Churnbar Venturefest report


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Churnbar social media monitoring report from Venturefest Bristol, 3rd November 2011.

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Churnbar Venturefest report

  1. 1. Social Media Monitor Report for VentureFest Bristol 2011Period: 1/10/2011 - 6/11/2011The posts collected were divided into the following Tech classes: • Web • News • Blog • Microblogs • MediaSummary Posts by time for “VentureFest Bristol” OR “vfbristol” OR “vfbris”CommentaryAs expected, the majority of the posts on social media about VentureFest Bristol occurred onthe day, with a few smaller peaks in the few days before the event.© Churnbar 2011
  2. 2. VentureFest Bristol Posts, separated to Web, Blog, and Microblogs.CommentaryThere were, surprisingly, no posts in the News category, in spite of the number of pressreleases sent out by the organisers and participants. The pie chart demonstrates that themajority of posts found were microblogs (Twitter and Friendfeed), while there were many moreposts in the web category (labelled WWW above) than the blog category; these would primarilyhave been from blogs on company websites or on their own domains, rather than hosted onposterous,, or Venturefest Bristol sentiment over time: Positive, Neutral, and Negative.CommentaryThe chart shows that sentiment about VentureFest, as demonstrated in the social media feed,was largely neutral. There were very few negative posts. This could have been a result ofhaving a public twitter feed in the Forum, making people less likely to post negative tweets with© Churnbar 2011
  3. 3. the hashtags; negative posts may have been made without identifying the event directly forother reasons, and thus not have been returned by the search.Many of the neutral posts were similar to the one below: “RT @BusinessZone: RT @Dan_Martin: Paul Magelli: Entrepreneurs have got to be good at convincing people - your bank, investors, staff, spouse! #vfbrisOthers were along the lines of “at Venturefest”, though there are surprisingly few foursquarecheck-ins. Positive posts tended to discuss the show in general, and to congratulate theorganisers: “RT @Science_Bristol: Thank you to all involved at Venturefest Bristol 2011 this week. We hope to see you again next year. #vfbrisOf the two posts that came out negative, neither appears to have been definitively negative(neither was classified with more than 75% probability).1Note that we measure sentiment through the creation of a training set which is used by theclassifier to learn which features of tweets and other posts make them positive or negative.The training set is created by people reading a subset of posts, and thus takes into accountirony, sarcasm, and the context of words found.1 The classifier we use produces probabilities that the post will take each of the possible classifications. All the possibleprobabilities add up to one. In the case of the two negative posts found about Venturefest Bristol, there was a probabilitygreater than 25% that they were not negative.© Churnbar 2011
  4. 4. Venturefest Bristol average sentiment by tech class over timeCommentaryThe three point sentiment scale used has resulted in the chart shown above. This shows againthat sentiment, as classified by our system, is generally positive for the three major tech classesin the dataset, Blog, Microblog, and WWW.Note that on some days the chart shows an average of greater than one; this is a result of thesmoothing algorithm used when creating the charts.TimingAs already noted, the majority of the posts about VentureFest were posted on the day of theevent. The minor peaks prior to the event correlate to announcements of the participants in theInnovation Showcase and the Pitch event, as well as general attendees discussing the eventprior to going.We would suggest that this highly skewed distribution of social media posts, and low level ofoverall posts, represents a missed opportunity for Science City Bristol, Bristol & Bath SciencePark, and the participants in the Innovation Showcase and the Pitch to gather followings andpromote the event, both before and after, through social media and other channels.Consideration should be given, when planning next year’s event (assuming it will be repeated),to actively engaging all participant companies – and potential participant companies – early onthrough online competition, discussion, and debate. Creating awards, preferably voted on bythe public online, would encourage engagement by prospective participants, and increaseawareness of the event.© Churnbar 2011