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The Advertiser Handbook on Entertainment


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The Advertiser Handbook on Entertainment …

The Advertiser Handbook on Entertainment

This presentation is a collection of the ten most important entertainment insights advertisers need to know.

This presentation will cover:
Surviving the Recession: What do tough times mean for the entertainment industry?
Who’s The Best Star to align with your brand?: Impact of stars’ likability vs. awareness on movie ROI.
Marketing to Hispanics: The Who, What, Where for the fastest growing ethnic group.
New Frontiers in Product Placement: Impact of placement in video games.

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  • 1. The Advertiser Handbook: The Top 10 Insights for the Entertainment Industry
  • 2. Led by the community Exclusive industry intelligence Built by Nielsen
  • 3. In case you missed it...on Find research by industry Locate our newest studies Read reviews of current research
  • 4. #1- Surviving the Recession The entertainment industry might feel the recession…but your brand doesn’t have to. Source: Nielsen Preview’s Will a Republican Administration Make the Box Office See Red Report
  • 5. #2- Aligning your Brand with the Best Star What do the following actors/actresses have in common? Sanaa Lathan Djimon Hounsou Kristen Wiig Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • 6. #2- Aligning your Brand with the Best Star
    • Just like in high school – popularity matters…
    Source: Nielsen Preview’s Star Power Report
  • 7. #3- One Size Does Not Fit All! Don’t take a blanket approach to reaching Hispanic consumers
    • There are three segments:
    • Most acculturated
    • Bi-cultural
    • Least acculturated
  • 8. #3- One Size Does Not Fit All! An acculturation cheat sheet…
    • Campaigns to least acculturated Hispanics should be done in Spanish
    • Family products should be targeted to bi-cultural and least acculturated segments
    • Luxury goods are most likely to be purchased by the most acculturated segment
    Source: Nielsen Preview’s Why Market to Hispanics Report
  • 9. #4- Capitalizing on the Point of Entry for Hispanic Consumers Mapping your media segments… Source: Nielsen Preview’s Why Market to Hispanics Report
  • 10. #5: Utilizing Product Placement Have you seen this billboard? … IN GAMES
  • 11. #5: Implications for Advertisers
    • A recent study reports double-digit increases in key
    • metrics:
        • average ad rating
        • brand familiarity
        • average purchase consideration and ad recall
        • brand rating
    Source: Nielsen Preview’s Got Gamers? Report
  • 12. #6- Picking Movie Partnerships for Widest Appeal Where genre/rating combination has the broadest appeal? PG-13 Comedy G-rated Family PG Action Source: Nielsen Preview’s Building a Wider Tent Report
  • 13. #7: Leveraging Online Streaming for Maximum Benefit
    • Digital content comes in many flavors online today:
    • CGM, Broadcast shows and Movies
  • 14. #7: Implications for Advertisers
    • Heavy media users are heavy media users…
    Source: Nielsen Preview’s Digital Content is King, but delivery is Reigning King Report
  • 15. #8: Optimizing Online Movie Advertising
    • When is movie advertising
    • reaching him online?
    Movie Ad Here! Winter? Fall? Summer? Spring?
  • 16. #8: Implications for Advertisers
    • Missed opportunities…
    • Increase online advertising around movie content during the summer months
    • For upcoming holiday season, optimize based on the level of interest each month
    Source: Nielsen Preview’s Surfing for Summer Blockbusters Report
  • 17. #9: Understanding Which Ethnicities Respond to Word of Mouth Advertising
  • 18. #9: Implications for Advertisers
    • Emphasize non-traditional marketing methods to reach Hispanics:
        • Blogs where consumers can post reviews
        • Viral campaigns that can be emailed to friends
    • Be aware of the effectiveness of marketing methods for various ethnic groups to enhance targeting
    Source: Nielsen Preview’s Why Market to Hispanics Report
  • 19. #10: The Next Big WOW Factor
    • +65% (average)
    2-D 3-D Increase in box office sales
  • 20. #10 Implications for Advertisers
    • What does this all add up to?
    • 3-D is the next big thing
    • Advertisers should look to partner with 3-D movies and 3-D exhibitors
    Source: Nielsen Preview’s Nice to Have or a Must Have: 3-D Movies Report
  • 21. Thank you! Logon to for the complete webinar. To access the webinar, register as a free member here and then access the webinar here . Questions? E-mail: