Poem on nature (english)


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Poem on nature (english)

  1. 1. In a lovely dusk…When the golden rays of the sun caress the deep blue sea…,I was sitting by the reef… admiring the beauty of the nature which isthe greatest blessings of God,In my loneliness, I felt, the sounds of the voiceless waves are tryingto murmur something in my ears,And some verses arose inside me…now i give life 2 those verses in a form of a poem…. Five elements in Nature which we all know.. But why are they parted? Are they because, we, human beings have five senses & sensory organs? "Earth, water, wind, sky & fire" where is the other one? Is it because of its disappearance that our forefathers totally ignored it in the past? Yes... It is "Plants"! Whenever we think about Nature, It flashes through our mind the “Greenery plants”. Who will object to admire the evening sky while sitting beneath the trees with the embrace of soft breeze in a chilly river bank...?
  2. 2. Nature cannot be Nature without plants! Because they are the beautifiers of Mother Nature. We say "the wrath of five elements ends up in natural calamities" But we are not willing to understand The cry of Mother Nature causes it. When the earth becomes impatient… It expresses its helplessness in the form of "Earth quake". The rage of water expressed by "Tsunami” and "Inundation" The outburst of the wind is "cyclone" The weeping of the sky is "Thunder" The most dangerous form of devastation is caused by fire, This would not leave anything, Even the remains…Have we ever thought about another form of Natural disaster these days? Which is a challenge to nature… And forms nature as a challenge is… "Devastation of plants"One of the bitter truths accepted by the science is "Global warming" But, what causes it? The answer is "deforestation" The main reason being deforestation Not just vanishing the woods but the whole earth.
  3. 3. Have we ever known even the wildest animals to destroy nature? Are we the six sensed creatures wilder than them? Devastating the forest… Capturing the land… Striking the sky… Burning… and polluting the air…How can we call „us‟ as “Human” who change the atmosphere of our ecological community? What have we done in return to our mother nature who grew us? Saying that there are so many Gods in the Nature for human to worship … Does Human behave with good manner to be worshipped by the Nature??Let it be the beginning of our thinking… even though this is the end of my words… Thank you…By: Ismalebbe Mohamed Nifraas Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Srilanka. +94-75-5483188 nifraas@yahoo.com Nifty creations ©