Simplified Business Event Processing


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Simplified Business Event Processing presentation made by Nigel Green at the Enterprise Architecture Conference (EAC) London June 2010

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Simplified Business Event Processing

  1. 1. Nigel Green 5Di Limited
  2. 2. 1986 2010
  3. 3. **** **** **** Joint Tactical Information Distribution System A full picture of what’s going on ….but avoiding information overload to any one individual or team.
  4. 4. IBM believe there are enormous financial and strategic benefits to implementing event-driven business processes, because they suit the inherently event-driven nature of many aspects of the real world.   Postal and express parcel companies for item tracking   Transportation and logistics businesses to manage vehicle fleets more effectively   Bankers looking for fraud, money laundering, or breaches of financial regulations   Service providers seeking to minimize the mean-time-to-repair of faults   Automobile part suppliers providing parts to manufacturers for "just in time" production.   … and other business value networks such as: ◦  Distribution Networks - Airline Code Sharing Networks - Networked Air travel Services - Mobile Team Collaboration - Cold Value Chains - Franchised Operations - Multi-Modal Logistics - Collaborative Government - Seaport Security Networks - International Customs - Sensor Automation Networks - Secure Information Networks - Transportation Networks - Traffic Networks - Field Service Collaboration - Meshed information networks - Demand-driven Supply Chains…etc…etc In all these cases and more, there is an inherent requirement to handle large volumes of data in close-to real time.
  5. 5. “A design pattern for the processing of simple events in a way that is consumable by business users which indicates an actionable business situation and enables the business to respond rapidly to opportunities and threats”. Knowing about events helps me deal with problems Business events are before they get Knowing about just something I’d out-of-hand. ! events helps me rather know about spot than not!! opportunities early?! A pattern for creating business Situational Awareness
  6. 6. ng 4 essi rocrvices P e The access to information on the Web S 1 2 The use of external information and data processing services by people 2 and corporate IT 1 Pervasive business event visibility 3 within the enterprise 3 Visibility of business events outside Web the enterprise 4 Enterprise The opening-up of data from within Enterprise IT Applications corporate applications and making it 5 available in near-real-time to customers and trading partners. 5
  7. 7. 1 1 1 2
  8. 8.   Event Processing Technical Society: ◦  Event: Anything that happens, or is contemplated as happening. ◦  Simple event: An event that is not an abstraction or composition of other events. ◦  Complex event: An event that is an abstraction of other events ..
  9. 9. An A ecosystem! Database! Think event messaging ecosystem not database….
  10. 10. Event Publishers to whom I’m Subscribing Subscribers waiting to consume events Searchable event … logs RESTful Short event Pub-Sub messages with API hyperlinks to further content Imagine for a moment if physical objects could Tweet, what would they tell us?
  11. 11. People, applications and appliances publish event messages to staging queues (logs) that exist inside a web of business-events. Web of Business Events Staging Queues collect haul sort store haul sort haul deliver fulfil Event Messages Publishers
  12. 12. Customer Operation Network Service Business Reporting Capacity Enquiries Intelligence Planning Inter-company Inter-operation Third Party Integration Client-facing Subscribers Solutions Billing People, applications and appliances subscribe to event messages via their staging queues (logs) that also exist inside a web of business-events. Staging Queues collect haul sort store haul sort haul deliver fulfil Event Messages Publishers
  13. 13. Components Applying Rules Software components (agents) apply filtering and aggregation rules that control the flow of messages and ensure the subscribers only see the events they’re interested in. collect haul sort store haul sort haul deliver fulfil
  14. 14. Event-Triggered Business Logic Business knowledge in here Action No business knowledge here but Agents really good at moving lots of messages around and making them searchable Agents do specialist tasks that can create new events Other software agents execute specific business logic: e.g. verify information, execute transaction or notify customer
  15. 15. Staging Queues Searching in parallel across publishers Similar to searching on the Web. If you need the Get only the events that latest event you can search rather than are needed subscribe. e.g. Customer Service Request
  16. 16. An A ecosystem! Database! Think event messaging ecosystem not database….
  17. 17. In the first quarter of 2010, 4 billion tweets per quarter were posted. There are 600 million search queries on Twitter per day (April 2010). Twitter gets 3 billion requests a day through its API.
  18. 18. Web Oriented Architecture: •  e.g. REST, micoblogs, RSS •  mainstream since mid’00s Message Oriented Middleware : •  e.g. Asynchronous Transactions, Pub- Sub Channels, Control Queues •  Mainstream mid-90s Staged Event-Driven Architecture: •  e.g. Staged Queues, Traffic Throttling •  Since 2000 Auto ID and RFID Architecture: •  e.g. Edge-processing, EPCIS, Object ID •  Started circa 1999 A foundation for Business Situational Awareness without the need to buy or build exotic software.
  19. 19. Highly Internalised Highly Externalised Container: Container: Applications Container: Container: Human Brains & Databases The Organisation Web Communities 2 4
  20. 20. Highly Internalised Highly Externalised Container: Container: Applications Container: Container: Human Brains & Databases The Organisation Web Communities Blind Blind Blind Blind Spot Spot Spot Spot Blind Blind Spot Spot Blind Spot Not all business Useful Information and Shadow IT is Applications & services might be out there… used to Databases are processes automated by support gaps built to meet IT and customer/ partner information Is my business visible to these in corporate IT vertical needs communities? limited 2 Information is either not visible or not available outside its container. 5
  21. 21. Highly Internalised Highly Externalised Values Container: Values Container: Applications Container: Container: Human Brains & Databases The Organisation Web Communities Methods Barrier Policies Methods Barrier Policies Trust Trust Values Methods Barrier Policies Trust Differing values, trust issues, poorly considered policies and narrowly- 2 6 focused change methods strengthen barriers
  22. 22. Events Trust Values Systems Behaviour Content Policies VPEC-T
  23. 23.
  24. 24. state machine versus event ecosystem event payload content edge processing object identity duplicate event strategies event network control message handling mechanisms configurability versus synchronous eventual unintended consequences transactions consistency versus strong consistency information confidence marking value network analysis event granularity versus six sigma fuzzy versus idempotency precise events event taxonomies
  25. 25. ç
  26. 26. 1.  Can you see an opportunity for improved Situational Awareness in your organisation? 2.  How would you design information systems if: ◦  every business activity could make process state changes broadly available ◦  physical objects could tell you their whereabouts and status …in near-real-time?
  27. 27. Twitter: 5Di Twitter hash tag: #sbep Simplicity By Design
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