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About struktur-spreed-ucs-2010 jan-1

About struktur-spreed-ucs-2010 jan-1






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    About struktur-spreed-ucs-2010 jan-1 About struktur-spreed-ucs-2010 jan-1 Presentation Transcript

    • meet present share train
      Unified Web Meeting and Telephone Conferencing Services and Products
    • 2
      • Who We Are
      • Product Overview
      • Value Proposition
      • Roadmap
      • Discussion
    • 3
      • Software technology company
      • 3 product lines: spreed, FPS, icoya
      • Management Niels Mache (CEO), Patrick Walther (Director Sales)
      • Privately owned by the management
      • 20 employees
      • Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany
      History and Milestones:
      • 2000: Investment from Niels Mache, incorporation of struktur AG, “icoya” product line started
      • 2001: “struktur FPS” product development started
      • 2003: “spreed” product development started
      Portrait of struktur AG
    • 4
      • spreed public meeting services
      • spreed services offered in Japan and Australia
      • spreed Web Meeting systems sales:KGsolutions Japan, 1&1 USA, Arcor Germany, F24 Germany, Sapodo, Linea1 Russia, NTRglobal Spain
      • spreed Call - Instant lead generation for SalesForce. Web Analytics partnership with WiredMinds AG
      History and Milestones
    • 5
      • Release of spreed Unified Conferencing System (UCS)
      • Worldwide telephone conferencing for spreed meeting service
      • spreed UCS systems sales:NTRmeeting, The Peoples World (United Nations service), Tevia/F24 AG, Canonical, Societe Generale
      • Customers: Vodafone, XING, DWS (German Bank), Fuji, Atomic Energy Society (Japan), Medicast (Czech Rep.), Clive International (Australia) and many more
      • More than 130.000 spreed users worldwide
      History and Milestones
    • 6
      spreed added-value Conferencing Services
      Unified web- and telephone
      conferencing systems and
      services for:
      • Interactive sales meetings
      • Meetings and presentations
      • Live seminars and conferences
      • Decision making processes
      • Consulting and support
      • Interviews
      • Trainings
      • Onlinehelpdesks
    • 7
      spreed Unified Conferencing and Collaboration
      Video and VoIP
      Presentations of video, PDF, Office, PowerPoint
      Telephone Conferencing
      Screen/application sharing (apps, live demos)
      Desktop remote control
      Chat, real-time feedback
      File/document sharing
      Shared whiteboard
      Recording and Archiving
    • 8
      XING – The leading European professional network
      Instant access to 7.5 million business users world-wide
      Critical mass
      > 7.5 million users
      European #1
      Highly active
      60% activity rate(1)146 million connections
      #1 globally
      601,000 payers
      26,000 groups
      201 ambassadors
      #1 globally
      XING and spreed can offer tremendous potential for business applications
      Source: XING Company information , as of March 2009
      Notes: (1) DACH
    • 9
      spreed server systems are certified by Red Hat, SAP and IBM.
    • 10
    • 11
      spreed Call Click-to-Meet
      Web-enabled Click-to-Meet telephone and Web meeting service
      • Unified telephone and web conferencing for online sales and support
      • Helps online visitors and customers to find what they need before they leave your web site
      • Impacts at the online moment and provide prospective buyers with immediate assistance
      • Available as add-on service for spreed
    • 12
      spreed Call Instant Lead Generation
      The ultimate tool for online support and sales
      • Dynamic Click-to-Meet
      • avail. as button/avatar/video
      • Integrated Web Analytics (WiredMinds)
      • Real-time customer scoring
    • 13
      Mobile Device Strategy
      iPhone products
      • spreed Connect Call-Connect Service- Available as a mobile application (webapp) for the Apple iPhone - application in development (release Feb 2010)
      • spreed Application (in development, release in Feb 2010)- scheduling/creating of meetings- to participate a web meeting (with 3G/WLAN internet access)
    • 14
      Why is spreed Unified Communication unique?
      • Integrated Web Conferencing, VoIP and telephone conferencing
      • Easy to use
      • Web based: runs entirely in the web browser
      • Platform independent: supports all desktops and operating systems including Linux
      • Secure, complies with high security standards
      • Language s: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Czech, Japanese, Russian (Chinese, Korean and Portuguese are currently in translation)
      • Features: screen sharing, livevideo, Office and PDF presentations and scalable whiteboard, dedicated meeting rooms
      • Scalable: supports thousands of parallel web meetings and web casts with thousands of participants
      • Reliable—spreed services are proven to have 99.95% uptime
      • Fits your business: available as full service, SaaS and conference appliance
    • 15
      Unique Value Proposition
      • Web and telephone conferencing is offered to end-users as a service:
      • web conferencing,
      • rich telephone conferencing, and
      • call connect services
      • Short sales cycle
      • Unique value: customized, full featured conferencing, platform independent
      • More cost effective (in terms of investment and operating costs) compared to other vendors
      • Available as
      • dedicated solution (host your own systems)
      • full-service, i.e. hosted web- and telephone
      conferencing including customer support and SLA
    • 16
      Unique Value Proposition for Service Provider
      spreed services unleash a unique added-value for
      Internet and VoIP service provider
      The spreed server is available for service provider as
      • Virtual appliance for Parallels Virtuozzo
      • Dedicated conference appliance
      • White label and corporate design options
      • Multi-User and Multi-Tennant (Hosting Edition)
      • Real SaaS platform which allows own modules via spreed remoting and new revenue models
      • Built-in billing and end-user licensing interface
      • High-efficient and scalable design
      • Rock solid 24/7 application (references available)
    • 17
      spreed is a product of struktur AG
    • 18
      Global Conferencing Markets
      Worldwide sales and distribution strategy
      approx. 7% of ww IT-market
      9% of ww IT-market
      approx. 12% of ww IT-market
      25% of ww IT-market
      10% of ww IT-market
      3% of ww IT-market
    • 19
      Global Conferencing Market
      • The market is strongly growing (see chart)
      • Referring to market analysts there is enough room for growth even for new vendors
    • 20
      The German Market (Wainhouse Research)
       The German market for conferencing services is characterized by
      • Exceptional growth in unattended audio volume at 61% as well as revenues with 64%
      • Phenomenal growth of 232% in web conferencing for the year  
      Within 2007, Unattended (Reservationless) conferencing accounted for over €70 million in revenue within Germany, coming from 880 Million unattended minutes.
      The average price point for this service is €0.08 per minute. For the period 2007 through 2012 we are forecasting 15% overall market growth, to be led by web conferencing (39%) and unattended audio (10%).  
    • 21
      European Market
      The European market will grow faster than the US market
      European market for Web Conferencing Europe until 2007
      Revenues (Mio.US-$)
      Mio US$ growth in %
      2000 10,0 ---
      2001 17,5 75,0
      2002 61,3 250,0
      2003 117,0 91,0
      2004 188,3 61,0
      2005 271,2 44,0
      2006 374,3 38,0
      2007 501,5 34,0
    • 22
      Gartner Quadrant
      Magic Quadrant for Web Conferencing
      Gartner, September 2005
    • 23
      spreed is a product of struktur AG
    • 24
      Roadmap for 2009/2010
      Some items on our roadmap for 2009:
      • Meeting center. Allows spreed customers to publish a registration form and meeting schedule for participants. Great value for corporate customers
      • Podcast export of recordings (audio/video playback on iPods / iPhone, PC and Mac)
      • Cloud infrastructure work
      • Improvements for PowerPoint (animations, rendering)
      • Mobile devices: scheduling of meetings, scheduled telephone conferencing
    • 25
      Roadmap for 2009/2010 cont.
      Tasks already in progress
      1. Studio / Infrastructure
      Meeting Center / Client Self Registration Page ("Meeting Center").
      2. Panel / Studio / Infrastructure
      Improved Screen sharing with screen shot capability.
      3. Infrastructure
      Mac and Linux screen sharing update (with adaptive JPEG / JPEG2000 support).
      4. Panel / Infrastructure
      Online Help
      URL from spreed panel to the spreed studio online help with instant printing functionality. Language specific.
      5. Panel / Studio / Infrastructure
      Meeting meeting type private restricted
      Meeting meeting type private without participant list for non-moderators and the ability to send audio/video (equivalent to broadcast meeting type but for invited participants only)
    • 26
      Roadmap for 2009/2010 cont.
      Tasks already in progress
      6. Infrastructure
      Single-Sign-On / Global load balancing
      Already implemented for dedicated clients but not yet widely available with spreed online services. Always connect to the best meeting server available
      (commonly the geographically nearest server clusters) utilizing the spreed peer-to-peer and server interconnect protocol (UDP based w/ adaptive bandwidth control, global load balancing and fail-over) and our 3Monkey encryption scheme.
      7. Panel / Studio / Infrastructure
      Browser based MP3 playback for audio recordings.
      8. Infrastructure
      Statistic functions (see R20081004 requirement).
      9. Infrastructure
      Support for PowerPoint animations.
      10. Panel / Infrastructure
      Presence Control. Automated feature which asks the attendee in random time intervals (approx. range is 2 - 10 minutes) to acknowledge hist/her presence in the web meeting. The box (which appears in random intervals) must be clicked within a given time period (30 seconds or less) to acknowledge the user presence.
    • 27
      Roadmap for 2009/2010 cont.
      Tasks already in progress
      11. Panel
      Sound setup wizard featuring Automatic Gain Control (AGC). See R20090611 requirement document.
      12. Studio / Infrastructure
      Improved address book CSV import
      - add filter to remove brackets and dashes from telephone numbers
      - keep the leading "0" with Italian telephone numbers
      - when an import error occurs, output the the line number(2) where the error(s) have been detected.
      - CSV lines that does not contain errors are imported. Lines with errors will be reported.
      --> if an error occurs, the user may choose if lines without errors shall be imported or not
      13. Recording
      fast forward / backward. Random access playback positioning.
      14. Infrastructure
      Skype bridge (enables skype interconnect dial-in / dial-out), i.e. enables skype users to dial-in and spreed to dial attendees being online with skype.
    • 28
      Roadmap for 2009/2010 cont.
      Tasks already in progress
      15. iPhone
      native Application for the iPhone: account creation, signing-in, attending meetings, global dialing-in, global call-connect utilizing spreed Connect infrastructure.
      16. Studio / Infrastructure
      Chat export as CSV file
      Tasks not yet started
      19. Panel / Studio / Infrastructure
      Self call-out feature for attendees
      The feature is an add-on for dial-in telephone conferences. It gives meeting attendees the possibility to call themselves on the telephone.
      For the menu entry "Telephone conference", we add an input form where attendees could provide the telephone numbers to call themselves.
      The feature must be enabled by the conference host (default is disabled).
      20. Panel / Infrastructure
      Co-Browsing via AJAX.
      21. Studio / Infrastructure
      Add the missing URL field for the custom logo
    • 29
      Roadmap for 2009/2010 cont.
      22. Panel
      Permanent chat layout changes: the number of input lines of the chat input should be changed from 2 lines to 1 input lines.
      23. spreed Call
      spreed Call improvements (see spreed Call requirements document).
      24. Panel / Infrastructure
      Improved synchronization of audio and video.Reimplementation of stream manager.
      25. Studio / Infrastructure
      Podcast import (iTunes) and Quicktime export for recordings (audio and video).
      26. Studio / Infrastructure
      Split/Delete recording feature
      Recordings can be split into 2 separate recordings. Recordings can be individually deleted (results in a full-featured editing feature for recordings).
      27. Telephone conferencing
      additional IVR messages (spoken). See R20081220 requirement document
      28. iPhone
      Web meetings for iPhone One-click-meet app. See 2007-iPhone-cc open doc.
      29. spreed Connect
      spreed Connect Web app. improvements.
    • 30
      Roadmap for 2009/2010 cont.
      30. Telephone conferencing
      Telephone conference feature "Name-on-Entry"
      Enable Name-on-Entry feature for telephone dial-in. The Name-on-Entry feature should be an option to be checked for Private and Public Meetings.
      Name-on-Entry to be set by default for meeting type "Private Meeting". For the meeting type "Public Meeting" the Name-on-entry option should be switched off by default (can be enabled with a check-box)
      31. Studio / Infrastructure
      New fields for address book and meeting center:
      - salution ("Anrede")
      - position ("Position im Unternehmen")
      - email validation (validated, NOT optional)
      - company name (optional)
      - telephone number (optional)
      - web address, URL (optional)
      32. Studio / Infrastructure
      MP3 audio playback
      33. Studio / Infrastructure
      SMS reminder
      An SMS reminder message for participants. SMS service similar to F24.com.
    • spreed is a product of struktur AG