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Thumbs up to promotional usb drives


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If your sales have gotten off to a bit of a sluggish start this year then it might be worth thinking about how promotional USB Flash Drives could help inject a bit of "oomph" into them. …

If your sales have gotten off to a bit of a sluggish start this year then it might be worth thinking about how promotional USB Flash Drives could help inject a bit of "oomph" into them.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1.
  • 2. If your sales have gotten off to a bit of asluggish start this year then it might beworth thinking about how promotional USBFlash Drives could help inject a bit of"oomph" into them.Whilst they are not a panacea for all saleschallenges, used correctly, they cancertainly help reinvigorate your sales forceand add a much needed new impetus toyour sales enquiries which will hopefullylead to an increase in sales.
  • 3. Which promotional product is the size of a thumb,but gets more exposure than a pen, a magnet orcoffee mug? USB memory drives. These littlecomputer devices store electronic files such asdocuments, photos and spreadsheets. Thatsounds pretty important.USB memory devices are indeed a big dealbecause they are always needed and alwayssought after. Not only are they great for storingimportant data for piece of mind, but they are greatfor quickly and economically moving files from onecomputer to another. So with the flick of a wrist,recipients can plug their device into their computeror laptop and upload or download photographs,budgets, quotes, tax forms and hundreds of othervital documents.
  • 4. Promotional thumb drives are available in a widechoice of colors, sizes and styles. You can choosekey chain sized USB memory sticks made ofplastic, metal and even wood or bamboo. Customprinted flash drives can hold anywhere from 128GB to 16 GB of memory while also holding keys.That means this handy item is always availablewhen needed. And a gigabyte of memory isenough to hold a whole lot of information. In fact, itis fine for just about any casual computer user. Butmore memory is even better for those who save alot of stuff. Your logo truly has entered the futurewhen it appears on these sleek designedtechnology items.
  • 5. Promotional flash sticks make greatgiveaways for customers and employeesand are ideal for promoting not only a logo,but an important motivational or safetymessage. They are also ideal trade showgiveaways. Load your companys catalog orinformation on these drives and clients andprospects can view your information assoon as they get back to their office. Theyare also great for the health care industry,contractors and accountants.
  • 6. Memory sticks also make wonderful gifts.Teachers and school administrators will lovehaving these devices for storing studentinformation, grades, tests and vital contacts.Doctors use thumb drives for storingmedical records and tests when doingevaluations and billing. Volunteers will get akick out of having a place to store picturesof loved ones like family, friends andcoworkers.
  • 7. Thanks to great strides in technology, USBstorage devices are now reasonably priced.There are plenty of models available in awide choice of colors for under $10 each inquantity .You will find it hard to come upwith a promotional product with such a highperceived value anywhere.