Copying files onto promotional usb flash drives is boring so why do it


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If you're thinking about buying some promotional USB sticks for your business, perhaps for a forthcoming show, exhibition or event but you're dreading the prospect of having to load each and every one of them with data files then don't do it. Well, don't do it yourself that is!

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Copying files onto promotional usb flash drives is boring so why do it

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  2. 2. If youre thinking about buying some promotional USBsticks for your business, perhaps for a forthcomingshow, exhibition or event but youre dreading theprospect of having to load each and every one of themwith data files then dont do it. Well, dont do ityourself that is!
  3. 3. Of course you should load them with data (salesbrochures, web links, brochures, etc.) but dont putyourself through the torture and the tedium of doing ityourself. Get your supplier of the USB sticks to loadthe data for you before they are delivered. Mostsuppliers (providing its a reasonable amount of data)will pre-load the sticks for you free of charge. OK, youneed to be organized and have your data ready and youmight have to provide the supplier with the data earlybut if you can do this its so much easier than trying toload them yourself from you PC in the office!
  4. 4. Pre-loading data onto hundreds or thousands ofmemory sticks can take hours and in some cases days,depending on the size of the data you are copying. Sodont do it its not good for your health or your sanityand frankly no one will appreciate the effort that goesinto it anyway. Its the sort of thing that you need toexperience first-hand to understand just how grim atask it is.
  5. 5. Companies that offer a data-loading service typicallyuse commercial and automatic USB data duplicationequipment that allows them to load thousands ofmemory sticks pretty fast and without too muchhassle. These professional data-loading systems arerack mounted, they manage tens or hundreds of USBsticks at a time and the systems can be expanded tomeet demand. Of course theyre not cheap so its notthe sort of kit you buy unless you need to data loadUSB sticks in their thousands on a regular basis.
  6. 6. By using these commercial data services you shouldalso be able to get reports on the read/write speeds ofthe USB sticks you are buying and youll getconfirmation that the USB memory size youpurchased is what was actually delivered. Lots ofunscrupulous suppliers are selling "masked" USB flashdrives (e.g. a 256MB pretending to be a 1GB stick) butthe check sums a professional data loading machinedoes when it handles the data will show up anymemory discrepancies.
  7. 7. So, whilst it makes good business sense to pre-loadany promotional USB memory sticks with data justmake sure you get it done professionally. Not only willit save you the task and your sanity but youll bereassured that the sticks youve purchased are fit forpurpose.Phil is part of the team at USB2U. USB2U is a specialistsupplier of Branded and Promotional USB MemorySticks. We offer fast turnaround times, excellent adviceand support and free design and mock-ups. If you areconsidering Branded Memory Sticks or want customUSB memory sticks then please contact us - we d bedelighted to hear from you.