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Microsoft Partner Roadshow  - To the Cloud
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Microsoft Partner Roadshow - To the Cloud


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Cloud Presentation for Microsoft Partner Roadshow - March 2011

Cloud Presentation for Microsoft Partner Roadshow - March 2011

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. To the cloud
    Nigel Watson
    Platform Strategy Advisor – Microsoft Australia
  • 2. Business trends are reshaping technology
    business has transformed in deeper ways…
    While the global economy has faced gloom and doom…
    creating shifts in technology.
    Economic trends
    • Cuts in operating costs and capital expenditures
    • 3. Increased competition for fewer dollars
    • 4. Do more with less
    Business trends
    • Focus on core value-add activities
    • 5. Improve agility to stay competitive
    • 6. Leverage existing assets to expand
    Technology trends
    • Shift from information technology to business technology
    • 7. Technology erases infrastructure complexity
    • 8. Globalization
  • What is cloud computing?
  • 9. What is cloud computing?
    Elastic (on-demand)
    Self Service
    Multitenant (Shared)
    Metered by use
  • 10. Industry Cloud Models
    (as a Service)
    (as a Service)
    (as a Service)
    You manage
    You manage
    Managed by vendor
    You manage
    Managed by vendor
    Managed by vendor
  • 11. Freedom to choose
    Choose between on-premises, hosting, or the cloud based on your needs.
  • 12. The Windows Azure Platform
    Developer Experience
    Use existing skills and tools.
  • 13. The Windows Azure Platform
    Developer Experience
    Use existing skills and tools.
  • 14. Windows Azure automates the management of your IT resources
    Service Management is performed by the Fabric Controller, which controls all the resources within the data centre. The Fabric Controller deploys your service and monitors the overall health of the fabric.
    Security and Control State-of-the-art physical security processes combined with strictly controlled OS access model. Data is replicated in multiple fault domains in location selected by the customer.
    Virtualised Computation provides massive application scalability. Customers can build a combination of web and worker roles. Those roles can be replicated as needed to scale the applications and computational processing power.
    Storage Services allow customers to scale to store large amounts of data – in any format – for any length of time, only paying for what they use or store.
    State-of-the-art data centres located around the world. Host your applications and data securely, accessible from everywhere you allow.
  • 15. Windows Azure Compute
    • Runs a customer-supplied OS image
    • 16. Allows execution of custom applications and services
    • 17. Available from 2011
    • Interacts with end-user or web services
    • 18. Communicate with worker roles directly or via queues
    • Initiates their own requests for data or tasks from the queue
    • 19. Similar to a "batch job” or Windows service
    • 20. Build services and solutions with any combination of Web, Worker and VM Roles
    • 21. Communicate via HTTP/HTTPS, TCP/IP, and ports other than 80 and 443
    • 22. Develop with Microsoft and non-Microsoft tools: ASP.NET, WCF, other .NET tools, Java, Python, Ruby, etc.
  • My Casting Net
  • 23.
  • 24.
  • 25.
  • 26. MyCastingNet
    “We load tested the site with 10,000 hits in 3 mins and it returned a page 100% of the time with barely any change in the response time.” - Hayden Kerr, MyCastingNet
    Enterprise Grade Security
    • Solution subject to intense scrutiny from potential adopters: passed with flying coloursby leveraging enterprise class security of the Azure cloud
    Massive Scale
    • Load testing shows the site can leverage Azure scale to accommodate 10000 hits/3 minutes, over 6.5 times the workload that swamped an equivalent on-premise solution
    • Built in – no need to build DR
    • 27. 99.93% uptime since deployment
  • Windows Azure Storage
    • Windows Azure storage is an application managed by the Fabric Controller
    • 28. Windows Azure applications can use native storage, MySQL within a VM, or SQL Azure
    • 29. Application state is kept in storage services, so worker roles can replicate as needed
    • 30. Blobs can be stored in global Windows Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Windows azure blob – Storage
    • Store of Large files (Movies, Music, Pictures, etc.) along with Metadata
    • 31. Block Blob
    • 32. Targeted at streaming workloads
    • 33. Each blob consists of a sequence of blocks [up to 4MB per block]
    • 34. Up to 200GB per blob
    • 35. Page Blob
    • 36. Targeted at random read/write workloads at the page level
    • 37. Each blob consists of an array of pages
    • 38. Up to 1TB per blob
    • 39. Standard Operations
    • 40. Put, Get, Delete, Copy, Snapshot, Lease
  • Windows Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    North America Region
    Europe Region
    Asia Pacific Region
    Dublin, IE
    London, GB
    Stockholm, SE
    Amsterdam, NL
    Chicago, IL
    Seattle, WA
    Newark, NJ
    Seoul, KR
    Bay Area, CA
    Los Angeles, CA
    Paris, FR
    Zurich, CH
    Ashburn, VA
    Vienna, AT
    Miami, FL
    Tokyo, JP
    San Antonio, TX
    Hong Kong, HK
    Singapore, SG
    Taipei, TWN
    São Paulo, BR
    Sydney, AU
    Over 2 terabits per second of capacity is available at 99.95% availability from our 22 global locations. CDN service scales automatically without user intervention
  • 41. Windows Azure Appfabric
    Secure Connectivity
    • Bridge cloud services, on-premises apps, and hosted assets
    • 42. Build distributed apps for your business or to collaborate with partners
    Across boundaries
    • Navigate network and security boundaries, securely and simply
    • 43. Federate identity and access across organisations and ID providers
    • 44. Simplify claims-based authorisation for distributed apps and web services
    At Cloud Scale
    • Scale up and down as your business requires
    • 45. Automated service mgmt. and dynamic scale
    • 46. Interoperate with a variety of languages and industry standards
    AppFabric Service Bus
    Connect apps & services
    AppFabric Acesss Control
    Control & secure access
  • 47. Windows Azure Connect
    Secure network connectivity between on-premises and cloud
    Supports standard IP protocols
    Enables hybrid apps access to on-premises servers
    Allows remote administration of Azure apps
    Simple setup and management
    Integrated with WA Service Model
    Web, Worker and VM Roles supported
  • 48. Open Windows
  • 49. Open Windows
    “Faster deployment, lower TCO, customers push Open Windows to Cloud”
    • Contract and Category Management .NET solution traditionally delivered on-premise
    • 50. Customer demand leads Open Windows to redevelop and deploy on Azure Platform in months
    • 51. Customers exchange in-house IT for business outcomes
    • 52. Public sector drives demand for cloud app
    Case Studies
    • Brisbane City Council consumes Open Windows from Azure Platform - July 2010
    • 53. Sensis (Telstra) consumes Open Windows from Azure - February 2011
    • 54. Open Windows launches Local Government Shared Service on Azure - March 2011 (with MAV support)
    Real Benefits
    • Customers lower project costs by removing need to support application vendor with internal IT infrastructure & support
    • 55. Open Windows deploys in less time and cuts implementation timeframe
    • 56. Multi tenant shared service can start small and scale with demand and usage spikes
    • 57. Platform opens new markets for vendor
  • The Windows Azure Platform
    Developer Experience
    Use existing skills and tools.
  • 58. Extending SQL Server to the Cloud
    Enterprise-class “scale-up” data platform
    Multiple hardware platforms and deployment options
    Deploy as dedicated server in customer datacenter, VM or 3rd party
    Typically licensed per-server or per processor
    Distributed “scale-out” database service
    Abstracts OS and hardware management
    Low-friction provisioning, multi-tenant
    Automatic high-availability and data replication
    Pay-as-you-go and commitment offers
    Symmetry with Traditional RDBMS
    Familiar T-SQL relational model
    Support existing code libraries and protocols
    Ecosystem of familiar development and management tools
  • 59. SQL Azure – Core differentiators
    Scale on Demand
    Innovate Faster
    Managed Service
    Innovate with new data application patterns
    Build cloud-based data solutions on a familiar relational model
    Build on existing developer skills and familiar Transact-SQL syntax
    Database as a utility with pay as you grow scaling
    Rely on Business-ready SLAs
    Enable multi-tenant solutions
    Manage multiple servers
    Platform capabilities delivered as a service (Database, Data Sync, Reporting…)
    Reduced complexity, greater flexibility
    Easy provisioning and deployment
    Auto High availability and fault tolerant
  • 60. Application Topologies
    From Windows Azure
    From Outside Microsoft Datacenter
    From Windows Azure & Outside Microsoft Datacenter
    SQL Server
    App Code / Tools
    App Code / Tools
    Application / Browser
    SQL Azure
    Data Sync
    Microsoft Datacenter
    Microsoft Datacenter
    Windows Azure
    Windows Azure
    SQL Azure
    SQL Azure
    SQL Azure
    Code Near
    Code Far
  • 61. SQL Azure Reporting CTP
    Based on SQL Server Reporting Services
    Interactive and tabular reporting
    Data visualizations: charts, graphs, mapping, gauges
    SQL Azure Database data sources
    Utilizes BI Developer Studio (free) to author reports
    Export to Excel, PDF, CSV formats
    Core scenarios:
    Operational reporting on SQL Azure data
    Embed reports into Windows Azure or on-premises applications
    Web Role
  • 62. Kelly Street Digital – Campaign Taxi
  • 63. Campaign Taxi
    “Windows Azure is an unbelievable product. I’m an evangelist for it in my network of startups. We’ve chosen this cloud platform and we’re sticking with it.” - Glen Knowles, Cofounder, Kelly Street Digital
    Decreased Costs
    • 84% saving on cloud provider costs after switching from Amazon to Azure
    • 64. $600/mo infrastructure consultant spend eliminated
    • 65. Total projected savings over three years: 68%
    Increased Speed
    • A typical deployment exercise on Amazon took an entire afternoon – now takes around 20 minutes
    • 66. Initial migration took one developer three weeks (against a projection of six weeks)
    • 67. Improved runtime response-time over Amazon
    • Built in – no need to build DR
    • 68. Azure SLA provides guarantees around uptime, without having to invest in the infrastructure to achieve these
    • 69. Built-in scalability allows Campaign Taxi to grow dynamically in the face of changing demand ( )
  • 70. The Windows Azure Platform
    Developer Experience
    Use existing skills and tools.
  • 71. Developer Tooling
    Windows Azure SDK
    Includes a development fabric for running and debugging code locally
    Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio
    Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse for PHP and Java
  • 72. Management Tooling
    Fast and user friendly portal for Windows Azure Platform services
    Enables high visibility and control
    Supports multiple users and adminroles
    Enable and connect to Windows Azure instances using Remote Desktop
    Built on the Windows Azure Service Management APIs
  • 73. Management Automation
    • Public REST interfaces
    • 74. Service Management and Diagnostics APIs
    • 75. Deployment and life cycle management
    • 76. Diagnostics and logging
    • 77. PowerShell CmdletswrapREST APIs
    • 78. Enable building of sophisticated deploymentscripts
    • 79. System Center integration
  • Windows Azure Security
    • Microsoft data centres with state-of-the-art security process
    • 80. Redundant power supplies from separate providers, battery and diesel backup generators, climate control, and fire prevention and suppression
    • Multiple data centres in different geographies
    • 81. Users can choose single location or geo-distributed data centres
    • 82. Storage data is replicated multiple times
    • 83. Fabric is designed to be backed up and restored from checkpoints
    • Microsoft is committed to complying with all local laws
    • 84. Industry certification is a core part of the Windows Azure roadmap
    • 85. Customers are ultimately responsible for the security and compliance of their services or applications–Windows Azure is a platform
    • Windows Azure is optimised for cloud access with no admin access to guests or applications
    • 86. Applications and users do not update the OS
  • Janison
  • 87. Janison Uses the Windows Azure Platform to Assess Students Online
    Business Challenge
    • To date – 30,000 students online at once
    • 88. 300 azure servers
    • 89. Application developed in 3 months
    • 90. Hosting costs less than $10K
    • 91. Azure roles for authentication, testing and data synchronisation
    • 92. Linked to administration IIS/SQL system
    • 93. Deliver an online assessment for up to 80,000 students at once
    • 94. Support up to 5,000 transactions per second
    Key Learning
    • Realisation that scaling out servers was the easiest path to achieve performance
    • 95. Cost of scaling out is not prohibitive, in fact relying on it can improve your design
    • 96. Load testing is major part of this type of project
    • 97. New opportunities for community applications (learning, assessment, collaboration)
  • Monthly Service Level Agreement
    Service bus and access control availability
    Instance monitoring and restart
    Service bus and access control endpoints will have external connectivity
    Message operation requests processed successfully
    Storage service will be available/reachable (connectivity)
    Your storage requests will be processed successfully
    Database is connected to the internet gateway
    All databases will be continuously monitored
    All running roles will be continuously monitored
    If role is not running, we will detect and initiate corrective state
    Your service is connected and reachable via web. Internet facing roles will have external connectivity
  • 98. Windows Azure Platform Consumption Prices
    Pay as you go and grow for only what you use when you use it
    Elastic, scalable, secure, and highly available automated service platform
    Highly available, scalable, and self managed distributed database service
    Web Edition
    Business Edition
    Starting at $10.98/month(1 or 5 GB DB/month)
    Starting at $109.88/month(10-50 GB DB/month)
    Per GB stored and transactions
    Per service hour
    Per database/month
    Per database/month
    + Variable Instance Sizes
    $0.1649 GB/month
    $0.011/10k transactions
    Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus and Access Control Service
    APAC $0.11/GB/in $0.22/GB/out
    US and EU $0.11/GB/in $0.165/GB/out
    Scalable, automated, highly available services for secure connectivity
    Access Control
    Service Bus
    $4.39/month per connection
    $2.19/100k transactions
    Per Message Operation
    Per Message Operation
    Prices shown in AUD
    International prices are available
  • 99. Compute role options
    Extra Small Instances
    Designed for small scale web applications
    Mix and match with larger VM Instances
  • 100. Windows Azure Platform Development Accelerator Extended (DAE)
    One-time promotional offer of $120.831 -52%off the normal consumption rates. What you get:
    Windows Azure
    750 hours of a small compute instance
    10 GB of storage
    1,000,000 storage transactions
    SQL Azure
    1 Business Edition database (up to 10 GB relational database)
    Windows Azure platform AppFabric
    1,000,000 Access Control transactions
    1 pack of 5 Service Bus connections2
    Data Transfers
    Asia Pacific region
    2.5 GB in and 5 GB out
    For offer details
    • Go to
    • 101. Select “Australia” from drop down
    • 102. Click on “Learn More”
    Subscription term is 6 months. The offer is valid only for a six month term but can be renewed once at the same base unit rate.
    Service bus namespaces must be provisioned with a pack size of 5 pack connections (or larger if you purchase multiple base units with your subscription) to utilize the amounts included in your offer. If you only use individual service bus connections or connection packs larger than your included connections, you will be charged. If you purchase multiple base units with your offer, you can spread the included pack connections across multiple namespaces within the same project.
    120.83 *
  • 103. KickStart your Azure Business Development Accelerate Extended (DAE)
    DAE= $714 (52% off standard consumption rates)
    How to Redeem? Send invoice via email to Mike Heald at
    * Purchase two “DAE” subscriptions at $714 each. $1,000 is limited to the first 40 partners (Subscriptions must be purchased between March 16th– May 28th). Must be purchased as two separate transactions (not in the same order)
  • 104. Local Customer Examples
  • 105. Windows Azure Platform Roadmap
  • 106. Thanks!