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Sponsoring Zee Cine Awards
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Sponsoring Zee Cine Awards


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Proposition to become partner in an Indian-Dutch tradeshow in The Hague, when the Zee Cine Awards gala takes place in August

Proposition to become partner in an Indian-Dutch tradeshow in The Hague, when the Zee Cine Awards gala takes place in August

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  • 1. Sponsoring Zee Cine Awards Den Haag 2009 Win the hearts of decision makers from India
  • 2. Tradeshow. Galadinner. Awardshow 
    • The city of The Hague has expressed its commitment to be the proud host of Bollywood's most prestigious award ceremony: Zee Cine Awards. This will take place in August, 2009.
    • There is a so called Zeenith in 29 categories, and there are 5 Viewer Awards.
    • The Hague welcomes the opportunity to organise an important event for trade between Holland and India.
    • With this, we invite you to discover the opportunities to enhance your business with Indian officials and companies. 
  • 3. The biggest tent on earth
    • Rumour has it, that you can spot it twice  on Google Earth. The Galaxy measures 60 x 100 meter.
    • It will be placed on the Malieveld, the beating heart of the city.
    • It will harbour the Award Show, aired to a potential reach of 500 million people across three continents. But on the day before, while repetitions take place, visitors from Holland and India will visit an unique tradeshow.
  • 4. IT. Cine. Infra. Little Mumbay
    • Four corners, four worlds. In Little Mumbay, the City itself seeks to promote all it has to offer. Various other exposers, e.g. local businesses, meet prospects from home and abroad.
    • The IT World focusses on opportunities to improve outsourcing. The logical bridge to the Cine World is found in gaming and special effects.
    • Cine World shows what Holland has to offer in terms of formats, readymade productions and scripts. A range of international equipment suppliers will be happy to show their goodies.
    • Infra World shows India what makes Holland special: innovative and cost-cutting ways to solve difficult infrastructural problems. 
  • 5. Who's in it for me?
    • We will be happy to invite your Indian partners or prospective partners. Obviously, whether they accept the invitation is their call.
    • We'll fly them in and you make sure they feel at home at your booth.
    • Per 25m2 unit, you'll be entitled to 5 chairs for the gala dinner and the award show.
    • We'll make sure the stars your prospect worship, will pop in every now and then.
    • If this is not the perfect setting to do business, what is?
  • 6. All this. And exposure too
    • The Zee Cine award event is the biggest event of the year in The Hague. We will thank all sponsors / exhibitors in our own media. This includes the official event internet site, local news papers, speeches etc. etc. Also, every visitor of the award show, will find the official programme that shows your logo.
    • And there will be at least 9.000 visitors!
    • Sponsors that buy 5 units or more, will be granted 10 Mixed Zone Access Passes to the Mixed Zone, where you can mingle with the stars.
  • 7. Your commitment. What we need
    • Each unit of 25 m2 costs 25.000 euro excl. VAT.
    • This includes the booth with 220V, 5 seats for the award show and all exposure.
    • Stand design and furniture, screens, drinks etc. are not included.
    • Do you make it possible that we welcome this event to The Hague?
    • We'll make sure you will never regret...
  • 8. Contact details
    • Sales team:
    • Niels Rood 
    • +31 6 54368582 
    • [email_address]
    • Mike Hanenberg 
    • Leen van Rossem 
    • City of The Hague:
    • Ramon Jaikaran