37. 37. Effect Essay•what happens.
  38. 38. The format of Effect Essay• Introduction--Background and thesis• First Body Paragraph--The first effect• Second Body Paragraph--The second effect• Conclusion--Recap of essay
  39. 39. Writing Thesis Statement• Question: What are the effects of human’s exploiting nature?
  40. 40. Writing Thesis Statement the mainly leads to extinctionExploting chiefly causes of animalnature basically spieces and the loss of forests.
  41. 41. Writing Thesis Statement exploiting nature effects the negative impacts extinctionAmong of animalthe adverse influenc of are species and dramatic es the loss of consequ forests. ences
  42. 42. Writing Thesis Statement several the exploiting nature numero effects extinctio us n ofAlthough a impacts ,two animalthere number influences of of stand speciesare consequen a out: and the couple ces loss of of forests. various
  43. 43. Writing Thesis Statement many are exploiting nature numerous the said/ extinct seem toEven a number effects ion of be thethough of impacts of animal a couple influences species mostthere common of andare consequencces a variety the two/ loss of of ones. forests
  44. 44. Body ParagraphsBody Paragraph 1 topic sentence: the first effect details/examples(at least two)Body Paragraph 2 topic sentence: the second effect details/examples(at least two)
  45. 45. Body Paragraphs• Thesis Statement: Among the adverse effects of exploiting nature are the extinction of animals species and the loss of forests.
  46. 46. Body Paragraphs• Body paragraph 1:One of theprimary/basic/main/bad/adverse/negativeeffects/consequences/influences/impacts ofexploiting nature is the extinction of animalspecies./is thqt animal species becomeextinct. OR
  47. 47. Body ParagraphsExploiting nature has a negativeeffect/influence/impacts onanimal species. OR
  48. 48. Body Paragraphs• The main/basic/chief effect of exploiting nature is believed to/ is claimed to/ is said to be the extinction of animal species. »OR
  49. 49. Body Paragraphs causes the extinction mainly leads to of animalExploitingnature basically results in species. primarily brings about the fact that animal gives rise species to disappear.
  50. 50. Body Paragraphs negatively/ affects animal adverselyExploiting influences species in an adverse/nature impacts a negative way considerably dramatically
  51. 51. Body Paragraphs causesExploitingnature animals to become leads species extinct. to
  52. 52. Body Paragraphs • Body paragraph 2: exploiting nature effect the loss primary consequence ofAnother is forests main influence of basic impact
  53. 53. Body Paragraphs is exploiting nature the loss of forests. effect is said consequenceThe second influence of to be impact is assumed to be
  54. 54. Body Paragraphs affects negativelyExplotingnature also influences forests adversely impacts dramatically considerably